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TV host: Berlin, the capital of the left wing extremists, a newspaper wrote recently.

The occasion? First and foremost a series of arson attacks on expensive cars, which has caused great concern in Berlin since the beginning of this year. What exactly are the political objectives of the left wing extremists, nobody really knows. But one of their objectives, as they often state loudly, is to protest against hostility towards immigrants. But when it is about luxury cars, even the Turks in the Berlin district Kreuzberg are not safe from attacks.

Speak: They are still to be found in Berlin, Kreuzberg; the beautiful expensive cars, even though left wing extremist groups have declared the district as a crisis area. Luxury limousines shall burn. And that is what they do, almost every night. The left wing extremist scene seems to enjoy every single smothering car. It serves the misty agenda against exploitation, gender conflicts, religion, classes and nations.

Against nationalism. Germany is no reason to celebrate, slogans read during a recent left wing demonstration. Lefties as open to the world, and immigrant friendly. Only, with the luxury limousines the solidarity seems to come to an end. For who are driving these expensive cars in the Berlin multicultural district Kreuzberg, who suffer most from the arson attacks?

They are mostly Turkish immigrants living in Berlin, because a car is very important to them as a status symbol. The Arik family doesn't understand the world anymore, since one morning they stood face to face the burned wreck of their car. [transcript continues after video]

Berlin 2012: Arson attacks by left wing extremists upset immigrants in multicultural ghetto Kreuzberg | YouTube

Fikret Arik: I am not a rich person. I am just a normal consumer who does his job, owns a car, has a family, and [?????] to be chased away, where should I go?

Speak: Left wing immigrant lovers, who burn cars belonging to Turks, or just free loaders?

Selim Sönmez doesn't care about their motives, the only thing which is left from his car, is a photograph.

Selim Sönmez: It was my hobby that I bought me a car, I have saved up for three years [?????? ????? ???] and then they burn my car!

Speak: Just a moment, doesn't it go without saying for left wingers that they specially protect foreigners?

Unidentified female Turk: Many immigrants say that they are only jealous. I think that the people who live here, cannot see, that the people here by means of work, and diligence, can afford such cars.

Speak: In this hall from the Berlin police, the burned car wrecks are piling up. Almost 300 so far this year.

Amongst others this Mercedes from a Turkish business man.

According to Berlin Minister of Interior, this proves how dangerous this left wing extremist scene is.

Erhart Körting (SPD - Social Democrats): Left wing extremists are willing to fight for foreigners verbally, but they also show very clearly, that they don't really give a damn, and that they prioritize their urge to commit violence.

Stop the street terrorism, businessman Suat Kaygal who is speaking for many others, demands.

Immigrants demand protection from the state against left wing "activists".

Suat Kaygal: We will not allow that because of a few anarchists, they make everything bad, and I hope that the police, or the state, will apprehend these people quickly.

Speak: 'Zero tolerance for car arsonists', is the ever louder call from immigrants in the multicultural district.

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