... men man kan ikke have begge del. Hvis du vil have diversitet, får du brug for en politistat fordi man skal holde alle under kontrol. RamZpaul sammenligner den gang han tog sin afgangseksamen i firserne (Graduation) med idag, hvor der er metaldetektorer og politi ved sådanne ceremonier. Titlen foregriber RamZpauls konklusion.

When I attended my son's graduation everyone had to go through a metal detector and all bags were searched by security. Many police were on the scene.

When I graduated High School, I don't remember any security. And it was considered common courtesy not to cheer and scream in a disruptive manner.

Shannon Cooper cheered as her daughter walked across the stage to get her diploma from South Florence High School Saturday night, but just minutes later, Shannon was handcuffed and arrested.

"Are ya'll serious? Are ya'll for real? I mean, that's what I'm thinking in my mind. I didn't say anything. I was just like OK, I can't fight the law. I can't argue with the police, but I'm like are you serious? I didn't do any more than the others did. Which I feel like no one should have went to jail," said Shannon.

RamZpaul - Mom locked up for cheering at child's graduation
The original - Mom locked up for cheering at child's graduation

RamZpaul udtales Ram C Paul eller Ram Zee Paul - amerikansk Z udtales Zee modsat Engelsk hvor det hedder Zed)

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