Professor at Copenhagen University: Obama has used up his goodwill


With harsh words several of the parties that constitute the Danish Parliament 'Folketinget', slammed the US for use of the so called drones; remotely controlled planes which launched from US controlled territory send their death bringing loads to people in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.

Rasmus Helveg Petersen, spokesman for the Radical Party [pro-globalism, EU-dictatorship and pro multicult and mass immigration], thinks the American use of these drones is not compatible with a democratic state governed by law


'It is absolutely terrible. The US doesn't have any right to perform this type of executions of suspected political opponents. It is a violation of international law, and what else there is what can be violated', says Rasmus Helveg Petersen, who continues:
'It is a clear counterpart to terrorism, where one also kills people for political reasons on foreign territory'.

Politiken: Do you equate the attacks with terrorism?

'Yes. The aim is not necessary to practice terror, but judicially it can be equated, yes'.


Also the spokesman on foreign affairs Soren Pind, of the liberalistic [centre-right and currently largest] party Venstre deals some heavy blows against 'Denmark's most important ally', as the left wing newspaper Politiken puts it.


  Left side: Lene Espersen former Danish Foreign and Justice Minister

US Ambassador in Denmark Laurie S. Fulton visits Vollsmose immigrant ghetto | YouTube - As one of her first public appearances in Denmark, only two month after she came into office around June 35, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama's new Ambassador in Denmark; Laurie Susan Fulton, visited not 'the Danes', but female immigrants in the Vollsmose ghetto in Odense. She did decline an invitation for a dance from a scarf clad Muslim woman though. No such concern for Muslims in Afghanistan. Laurie S. Fultons 'involment in human rights'.

I criticized George Bush for combining the job as President with what we see as torture. But what Obama does, is combining his presidency with assassination. In reality it is even worse. Obama doesn't seem to give a damn about the principles of the western world, and that will be damaging in the long run, says Soren Pind [who is actually known to be an almost ridiculously over zealous supporter of the USA].

From the complete opposite side of the spectrum; the revolutionary Marxist party Enhedslisten [supporting the Socialist minority government of Bilderberger Helle Thorning-Schmidt] there are similar sounds, and the party now demands that the issue be addressed officially in the Danish foreign committee.

Civilian deaths

The use of unmanned drones has become a hot item, after the close involvement of president Obama in the execution of the attacks was documented.

The American president has approved 261 bomb-attacks against suspected terrorists, alone in Pakistan.

By comparison: George W. Bush only staged 45 attacks in all of his eight year presidential period. During a time where the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are fading, the drones are a cheap way to target suspected 'terrorists' - many Afghans would call them resistance fighters - without risking the lives of American soldiers.

The problem is, the critics say, that the US is killing people without trial. There is no possibility for democratic control with the attacks. And a bomb against terrorist typically kills a large number of civilians in the attack. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London, at least 1000 civilians have lost their lives as a result of American drone attacks.

No comments from the US regime

Both the American Ambassador in Denmark; Laurie S. Fulton, and the American Foreign Ministry have refused to comment the criticism of the Danish parliamentarians.

Villy Sovndal [Søvndal - Current Danish Foreign Minister - SF Socialist Party], what does the Danish government think of the use of drones?

'We don't use drones ourselves in the Danish Army. There is no specific ban of drones; it is their use which is critical.

But what does the Danish government think about USA's use of drones?

I don't want to add more to it, than repeating that we don't use drones. International rules must be followed.


Remarkable attack heralds change in attitude

Professor of political sciences at Copenhagen University Ole Waever calls the dissent of the Danish politicians 'remarkable'.

According to the professor, the drone attacks represent an unsettled judicial limbo.

'It is very good that the subject is finally being addressed, for it has been under the radar for a long time. We have an enormous grey zone, where nobody really has a clear understanding of the judicial implications or the principles involved in these types of attacks', says Ole Waever, according to Politiken.


Ole Waever sees the fact that leading politicians openly criticize the US, as a sign of a new era in the Danish relations with the United States.

'For a long time there was a broad political consensus that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the US. But slowly people have come to see, that the world order looks different, Ole Waever says. He also points out that a disappointment is spreading over a president, who has not lived up morally to the expectations in Denmark.

'When one thinks about how much energy has been used to investigate the methods used by George W. Bush, Obama has had a very long leash. Many people in Denmark have felt an alliance with Obama, but it is not a carte blanche forever.

Obama has used up his goodwill.


Politiken 25 juli 2012 - Obama får en verbal lussing for brugen af dronefly af folketingsmedlemmer (Jesper Vangkilde)

Kristeligt Dagblad 25 juli 2012 - Søren Pind: Obama bruger værre metoder end Bush

Comment: If his apparent change of heart is more than a passing summer phenomenon I'd be surprised. Soren Pind is known to track back on all too candid statements, and the next story these lemmings are fed about defending human rights in Arab countries, they will wag their tails, and send more tax payer money to arms manufacturers, international terrorists, and oil barons, and more Danish youngsters to their death on the globalist alter, which is eternally thirsty for more human blood. It especially warms Satan's heart, when atrocities are committed in the name of world peace, freedom and democracy, and the best of mankind.


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