Six years in prison and deportation for rape of 10 year old girl

Mother: 'The support of the Danish Defence League has been fantastic'

  Ahmed Omar Mohammed - Rape
  This picture was allegedly taken the day before the rape of the 10 year old girl, at a 'dFunk party', (whatever that is) organized by the Red Cross. A bystander's face was edited out.
  Ahmed Omar Mohammed
Innocent looking child molester - Could have been Obama's son - or Trayvon Martin
  Red Cross - Dfunk Party: The Danish Red Cross and foreign aid organizations such as Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, etc. routinely promote multiculturalism in Denmark as well as sponsor and promote immigrant culture, music, rap and everything exotic or liberal even though it has no relevance for their work abroad. Don't give them a dime.

In October last year Ahmed Omar Mohammed, a 17 year old negro from Somalia was arrested, accused of raping a 10 year old girl in the village of Gullestrup, on the 19th of November 20112, the attempted rape of the victim's 10 years old friend, and the attempted rape of an 18 year old.

The 18 year old girl was threatened with a knife and forced to go down a basement stairway in a public square in the city of Herning where the Somali 'refugee' tried to rape her.

Prior to the crimes, Ahmed Omar Mohammed had been sent back to a madrassa in Somalia together with his brother, in order to be 'reeducated' in the Islamic tradition. He allegedly joined an al-Qaeda fraction during his stay in his home country.

On August 30 Ahmed Omar Mohammed was sentence to six years in prison, and will subsequently be deported from Denmark.

Victim marked for life

Outside the courthouse in Herning after the procedures in court, the mother of the 18 year old victim told the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet that she was satisfied with the sentence.

'He has destroyed her life. She thinks about suicide and has lost her spark', the mother of the 18 years old victim told reporters. She also said she had had eye to eye contact with Ahmed Omar Mohammed during the court session, and said he smiled to her, which she said had offended her deeply.

When sentence was passed on Thursday August 30, about 15 members of the Danish offshoot of the English Defence League; the DDL, or Danish Defence League were in court wearing DDL shirts, and some of them applauded after the verdict was read. Through the whole trial the Danish Defence League has been very active.

When the 17 year old Somali was found guilty in June, he had to be smuggled out of a back door, when several alleged members of the DDL had entered the court room, and allegedly wanted to get their hands on the Somali rapist.

The mother of the 18 years old victim, said she had been very glad for the presence of the Danish Defence League, in spite of the negative image of the organization in the mainstream media.

'The support of the Danish Defence League has been fantastic. It was wonderful that they were there, and supported us, and have contacted us to hear how we felt,' she said according to the tabloid Ekstra Bladet.

Image bottom right: Hijab [burkha], baseball cap, beanie [Jewish scull cap] - Dfunk loves you a lot

This is a detail from t-shirts seen at the Red Cross dfunk party the Somali rapist attended the day before he raped the 9 year old girl. Click the image to see whole picture.


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How important blogs are: this article has already completely disappeared from the internet, exept for Balder's Danish translation which is linked below. Use the British flag link to Google translation at bottom of post
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  And you are asking why he did it?!!!
I'll tell ya; Because people like the Cultural Marxists at Utoya island are the ones who keep letting in trash like this Somali rapist into his country in droves.

Forget it

I also thought I would list under 'related' all articles at Balder Blog relating to immigrant murder, rape and Somalis - Forget that too.

I just keep finding more and more.

Rape statistiscs from many countries, police reports, newspaper articles, videos.

And I am only talking about what I could find on this - my own blog, which has been in existance for only 8 - 9 years or so.

I have to stop somewhere, otherwise I'll be sitting here and spend four hours more on this article.

When will this nightmare stop?


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