Daniel Carlsen, Chairman of Party of the Danes [Danskernes Parti] will receive a $ 4,500 compensation after he was unlawfully sacked from his job for no other reason than his political views.

  Daniel Carlsen - Chairman
Party of the Danes

The Danish Equality Commission [Ligestillingskommissionen] has ordered the firm PFP (Post Forming Production) in Kjellerup which specializes in the fabrication of kitchen table tops, to pay Daniel Carlsen $4,500 (25.000 kr.) as compensation for his unlawful firing.

On January 10, 2012 Daniel Carlsen was fired after the first few days of an apprenticeship with the PFP Company in Kjellerup. Carlsen complained to the Equality Commission because he thought that his firing was politically motivated, and this suspicion was confirmed by the commissions findings.

'The Equality Commission has found that the complainant has documented factual circumstances which gave the commission reasons to believe that he had been subjected to direct discrimination on grounds of his political beliefs,' the Equality Commission wrote in its ruling.

Important victory

Party leader Daniel Carlsen is satisfied with the decision of the Equality Commission, which he sees as an important victory for freedom of speech as well as an important step in halting the increasing discrimination against, and marginalization of, native Danes, especially of those who don't embrace mass immigration and the multicultural society.

- 'Patriotic Danes who have the guts to go against the ruling paradigm should not have to worry about losing their job on account of politically correct or politically biased employers', Carlsen said to TV Midvest.

Daniel Carlsen was employed by PFP as part of his education as a marketing economist. The companies denies that it had political motives for terminating Daniel's Contract, but then sales director Peter Damkjaer contradicted himself by saying, 'We have based our decision that we didn't think that he could be part of our company any longer on 'a world view'.

'That's why I don't think this is the right decision, but we will accept the ruling and pay what we have to, Damkjaer added', according to TV-Midt Vest.

About Daniel Carlsen:

  Daniel Carlsen - Danish Royal Guards

Daniel became quite known in Denmark for being a member of the Danish National Socialist Party (DNSB), while serving his time in the Danish military in the elite Royal Guard Unit, which is supposed to be a great honor.

Daniel appeared as an extremely well spoken and sympathetic young man, and not exactly what one thinks of first when hearing the word 'Nazi'. Later he recanted his National Socialist views, left the Danish National Socialist Party and proceeded to gather support for a new Nationalist party based on democratic values.

His party 'Danskernes Parti', translation not necessary, is planning to take part in the elections which are being expected to be held in September this year. Daniel Carlsen has pledged almost half of his compensation to the party's election fund.

Daniel has been in the focus of the Danish media for quite some years, and his father and mother appeared on national tv where they made a big impression. He was raised in what appears as an exceptionally warm and loving family. His father and mother refused to drop contact with their son, and appeared on TV, saying that however much they opposed Nazism, they would not condemn their son, and in stead try to understand why he thought and felt the way he did, in spite of media attention and some negative reactions from surroundings. Daniel had always been very bright and was hard to argue against him, so they started reading some of the literature that had inspired Daniel, in order to better understand his line of reasoning, his parents told during the TV interview. Daniel now talks about his past views as 'youthful arrogance', lives together with his partner and their young daughter, and is continuing his studies and taking care of party business at the same time.


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