Dear Mr. RamZPaul,

A cry for help from across the Atlantic, on behalf of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of innocent Danish souls who are suffering a high risk of being accidentally shot, because of discriminatory and biased target practices by the Danish police.

  RamZPaul - Succesfull American comedian and human rights activist
  Note: The image below is a substitute - lacking the characteristics of the well built tall white male sihouette used in the TV program.
  Silhouette for target practice

So far I have not been able to track down the program for a screenshot of the target sihouette that was used in the Danish TV program, but I can assure you that it looked a lot more similar to a well built tall white male than the dummy example above, which very well could represent a white male, a lesbian woman or a transgender person.

I have also researched the website of TV2, but the racist / sexist TV station clearly tries to make it hard to track down and access the racist material for human rights activists like myself. Perhaps the Danish Center for Human Rights in Copenhagen will assist us in getting the TV station to hand over the evidence, should Mr. RamZPaul's intervention (God willing) result in waking up the Danish authorities and the anti-racist movement in Denmark.

  Diversity also in taget sihouettes!
  Hoody Target Sihouette

The reactionary Norwegian sociologist , writer and comedian Harald Eia, who was trying to prove that gender has a physical basis in a 7 part documentary. Watch it here, with English subtitles, and have a good laugh, when Norwegian social scientists explain to him what buddhist monks have been saying for ages: it's all an illusion!

'Superficial differences of role, cast, status, sex, species, form, power, size, beauty, even the distinctions between inorganic and living energy, disappear before the ecstatic union of all in one. All gestures, words, acts and events are equivalent in value - all are manifestations of the one consciousness which pervades everything. "You," "I" and "he" are gone, "my" thoughts are "ours," "your" feelings are "mine." Source

  Swedish Toy catalogue November 2012
  In Sweden the process of gender equalization has already come much further, examplified by the toy catalogue of the Scandinavian toy company Faetter BR above where boys are displayed playing with a hairdresser set and on another page girls are depicted playing with cars.
  England is a front runner concerning diversity, racial and gender equality

Since there is no Anti-Defamation League for White people, and I don't expect any of the existing human rights organizations to be willing to listen to my complaints, you RamZPaul are my last hope of being heard in an obvious case of discrimination primarily directed against white males. Perhaps you could help me to get the message across.

Here in Denmark most people for some reason or another, perhaps because they belief that American soldiers liberated them to keep them from being exterminated by evil White German Nazis some time before they were born, are still very impressed by Americans, so they might be more likely to listen to a famous American comedian than to some obscure nationalist Danish blogger like myself.

It is a very serious case of racial and gender discrimination, with potential lethal effects for white males.

Here is my case

Last night I watched a TV program broadcast by the Danish TV network TV2, I don't exactly recall the name of the program right now (perhaps it was 'Copenhagen Airport' - in Danish CPH lufthavnen), and I only watched part of it.

What I saw was this: Members of the Danish police force, male as well as female (there may even have been transgender individuals amongst them) at their obligatory annual, (bi annual or whatever) target shooting practice at a shooting range, with semiautomatic pistols as well as with fully automatic assault rifles.

Well built tall white males

What I saw only lasted a couple of minutes, and what I witnessed was this; police men, police women and possibly police transgender persons, training their shooting abilities using target practice silhouettes which clearly and exclusively represented well built tall white males.

This made me feel very sad. Are well built tall white males the only criminals around in Denmark?

No, I don't think so. Actually the silhouettes of a lot of criminals in Denmark would look quite differently if one has just some basic knowledge of the Danish police statistics on the ethnic background of perpetrators of violent crime.

Overweight short black person with Afro hairdo

Would this conscious or unconscious conditioning, premeditated or accidental, on the image of a well built tall white male, reinforced by the regular use of silhouettes of well built tall white males in target practice, not automatically make a police officer assume, that when a well built tall white male who is part of, or just happens to be around a conflict involving an overweight short black person with a Rasta or a traditional Afro hairdo is the perpetrator who has to be disabled?

And would a police man or a police woman, or a transgender police person, who is used to shooting at targets representing well built tall white males, who is confronted with an armed person with a Rasta or an Afro hairdo, not hesitate that split second, that may mean the difference between life and death for himself, innocent bystanders or an innocent victim of a crime?

And this is not only a race issue, but a gender issue as well. Police officers are consciously or unconsciously being conditioned to believe that the typical dangerous criminal is a well built tall white male. What happens in an emergency situation where there is a woman and one or more tall white males present?

Open season on white males?

Would the police not automatically and by reflex assume that one (or more) of the tall white males is the perpetrator, and the woman the victim?

Would this conditioning not impede a quick reaction from a police officer, in case of a threat by a dangerous female or a transgender person equipped with a firearm?

Would a delayed reaction by a police man, a police woman, or a police transgender person in such a situation not be a giant risk to the life and well being of innocent people, who are so unlucky to confirm to the description of a 'well built tall white male'?

Just asking.

Diversity and Gender Equality in Denmark

If diversity and gender equality are indeed our society's goals, should then diversity and gender equality not also be practiced at the police shooting range, by using targets representing a diversity of silhouettes for shooting practice as well?

I mean; what would the Danish Center for Human Rights in Copenhagen, or the Danish Board for Racial and Gender Equality, or by comparison the ADL, the SPLC or the NAACP say, if the police exclusively used targets representing a black person with a characteristic Afro style hairdo, a Sikh turban, a women wearing a burkha, a beanie, an Arafat shawl clad head, or a Rasta?

I think that there would be very loud protests.

White males no longer the only perpetrators

I think that in this modern and diverse society, we can no longer automatically assume that well built tall white males are the only perpetrators of dangerous crimes, where the police has no other way out but to use deadly force.

I would expect that such a modern and diverse society such as the Danish society, would be far more sensitive towards such details, and would use a variety of target silhouettes, depicting different types of people; different hair styles, different height, physical condition, and gender. Are there no obese criminals, short criminals, criminals in wheel chairs, underage not completely grown youths criminals, or hoody, turban or kippah wearing criminals?

And also consider some other implications. When policemen, woman and transgender police persons are being trained on silhouettes of well built tall white males of a certain height, will they not by reflex aim their shots at the approximate height of the heart center of their target practice silhouettes, thereby risking aiming to high when confronted with very short people, or juveniles or woman, or transgender persons and miss their target, endangering the lives of people standing around, or people being killed by the short or juvenile criminal because policemen, women or transgender persons missed their only chance to take out the shooter?

I hope that the Danish Center for Human Rights in Copenhagen or the Danish Board for Racial and Gender Equality will take this message serious, and do something about this intolerable situation, before this discrimination against well built tall white males is being dealt with, the same way it would be dealt with, if the police targets only showed people with a hairdo suggesting African descent, targets wearing Muslim or Jewish headwear or other identifiable outward characteristics of a certain race, religion, gender or ethnicity.

Than you for reading this Mr. RamZPaul, and I hope you will forgive me if some aspects of my letter may seem directly inspired by some of your world famous political satires on YouTube.

If perceived as such, I will only take pride in the fact, being a big fan of yours, and anyway, for me it is about the message, and not about the messenger.

Faithfully Yours,



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Request to Danish readers: If you are in possession of images of the original target sihouettes used by the Danish police, or the TV2 program broadcast after 03:00 hours on the night of Thursday January 10 to Friday January 11 2013, possibly the program 'CPH lufthavnen', please let me know!

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Cornball Brother? Or Transracial? - RamZPaul

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