Communist thug Jeremy Hammond risks life in prison for hacking in Wikileaks related case

  Michael Ratner C. for Constitutional Rights
  Jeremy Hammond faces life in prison
  Amy Goodman -
Partnership for Civil Justice
  Chicago 2009: Eight masked thugs dressed in black invaded the restaurant on November 24, 2009, and ran slap into a police ambush prepared by Mr Irving's staff.
  Jeremy Hammnond Chicago Jason Hammnond Chicago - Police photo - Police photo
  Jeremy og Jason Hammond, indicted for attack on guests at restaurent Edelweiss in Chicago

Transscript from video clip published by, Michael Ratner (president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights) speaking:

Jeremy is a political activist eh, who has been activist, he's probably 28 years old now, ahm

But he's been a political activist for a number of years

He went after everybody from holocaust denier David Irving, [big smirk] He was the group apparently, I don't know whether he was part of that, was involved in a hacking into Scientology, ehm he did some time in jail for a prior hack of a very conservative group, I think it was two an a half or two years, and that, and now he's been arrested for really being as you said allegedly part of the group Anonymous, it was an informant in Anonymous apparently called name Sabu who is somewhat well known, who actually set up this crime for Stratford, the FBI gave him the computer that the Stratfor documents were actually uploaded to, there is a pretty clear case of entrapment in terms of trying to get Jeremy Hammond, and they maybe have even been trying to get our client Wikileaks to do something with those documents, that could lead to something else.

End transscript

Let me say this first. I am basically on the side of Wikileaks and the likes of Julian Assange, and perhaps even a bit on the side of 'Anonymous', when it is about exposing secretive government dealings and betrayal of the general public by multi national corporations, Bilderberg, CFR, and other usurpers of power. Protecting freedom of speech, opinion and information is a noble cause, and so is exposing the shady dealings of criminals, arms dealers and crooked politicians.

But physically attacking people who are having dinner or are holding a meeting at a hotel, because one does not like their opinions on Word War II history, or because they are considered 'very conservative', or 'white supremacist' or whatever adjective their creative minds might attach to the objects of their hate, is quite an opposite ball game. Especially when some of the victims of their hate themselves are intellectual dissidents, who have been unofficially, and sometimes officially been declared enemies of the state, just as well as Julian Assange and Brian Manning

The video clip shown on this page is a small part from a much longer video report from the website 'Democracy Now', concentrating on the part where there is talk of Jeremy Hammond.

Hammond was a leading member of a Chicago communist gang that repeatedly has been harassing public and private meetings of political opponents. They appear to have close relations to ARA fractions, groups such as Chicago South Side ARA. In November 2009 Jeremy and his brother Jason Hammond were involved in a massive attack at Restaurant Edelweiss in Chicago, where the world renowned historian David Irving was speaking.

'Jeremy Hammond is a convicted felon and serial offender, with a record of hacking into computers and stealing 5,000 credit card numbers with intent to defraud and distribute. For this, he was sentenced to twenty-four months in prison, a $5,250 fine, and three years of supervised release during which he may not participate in any hacking or anarchist communities, either physically or online. ' David Irving: Chicago Thugs

Freedom of Speech

I beg you to pay attention to Assange's short rant about freedom of speech at the beginning of this clip. I would also like to point out, that every bona fide free speech organizations are especially aware of the importance of free speech for people like Mr. David Irving, who dare to oppose traditional views.

Assange, Wikileaks, Anonymous, Democracy Now - ARA thug Jeremy Hammond | YouTube
Democracy Now full video here: The Other Bradley Manning: Jeremy Hammond Faces Life Term for WikiLeaks and Hacked Stratfor Emails

Then note how the repeatedly criminal offender Jeremy Hammond in the mouth of the presenter Amy Goodman becomes 'Jeremy' with a great concern for his well being and human rights, and sympathy, for fighting the fascist big government.

When Hammond advocate Michael Ratner informed about his protégée's criminal record, he mentioned the attack on David Irving and his guests as if he was openly taking pride in it. No mention that his clients other activities involved wearing masks, carrying billy-clubs, attacking dinner guests, and stealing credit card numbers.

Well what are these outfits really; Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, 'Center for Constitutional Rights' with Mr. Michael Ratner, or what is Wikileaks?

I'd like to believe that there were such things as idealistic truther organizations and free speech advocates, and I hope some of them are half way genuine. But a lot of it is probably just more controlled opposition, financed by the likes of George Soros. Here a chart showing some supposed relations between different NWO organizations and their connections.

Map Gate Keepers - Right click link and choose 'save as' to download full size map


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