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The Bishop in Skara Stift in Sweden, Aake Bonnier, has become an advocate for falsifying the Bible, since he thinks that the Bible ought to be edited in such a way, that every piece of criticism of the Jews is removed from the Christian Bible.

He allegedly wants to remove the anti-Semitism of Christianity, and he has chosen deception as his tool. That was not very smart, for if one begins with cheating, the project will of course never be accepted.

Aake (Åke) Bonnier was born into the wealthy Jewish publishing family, and he has converted to Christianity, but perhaps he was not all that sincere, taking his latest anti Christian project into account.

Bonnier demands that the Swedish Church stops its alleged Christian misinterpretation of Biblical texts about Jews and Judaism, and cleanse the Christian Liturgy of any type of anti Jewish perspective.

Church to deny difference between Old and New Testament

And even more outrageous, he wants the Church to deny the crucial difference between the Old and the New Testament! This demand practically means that the Church is to give up the meaning of the coming of Christ, the very core event in the New Testament

That Bishop Aake Bonnier's project is outrageous and mad, is obvious for many Christian Swedes, but sadly he is protected by his enormous fortune and that of his family; more specifically his family's influence in the Swedish press has shielded him from a lot of public criticism he otherwise would have been subjected to.

The Church ought to purify itself by excommunicating the false Christian Aake Bonnier, who intends to attack the very soul of Christianity with a forged Bible. But Aake Bonnier's outrageous attempt to create a falsification of the Bible, sadly enough is not the first time this has been tried.

Quote from Kristeligt Dagblad June 6. 2007:

'The politically correct Bible, which was published in Germany in the autumn of 2006, is now being heavily criticized by the Evangelical Church in Germany' [Not to be confused with the American group with the same name].

The character of the Bible and its language makes it unsuitable for services in the Evangelical Church. Martin Luther's translation will continue to be the most important text during services, the Council of the Evangelical Church said in a press statement, where the Evangelical Church distances itself from the new politically correct 'translation' of the Bible.

About 1200 sponsors and the Evangelical Church in Hessen and Nassau have financed the publication of the politically correct Bible. For five long years 52 men and woman have been working on the translation. The result is a text where men and woman are pictured as equal, and where there are no negative depictions of Jews and minorities.

This must be the worst form of deceit known to men. Falsifying the Bible in order 'to protect Jews and minorities'.

  Jerusalem Post - Ovadia Yosef |

This is an excellent example of what kind of evil individuals these politically correct people are. They don't even stop at falsifying the Bible, the Holy Book, such big and evil heretics and criminals they are, and just because they themselves don't care about the Word, they think that ordinary Europeans have completely forgotten what the Bible actually says.

In the News Testament of the Christian Bible, there is no doubt that the Jews turned against Christ, and that they are to blame for his death, and no falsifications and fraud can change these facts, whether one likes it or not, and there are millions of Christians all around the world, who know quite well what the Bible says.

By Kaj Vilhelmsen / some minor edits and right hand collumn additions by Balder


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