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Some say it was a Holocaust, a genocide, others say it was just deportations and massacres (and some say they were subversive enemies of the state and deserved it). Does the Royal Danish Library support falsification of history?

Holocaust deniers challenge holocaust believers on a public platform

What historical revisionists have been arguing for years; let's discuss things fair and frankly, has finally become reality. Strong reactions from ethnic and religious organizations and other European countries, especially from the Federal Republic of Germany to be expected. Protests are brewing against the government institution which according to those who support the holocaust theory, lets itself be abused in defaming the memory of the dead, causing terrible grief to the survivors and their children and grand children.


David Irving: "Ich komme wieder" (I shall return). In German. With many documents and film records as illustrations

On January 13, 1993 the German courts fined British historian David Irving thirty thousand deutschmarks, around 15,000 dollars, for stating that the gas chamber shown to tourists at Auschwitz is a post-war fake. (Since then, the Polish authorities have admitted that the building was erected in 1948.)

That was just the start of Germany’s persecution of the historian. On July 1, 1993, the German ministry of the interior banned him from its archives, “in the interests of the German people.” On November 13, 1993, the Munich political police handed him an expulsion order, forbidding him to return to German territory in perpetuity – a violation of European law. It seemed to bring to an end a thirty-year career of publishing best-sellers in Germany’s leading publishing houses and journals, including Stern, Die Welt, and Der Spiegel – the end of Free Speech in Germany. In this ninety-minute illustrated narrative of his life and struggle, historian David Irving, vows: “I shall return.”

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The Danish government has been criticized before, by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in 2007 when the organization protested against the funding of a Danish author, who according to the Jewish organization was a holocaust denier. The organization also criticized the Danish government's alleged disinterest in prosecuting the Danish SS officer Soren Kam who according to the Jewish organization, but not many other people, caused the death of perhaps hundreds of Jews.

And then there is the incident where the Social Democrat politician Torben Lund had accused Jews of sticking together 'like pea straw'. A Danish Chief Rabbi (and president of B'nai Brith Denmark) felt deeply offended, and asked for assistance from the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith (ADL), who's special envoy tried to explain to the Danish public, and especially to the media, that Torben Lund's statements about Jews amounted to anti-Semitism.

But even the most politically correct Danish media people assisted by a professor in rhetoric's from the University of Copenhagen, would not admit that these statements were 'anti-Semitic'.

To the advantage of the Danish government in holocaust denial affairs can be said, that it allowed left wing protestors to pelt the British Historian David Irving with eggs and other objects, when he arrived at Copenhagen Airport in February 2004 to lecture on WWII history.

Despite that encouraging sign, it seems as if Denmark is persisting in its efforts to shock the international community, and offend holocaust survivors all around the world. Where other countries say: There's no place for denial, Denmark seems to think that it is appropriate to give a public platform to certain classes of holocaust deniers.

Is there something rotten in the State of Denmark?

Judge for yourself - here is the story

The Turkish Embassy in Denmark protested against an ongoing exhibition about the Armenian holocaust where an alleged number of one and a half million Armenians, especially woman and children were murdered by the Turks, at the prestigious Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, in which the Ottoman Turks are portrayed as perpetrators of a genocide; the 'Armenian Holocaust' from 1915 until 1925. A fact which is supposedly commonly believed to be true, 'offenkundig' to use a specially designed German legal term, but not in the eyes of the Turkish government and the Turkish ambassador in Denmark.

Fairness and Free Speech

And because Denmark is a fair country, where freedom of speech prevails, and drawing cartoons of the Muslim 'Prophet Muhammed' is a national pastime, the Royal Danish Library gallantly offered the Turkish Embassy ample space at the Library's premises for a Turkish counter exhibition, which has been baptized; 'The so called Armenian Holocaust'.

One and a half million, or only half a million?

  Erling Kolding Nielsen
Director of the Royal Danish Library
  Torben Jørgensen - Historian ex. DIIS
Now DIS, Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Torben Jørgensen on TV in December 2009, was quite happy about the controversial politicial show trial against alleged concentration camp guard John Demjanjuk, which many think was a travesty of justice: 'Every time we have a case like this we get to go through the whole story one more time in detail, and get to tell the story one more time for new generations.' Ivan the Terrible

Balder: 'And I too am quite happy for every time Torben Jørgensen and his compatriot professors of selective history give me an opportunity to tell the story of hypocritical one sided conformist historians and persecuted dissidents once more for new generations'.

According to the program, the Turkish government says half a million Armenians were killed, and a similar number of Turks as well

This news was broadcast on the liberal state TVs political program 'Deadline' last night Wednesday December 5, where the event was discussed between Erling Kolding Nielsen, director of the Royal Danish Library, Torben Joergensen, a well known certified and kosher 'traditional' historian, formerly connected to the Department of Holocaust and Genocide Studies (DIIS) as well as a former project leader at the Danish-Jewish Museum, and Danmark's Radio's studio host Jesper Larsen.

Here a transscript of the discussion (skipped Danish intro and speak)

Jesper Larsen - Host: Erland Kolding Nielsen, was there a genocide, or was there not a genocide of the Armenians?

Erling Kolding Nielsen: That depends on the definition. And the definition of 'genocide' has first been created after WWI. And that is what the dispute really is about.

Turkey doesn't deny that massacres and deportation took place, but hey deny that it can be defined as 'a genocide' according to the definition that was decided after WWII, with the objective of sentencing the crimes of the Nazis.

Torben Joergensen: How do you define it; when one and a half million Armenians were killed, there are doubts about that number as well, what else would you call it, other than genocide?

Erling Kolding Nielsen: It was mass murder and a large part of the western world calls it 'genocide', but genocide also has a legal implication, and that is why I ask, how is it defined?

Jesper Larsen: I'll pass the question over to you: How does one define it, or let me ask you the same question, did an Armenian genocide take place, or didn't an Armenian genocide take place

Torben Joergensen: Yes it did, most certainly, it is a question which, and I'd like to stress this; it is not Armenian historians but international historians from all countries in the West, have concluded, again and again that a genocide took place, whether one uses several sociological definitions or the judicial one.

Torben Joergensen: But when we discuss genocide, we also discuss the United Nations' Convention on Genocide, let's see if we can get it on the screen, it says that it means '..acts which are perpetrated with the intention of destroying completely or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group'.

But this specific wording stems from 1948. The murders took place between 1915 and 1917 during the First World War Isn't this judging the past through modern eyes?

  Not everything to do with a holocaust must be tragic: Happy 'Survivors'
  Hava Hershkovitz - Miss Holocaust
  Hava Hershkovitz congratulated by fellow surviver misses.
  Wonderful with so much attention...
  Miss Holocaust competition in Israel juli 2012
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  The Wandering Who? Gilad Atzmon
  Israeli born 'proud self hating Jew' and left wing universalist, Jazz musician and advocate for the Palestinian cause, Gilad Atzmons latest attempt at finding into the core of the Jewish problem has resulted in a remarkable book. This book delves deep into the abyss of the Jewish mentality as seen by a (now former) Zionist, Jewish, Israeli insider. Strongly recommended & highly 'controversial'. | Amazon
  Keeping precious Holocau$t Shares at market value: In Yoav Shamir's film 'Defamation', we witness Abraham Foxman from the Zionist organization ADL bargain with the president of the Ukraine. Yushenko is to tone down talk about the Ukrainian Holocaust; the Holodomor in which millions starved to death and were murdered, as it might rival the Jewish holocaust. It is also a fact that many Jews were active in the leading circles of the murderous Communists and in their death squads as well. In return Foxman offers to lobby the American government to get economic favours for the Ukraine. Foxman was also vehemently opposed to recognizing the Armenian holocaust as a genocide. So the Shoah salesman is also a full fledged holocaust denier.

Torben Joergensen: .... Yes... one could say that, but if we'd like to maintain, that the holocaust was a genocide, which ended in the spring of 1945, thus before the convention was created in 1948, [shrugs his shoulders], it would be meaningless to say something else.

Torben Joergensen: Erling Kolding, you also talk about this definition, and perhaps we can get the UN wording on the screen again, because 'the intention of destroying completely or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group', why is the Armenian mass murder, as you describe it here not part of that definition?

Erling Kolding Nielsen: Turkey denies that there was the intention of.., as was the case with Nazism which clearly had the intention, and I can have some understanding for the fact that Turkey doesn't want to be equaled with the Nazi criminals in this respect.

Using that definition, one can speak of genocide way back in time, and that serves no purpose, and it doesn't create new realizations, to judge occurrences and acts from the past, from a contemporary legal or moral standard. That is, according to my opinion, a dead end.

Torben Joergensen: If 'the holocaust' is a genocide, according to the judicial definition, the why is the Armenian not that? I would also like to point out that the Turkish government which came after Ithial [? unintelligible] who were behind this crime, there was an intermediate government before Mustafa Kemal came to power, they had a number of trials, in 1919 and 1920, where they admit that systematic mass exterminations took place, they didn't have the Lembkin genocide definition at that time, which is as far as one can come to .. (?).

Torben Joergensen: Good. Let us park that one there, because the reason we are this here is, Erling Kolding, that you presented an exhibition at the Royal Danish Library arranges in cooperation with the Armenian embassy about the Armenian genocide.

Then you were contacted by the Turkish embassy,.. please tell us what happened.

Erling Kolding Nielsen: Well, the Armenian Ambassador invited all of the diplomatic corps to the exhibition's opening, to this small exhibition, which among other things is based on Danish witnesses who were in Armenia at the time of the massacres in 1915 to 1916 and further ahead in time. And one of the archives is at the Royal Danish Library.

And then I got a call from the Turkish Ambassador, that he would like to know more about that, and of course I don't decline, which goes without saying, and we have a relatively academic discussion, in which he actually says precisely, we don't want to be branded on the basis of the definition which we already have being discussing here, but we don't deny in any way, that there were mass murders and things like that.

Jesper Larsen: But what is it you offer them...

Erling Kolding Nielsen: And then I say that you are welcome to present your point of view and organize a parallel exhibition, let us look at it, then it is possible that we will show that one as well. Because I think that it is very interesting as well to see how Turkey, this is politically explosive, the international political agenda which the Armenians as well as the Turks have in their fight for the historical public opinion and the historical meaning, so just come with your alternative take on that in a parallel exhibition, then we can look at that.

Torben Joergensen: Torben Joergensen, don't you trust that the Royal Danish Library can arrange an exhibition on behalf of the Turks which integrity they can support?

Torben Joergensen: No, [shakes his head] I actually do not. I can't really envision an exhibition under the headline 'the so called Armenian holocaust', can lead anywhere..

[Host and TJ talk over each other]

Torben Joergensen: In it, there clearly is a denial of the fact that there was a genocide, and I would also like to point out that Turkey does not only disagree on the definition itself. They also disagree deeply about how history is seen by science.

Erling Kolding Nielsen: It is completely correct, that there is a wide disagreement about the extent of the mass murders and how they were perpetrated; I don't think anybody denies that.

Torben Joergensen: But where is your limit as to who can ask to hold an exhibition at the Royal Danish Library? Imagine there were some neo-nazis who would like to present their interpretation of what happened during WWII, would that be ok as well?

Erling Kolding Nielsen: No way! And I refuse to even make that comparison, this is too low down to be honest. This is something we consider on a case by case basis. We constantly have four or five exhibitions in our sleeve, and we don't produce all of those ourselves, we often produce them in cooperation with other parties, and we have organized many other exhibitions in cooperation with foreign embassies. So I think this, this eh, problem is being discussed, also because it has the consequences it has politically, and that can only sharpen the critical sense of the public.

Torben Joergensen: You say the comparison was low down, but do you realize that you put your fingers into a political hornets nest, you are not only being criticized by historians, but also by many politicians.

Erling Kolding Nielsen: I absolutely realize this but I don't give a lot for judging the past according to contemporary standards...

Jesper Larsen: Torben Joergensen, what is it you fear with an exhibition such as this one?

Torben Joergensen: Well, fear and fear.... but I am annoyed about the fact that a Danish state institution lends its premises and assists the denier state. I would like to say that if one thinks that individual deniers on the fringe of society such as most of the holocaust deniers are a threat, then a who state which is in denial, of course is a much more grave threat, and they should not be helped.

Torben Joergensen: Erling Kolding and Torben Joergensen, thanks for coming.

Transscript from DR Deadline December 5 2012 (video podcast in mp4 format right click and save as)


(Aside: Interestingly after this Deadline broadcast, the Danish State TV channel broadcast a one hour long French produced propaganda 'documentary' trying to prove that the Iranians have been working on acquiring a nuclear weapon for many years. About every American neo conservative pro Zionist hawk around was interviewed as a witness for the truth! I did't follow the predictable program, but I saw glimpses of it which left not the least doubt about the fact that this was one of the vilest pieces of propaganda I ever witnessed)


  Germany must Perish
Theodore N. Kaufmann
  The Morgenthau Plan, written by Henry Morgenthau, advisor of the American president

With respect to the allegation against the Germans (why are they always called 'the Nazis') of the existence of a pre-planned program for the extermination of a certain ethnic or religious group, the evidence is scant.

It is mainly based on a short handwritten paragraph in the so called Wannsee Protocols, and formulations found in angry outburst from speeches by Hitler and other top National Socialists. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, to take just one example, recently published an article where doubts are expressed about the justification of using the Wannsee Protocols as evidence for the alleged pre meditated mass murder of Jews by the Third Reich.

Manuals for genocide written by American Jews

On the other hand, when we look at the massacres which were perpetrated against the German civilian population and captured German prisoners of war, which left many millions of Germans displaced and persecuted, and millions tortured, raped and dead, there is an abundance of well documented evidence that already during the war before there was any talk about 'a holocaust', there were published several manuals which in detail describe how the German people were to be exterminated forever, using mass castration, murder, and forced destruction of the German race, by importing Africans who were to interbreed with German woman.

Germany must Perish, written by Jewish Theodore Nathan Kaufman i 1941, and The Morgenthau Plan, written by President Roosevelts finance Minister Jewish Henry Morgenthau. Also see Hooton Plan and the Kalergi Plan (Present day EU strategy not only taking care of the Germans, but of all of Europe)

This may sound preposterous to those who have never heard of these otherwise well known and to my knowledge undisputed facts.

But it is indeed the truth. Also Russian / Jewish propagandists such as Ilya Ehrenburg (who's got a street named after him in Israel) and a number of other contemporary prominent Jews, openly advocated the rape, pillage and murder of every German man woman, child.

Churchill also has been quoted for wanting the complete destruction of Germany and the Germans as a people.

Why are neither the Russians, the Americans or anybody else being persecuted or condemned by 'the West' for the massacres on civilians and POWs, nor condemned for the fire bombing of Dresden and Hamburg, or the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

More details about these subject and mention of genocidal plans here: Østrig: Retssag, 68 årig forfatter Gerd Honsik risikerer 20 års fængsel for tankeforbrydelser | Google translation into English


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