Christian holidays under attack in Muslim dominated no go areas, political activists abused, TV journalists threatened and intimidated

  TV2-Denmark Video truck trashed
  Ismael Mestasi, Egedalsvaenge:
No interference from outside

A broadcast truck belonging to the Danish TV station TV2 was trashed today November 11 in the city of Kokkedal about 25 km north of Copenhagen, which has been in focus lately, because of a Muslim dominated residents' association [Egedalsvaenge] that used 60,000 Danish Crowns (roughly $10,000) for the celebration of the Muslim Eid, but refused to spend 7,000 ($1,200) on a Christmas tree.

TV2's reporters were covering an initiative by local citizens who went around collecting signatures on a petition asking for a no-confidence motion against the current board of the association in an attempt to topple it.

Reporters from TV2 documented that residents who were trying to collect signatures against the all Muslim board, had to endure angry verbal abuse, and it didn't end there.

Suddenly the journalists heard a loud bang coming from their broadcast truck no more than 50 meters away.

When they returned there were standing 25 masked individuals in front of the trashed car, which has been the target of many cobble stones.

The masked group called the TV2 journalists 'neo-Nazis', and demand they bugger off immediately.

- This is the first time I thought I was going to get beat up. I was almost shitting in my pants. So we just excused and said that we were leaving now. Then we sat ourselves down on the glass covered seats and drove away, the anonymous journalist said to

According to TV2 News the broadcast truck has sustained damage on doors, side windows, front screen, instrument panel, tank lid and many other parts. The journalists were unharmed.


B.T. 11 november 2012 - Ville dække juletræssagen Bøller smadrede TV2s bil (Peter Astrup)


'Then we sat ourselves down on the glass covered seats and drove away, the anonymous journalist said to'

Huh? TV2's own journalists are 'anonymous'? The pants shitting journalist seems to even lack the guts to reveal his identity. Why? Perhaps yesterday he wrote an article praising the virtues of multiculturalism and the danger from the far right.

There actually is a lot more to tell about this ongoing story that started already a week or so ago. For once the popular media have focussed on a case that brought the blood of many often far too cold blooded Danes to boil. Several parties have alledgey offered Chistmas trees for these Muslim infested areas.

At the same time, some of the Christmas tree advocates, the media, and some public figures, are trying all religious connotations away from the Christmas tree, which in Danish society is a symbol of a relatively well working combination of the area's original Nordic religion and Christianity. In Denmark Christmas trees are often decorated with Christian, Nordic, as well as national symbols, such as lots of Danish flags, which incidentally carry their own reference to Christianity.

Disney Christmas tree ripped for traditional symbolism


The municipality in Brussels, heavily dominated by the multicultural elite, Muslim immigrants and the far left, already has plans for a giant 'Christmas tree' in a prominent square, devoid of anything tree like, Pagan or Christian, as some Disney entertainment circus stuffed with electronic gadgets, and nu doubt, messages praining multiculturalism.

With attitudes like this, the multicultural elite wants to smother the flames of anger over the Muslim invaders' obvious war against the natives their symbols, laws and their religion, and at the same time secularize and neutralize Christian or older symbolic expressions of Nordic or Germanic European spirit or things which in other ways could be seen as 'divisive' towards 'immigrants' [invaders] with completely different backgrounds.

The multicultural elite wants European and Christian culture to fill the role of a tasteless and odorless substrate on which colonies of new and exotic guinea pigs are to be transplanted.


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