Killing Fields of Denmark - An excursion into morbidity

  WHO - NWO - Steering Committee of the European Forum of National Nursing and Midwifery Associations. Left to right: Sheila-Dickson, Lillian Bondo, Valentina Sarkisova

Lillian Bondo, who is president of the Danish Association of Midwives and member of the Danish Council on Ethics [etisk råd] acknowledges that the unborn almost completely developed baby can feel pain, and wants more killing methods researched to find out which way of being executed is least annoying for the victim.

The Social Democrats want to investigate if 'late' provoked abortions; effectively meaning babies as old as a eight weeks before they were about to be born, can be handled in "a more humane way".

This will secure that the 'fetus' dies before it is born, says Head Obstetrician Kresten Rubeck Petersen, president of the Danish Association of Obstreticians [Dansk Selskab for Obstetrik og Gynækologi]:

Obstetrician Kresten Rubeck Petersen:

'All pregnant woman who are to have a late abortion must be informed about the possibility to have their baby injected with a deadly injection of Potassium [Kalium]'.

So it won't have to suffer being cut into pieces alive with pincers, suction and scissors. But Ok, I don't know how they do it; I guess they spare the mother the distress of giving birth to the dead baby, or even worse, giving birth to one who is still kicking a bit.

'A late abortion puts a very big strain on the woman, and therefore we must discuss if doctors and midwives will have to talk to the woman beforehand, and inform them about the possibility that they can have administered an injection with potassium, which stops the heart,' he told the Ritzau Press Agency.'

Time out

And yes I know from my own experience at a mink farm, that this indeed is a very effective way to kill very quickly. Much faster than Zyklon-b, if one has to believe the stories about people being screaming and slamming at the doors for half an hour or more. Well, they used other methods too at mink farms. Plain exhaust from a gasoline engine, (certainly not from a diesel!) usually a car, fed into a specially made container used to be effective in about 50 seconds on the poor furry buggers that is, and in other places they preferred Carbon Dioxide which essentially causes asphyxiation by reducing the relative amount of oxygen in the air.

  Advance of Science unstoppable
  Medically correct execution

But none of that seems practical in this case. Electricity perhaps? They have a lot of experience with such things in the USA, where the same people who scream about abortions usually are strong supporters of the death penalty, and probably also of the variety of ingenious execution methods, devilishly sophisticated, and (almost) guaranteed painless. They've come along way since the first few hundreds of crude experiments by electricity moguls and their competitors.

I mean when the prisoner is strapped to the bed where he is going to have his final injection, whether potassium or an elaborate mix of several substances at delicately regulated intervals, he should not complain about the fact that his going to spend the last hours of his life with a stainless steel pipe stuck up his ass, and a catheter through his penis down into his bladder, so he won't soil the holy alter of execution with his criminal excrements, when life is being forced out of his body after having been waiting for this exiting moment for a few decades! And some even have had this wonderful experience more than once.

Do ya have al last wish son? Yes your honor, could somebody please pull that pipe out off my arse before I go to kingdom come? It's my last wish Sir.

Sorry son, we have procedures, and you'll not be going anywhere else but hell anyway, so you might as well get used to having a sore ass, 'cause I'm told that our ol' colleague down there will introduce you to a couple of his buddies, after which you will think of the brothers in our jails up here in the US seem like your far away long lost friends.

Excuse my morbid excursion; here another byte:

Fetuses who gave signs of life have been counted for the first time

For the first time ever it is going we will get figures on the number of aborted fetuses who show signs of life after a provoked abortion. And that number is higher than had been expected', according to the Christian newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad.

Before exact numbers became available, professionals have estimated that every 10th fetus gasped or showed other signs of life after a late abortion between the 12th and 22th week of pregnancy.

  Sophie Haestorp Andersen
Social Democrat Spokesperson on Health and Eugenics

But the numbers registered by the Skejby Hospital showed that out of 70 late abortions executed between August 2011 and November 2012, eleven showed signs of life, which comes down to 16 percent.

(Also read: Every sixth aborted fetus was alive - Danish only)

Social Democrat spokes woman on Public Health Issues Sophie Haestorp Andersen said to Ritzau, that more research will be needed to find out if the abortions can be executed in a more humane way.

But if it will be a kalium injection I don't know. As far as I know there also are other methods Sophie Haestorp Andersen told the newspaper.

Midwife president: Alternatives must be mapped

Lillian Bondo president of the Danish Association of Midwives and member of the Danish Council on Ethics acknowledges that the unborn almost completely developed baby can feel pain, and wants more killing methods researched to find out which way of being executed is least annoying for the victim.

'We will have to do more research as to what least is stressing for the fetus. Experts in fetal development and pain physiology must help do that, and after that doctors and midwives together with the Health Services (Sundhedsstyrelsen) must help producing guidelines, Lillian Bondo said.


Politiken 14 december 2012 - Overlæge: Tilbyd alle, der ønsker sen abort, en dødssprøjte til fostret

Balders comments:

Killing thousands for convenience - but spending millions to keep badly damaged fetusses alive

I remember something like 15.000 abortions a year in Denmark (don't hang me up on the figure), but what I think is equally weird, is that parents can force doctors to save all to early born cildren, who couldn't make it without life support, and who will have a high probablity for loads of problems of various kinds, at the same time costing the Danish society large amounts of money, which must necessarily be at the expense of people suffering from other ills and injuries.

  American Gas Chamber
  Dr. Mengele selecting victims
Another Holocaust Fantasy by David Olère
  Indiana State Prison - Death Row
  Chinese executions are brutal but quick

So thousands of healthy potential babies are being killed just because it suits the mother, or society but some others are being kept alive at enourmous expenses and have a high chance of being a burden to themselves and others. But I guess that's too much like suspect ideologies contrary to the ideas of the medicinal professionals and politicians quoted above.

So I don't have any particular simple answer to the morality of abortion in different scenarios, although I do find it an unpleasant thought. But I definitely support abortion, at any time, in case of very serious mental or physical handicaps. I prefer that to sentencing individuals to a long life of suffering.

And isn't the soul an eternal being, separate and independent of a physical body, and if some body just happened not to work out so well at God's body plant, would that soul not be grateful to get another shot at it, instead of living perhaps a vegetable life for fifty years? I am not sure, no I'm not.

Sometimes I think people overestimate 'the value of life', no matter the quality of that life, while people in other situations underestimate it. I am more interested in reducing suffering than saving lives per se.

I think that immediate execution compared to a thirty year sentence in an American prison is not necessarily crueler. We tend to concentrate on sensational things such as a prisoner being executed, because it is very visible and lasts a short time.

But who thinks or cares about these millions and millions of people who are rotting for decades in hell holes around the world, including places like the US? They are just criminals, and in many places criminals are treated about as bad as Jews were treated in Nazi concentration camps if one takes the different circumstances into account - and for certain on the psychological level. But it doesn't count for anything.

Most of the time idealists and do gooders have very little depth. They are told it is in some book, and on the other side of the fence, they are absolutely convinced that any opposition to abortion is an attack on the freedom of womankind, something almost as bad as 'racism'. I wouldn't want to be in any of these categories.

But I am very much opposed to making not out of necessity medically prescribed abortion some kind of a holy cow, and have it made yet another moral obligation to agree with it if you want to be accepted as a sane person. The advocates of this approach also often make the mistake of making any opposition an issue of fundamentalist Catholics or Evangelicals. But I am neither, and I think that there are many like me.

I particularly don't like it when things become 'industrialized' which means that roads are being paved in advance to facilitate certain ways of behaving. The same with immigration and asylum seekers, it becomes an industry with its own interests, and grows bigger and bigger.

Cultural Marxist Hindu Christian Minister

Wanted: Practicing Christian Priest

But anyway, I don't think very many Americans could even grasp how Danish society works, and what the moral values are. Just to give an example; we have a serious debate going on about if a certain Christian congregation somewhere in Denmark could try to recruit a specifically 'believing' Christian preacher.

We have a Church Minister here who is a Hindu from India, who 'has converted to Christianity', most likely out of convenience for his political career, because in my opinion he is neither Hindu nor Christian, but a cultural Marxist extremist and probably an atheist. Another New World Order upsurper.

Only Christian Churches

  Manu Sareen - Cultural Marxist

But since in Denmark we have priests who are non believers, there is probably not a living soul who cares since most of it is surface anyway. And If you have the right color you can do nothing wrong - just like with Obama. This fellow has against many protests forced churches to do same sex marriages. Did he force the Muslims to accept this practice; did he force the Jews to marry homosexuals in their synagogues? No! Of course not.

Only Christian churches have to accept all sexual deviants - for that is the essence of Christianity; tolerance. At least according to the directives from the Hindu in power which are now the state enforced doctrine of Christianity in Denmark.

Does it matter

Does it matter where he comes from? Yes it does, just as it matters that many pro immigration laws as well as gagging laws were installed by recent immigrants from Eastern Europe. If foreign born people, or even second or third generation offspring, act directly against the ethnical interests of the host population, he has become an infiltrator, who works against the integrity of the population. Not that he may differ a lot from many of his Danish friends, but it is not for a foreigner to play such a role in a country's religious affairs. They might need people like him in India, where they really could use his fancy ideas.

Who knows what his next idea might be.

Inviting Pussy Riot to do a show in a Cathedral in Copenhagen or Roskilde perhaps?



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