Jesper Steinmetz, a reporter from the Danish Tv station TV2, interviewed Danish/American physician Philip Andersen who was present when 19 years old terrorist suspect Dsjokhar Tsarnaev arrived at Beth Israel hospital after a shootout with the police.

  Philip Andersen - Chief Physician:
The suspect was conscious and able to speak

Here an English translation of a transcript from the Danish programme, broadcast on Sunday evening April 21.

Studio host Mikael Kamber: In Boston, USA the young man who was arrested yesterday continues to be in a serious condition.

The city's Mayor fears that we will never get an answer to the question of what made him and his brother execute the attack against the Boston Marathon on Monday.

19 years old Dsjokhar Tsarnaev was brought in a serious condition to the hospital where his older brother died 24 hours earlier

So far it has not been possible to interrogate the younger brother; he has a wound in his throat, and allegedly can not talk.

Jesper Steinmetz, we are hearing the Chief of Police here say that the young man's condition is stable but serious, what is the latest news on the case?

Jesper Steinmetz: Well, we hear the Mayor say that he may never be able to speak again, and that sounds a bit strange, because I have just spoken to one of the doctors who was present when the 19 year old arrived at the hospital on Friday. It is the Danish/American Philip Andersen who works as a Chief Physician at Beth Israel Hospital, and here is what he said about the condition of the 19 year old when he arrived by ambulance.

Jesper Steinmetz: What was his condition when he arrived here?

Philip Andersen: He was alive, he was, he was talking and could speak and,

Jesper Steinmetz: How can someone speak while being in a critical condition?

Philip Andersen: Well, if one can breathe and is conscious one can talk

Mikael Kamber: Yes Jesper Steimetz, so now we hear today that he is unable to speak; does that mean that his condition could have worsened?

Jesper Steinmetz: No, not necessarily, we actually heard that his condition now is serious but stable, and that is, event though it is serious it is actually better than the critical condition he was in yesterday.

One of the explanations for him being unable to speak could be that he has been intubated; that a plastic tube connected to a respirator has been inserted into his throat, which typically is something which is being done after a patient has been operated on, at the same time he is probably sedated, so it says nothing about if he will be able to speak later on.

And the 19 year old man is not just a patient at a hospital; he also is a terror suspect. What is the next thing that will happen to him?

Jesper Steinmetz: The prosecutors from the American Justice Department have announced today that they will probably be ready to formally charge the 19 year old, and that he will be charged under the terrorism laws.

End of transscript

The rest of the news clip contains some short interviews with citizens living closely to the place where Dsjokhar Tsarnajev was caught. Watch here


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