Nikolaj Sommer - TV host
  But then why don't we see it in the numbers?
Jean Dominique Nollet - Europol
  It is not to be compared - threats to threats cannot be compared; terrorism and organized crime cannot be compared - (Note the liar's body language....)
  Kenneth Plummer  - BZ T shirt
  Typical for the Danish media: General Director of Danish State Radio and TV; Danmarks Radio; Kenneth Plummer (son of an American black Jazz artist and a Danish woman) wearing T-shirt promoting Antifa and other autonomous violent left wing extremist groups' illegally occupied location; Ungdomshuset, during the Roskilde music festival. He has since been fired for poor performance, as well as for having tried to keep a story about his womanizing out of the papers by offering a journalist another 'scoop'; privilliged information. In other words: corruption.

A new report from Europol containing many fancy statistics shows that violent action by right wing groups is almost negligible compared to violence from the extreme left and Islamists.

But here we have Europol's expert; the man behind the report, who says 'forget the facts, forget the statistics'.

The greatest danger comes from the right!

Listen to the interview and wonder why Europol bothers to publish reports and statistics, when their so called experts, who are being interviewed on the basis of these reports, declare them to be irrellevant, and launch their own conspiracy theories in stead.

Transscript (Or watch video below)

After having shown some statistics and quotes from the report

Intro in Danish:

Nikolaj Sommer: I have spoken with the man behind the Europol report, and he says that despite the fact that there are not many cases of terror by right wingers, there is a lot of activity among the extreme right.

Jean Dominique Nollet: Right wing terrorism is a growing concern, you don't see that in the figure [s], but what we observe and what the member states reports to us in terms of threats from right wing is an increasing threat. You see it through the propaganda, through a lot more internet activity of right wing extremism that can come to terrorism afterwards.

Nikolaj Sommer: but then, why don't we see it in the numbers, I mean there's very very few arrests when it comes to right wing terrorism and it also shows that there is very few attacks..

Jean Dominique Nollet: The difficulty with terrorism as general, is that one can never measure terrorism with figures... It's very,.. it would be lovely that we could have indication with figures on terrori[s]m, but it is much more complex than this.

It is the activity of people of lone wolf, so I would say secret groups, working, that are preparing things, or that are currently radicalizing themselve to a certain level that could come to the end of a terrorist attack, and actions.

Nikolaj Sommer: Okay,.. What if you should compare the right wing terror, the threat of right wing terror to eh, the threat of left wing terror and Islamic terror?

Jean Dominique Nollet: It is not to be compared threats to threats cannot be compared; terrorism and organized crime cannot be compared.

What we do see now with the activities of religiously inspired terrorism and all this activity is we have a growing threat on the right wing, slightly, and we have the terrorism that from jihadist activities is quite stable this years. Though lone
actors is becoming the real threat, as we have seen this year, many groups can also trigger some guys to radicalize within their countries...

Nikolaj Sommer: Eh, you you say that it's very difficult, it's very difficult to measure terrorism by these numbers, but why what do you think then we can conclude from these numbers

Jean Dominique Nollet: We conclude from these numbers that we have a relative stability of terrorist threat, in Europe, though, we have some actors, lone actors, and group that are still under the radar, though some are detected that can pose a serious threat to the EU.

End of transcript


  Ole Sohn - Erich Honecker
  Ole Sohn, here seen in loving embrace with his close friend the communist murderer Erich Honecker. Today Ole Sohn is a leading member of the Socialist People's Party - (Socialistisk Folkeparti - SF) Minister for Business and Growth part of the regime of Bilderberger Helle Thorning-Schmidt.
  Ole Sohn - Erich Honecker
  Johanne Schmidt Nielsen (As a SUF street terrorist) - Now in parliament....

Note that the French propagandist goes completely around the matter of left wing terrorism, which according to reports from the Dutch, German, and the Danish police is far more widespread (see links below article - note Google translate links underneath Danish articles)

And one shouldn't really wonder why, since the European Union is crawling with left wing extremists. Barroso is a 'former' Maoist, Daniel Cohen Bendit (Kuron Medzelewsky) was a left wing extremist rioter in the sixties, and there are many more of their ilk, who are now trying to ram their communism down our throats by means of the fascist dictatorship of the European Union.

Quick Mr. Nollet; introduce some laws that make blasphemy against the European Union and its representatives a criminal offence, before you and your friends are going to be dragged down to the streets to face justice by the peoples you betrayed. Be careful in Greece for the time being Mr. Nollet. Watch out in Hungary too...

In Denmark the extreme left has also gained parlamentary foothold, even though many of their members are closely connected to the left wing violent fringe, among them the leader of the marxist party Enhedslisten; Johanne Schmidt Nielsen, who was a front figure in the local Antifacist-Action offshoot SUF - and who personally denied me my right of free expression during a demonstration in my home town, by blocking the sidewalk together with her red fascist friends. Now the angel faced street terrorist and her friends among whom Ole Sohn, the Kremlin's Danish pet during the cold war, make up the parliamentary support for the Socialist government of Bilderberger Helle Thorning-Schmidt. (Video documentation here)

But Jean Dominique Goebbels is right about one thing: we are many who pose a very serious threat to the EU, its institutions and its representatives. In fact, we will do whatever is in our power to tear that unholy illegal terrorist regime down, and put its main instigators on trial for breaking various local national laws in order to trick the people under the yoke of the illegimate EUSSR regime in Brussels.

Interview with Europol 'terror expert' Jean Dominique Nollet:
Denmark's Radio Public Service TV - Deadline May 9, 2012 - Host Nikolaj Sommer
Other part of the show - Interview Danish only, with Chris Holmsted Larsen here (interesting stats and excerpts from two latest report are in English)

The interview with the French Europol nutter Jean Dominique Nollet was part of a news program, where also a Danish 'expert on anti-democratic movements' or whatever the definition they used, was interviewed. This man; Chris Holmsted Larsen was asked recently to prepare a report about extremism for the current Socialist Danish regime.

Chris Holmsted Larsen - RUC - Roskilde Universitets Center - Facebook

Chris Holmsted Larsen happens to be a radical left winger with close connections to Antifa and similar violent left wing organizations in Denmark. On his Facebook page, he displayed a photo of himself with a portrait of Lenin added to it. On one occasion during a public meeting at a university, he went up to Adam Wagner, leader of an organization created by former members of the anti German WWII Danish resistance, and said he would have placed his fist straight in his face, if it wasn't because he would be expelled from the University. Then he spat on the floor in front of him.

  MSM's Expert on right wing extremism
  René Karpantschof
  Street fighter René Karpantschof arrested during Antifa demonstration in 1999.
  René Karpantschof
  René Karpantschof leading demonstration in 1990 outside courthouse Østre Landsret supporting the Blekingegade Gang
  René Karpantschof - Now expert on TV

Back in 2007 Chris Holmsted Larsen was the editor of a German publication about left wing and autonomous anarchist groups. From the description of the contributors:

'Chris Holmsted Larsen, born in 1973, Historian, during the nineties engaged in the autonomous radical left. Published papers about the History of the Cold War, the radical left and the social struggle in Denmark and Scandinavia'.


The other 'expert' most often used by the Danish media, is René Karpantschof, also a left winger who often was on the barricades with the left wing Antifa fascist friends, and was arrested several times; once during a demonstration supporting the Danish terrorist group 'The Blekinge Street Gang', a red-fascist group of bank robbers that supported the PFLP and had collected an amazing collection of weapons and explosives. A young policeman was killed in a firefight with the Blekingegade Gang. The suspect is still at large, for the gang members refused to point out the murderer... They have been released from jail a long time ago, and some of them managed to get good positions in the Copenhagen district adminstration aided by sympathizers inside the system.

Before Karpantschof it used to be the now deceased Erik Jensen (leader REDOX predecessor DEMOS), who is said often to have led Antifa street battles from the side line, who was invited into the TV studios as a neutral 'expert witnesses' about 'the right'.



Balder Blog 31 august 2012 - Berlin: Left wing extremist’s fire bombs upset immigrants in multicultural ghetto (Germany, Kreuzberg, Antifa, AFA, Arson)

YouTube - Karen Mock of the Canadian chapter of B'nai Brith (Anti-Defamation League - ADL) lobbied Toronto City Council for financial support for Anti-Racist Action (ARA) terrorists

The European Council demands restrictions on freedom of the press in Denmark - The European Council suggests that the Danish regime creates 'guidelines' for the way the media speak about Islam and Muslims. The Council also wants to restrict the freedom to meet and organize.
ECRI on Denmark Published on 22 May 2012 (pdf) | Danish version: ECRI-Rapport om Danmark

All of Europol's reports on terrorism - I published Some of the statistics and the most relevant excerpts from the two latest reports here in the following post of May 10, (scroll down to the English section on that page)

Balder Blog 10 maj 2012 - Venstreradikale Chris Holmsted Larsen i Deadline om højrefløjen - Og så de officielle rapporter (Left wing radical Chris Holmsted Larsen on TV about 'right wingers' - and then the official reports with statistics and excerpts from the Europol reports in English)

Balder Blog 22 maj 2012 - USA - Illinois: Venstreekstremister overfalder restaurant-kunder med køller og hamre, 5 arresteret - 10 skadet| Chicago Tribune 21 maj 2012 - Five charged in mob attack at Tinley Park restaurant (Ashley Rueff) VDare 21 maj 2012 - Tinley Park Attack: Anarcho-Tyranny In America
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Balder Blog 20 marts 2010 - Venstreorienteret bombeterror mod græske nationalister fra Golden Dawn - Nu også politistation ramt!

Venstrevold i stigning - Politiet skønner, at der er sket en tredobling af den venstreekstremistiske vold sidste år, og det er især omkring første maj at det eskalerer. Sidste år blev omkring 500 politifolk såret under uroligheder i forbindelse med demonstrationerne. Sådan som volden tager til, kan man regne med et det før eller siden fører til, at politifolk bliver dræbt, advarer politiforbundschef Rainer Wendt.
DR 18 marts 2010 - Den venstreradikale vold ryster Berlin | Hattip Uriasposten (Hør den tyske venstreekstremist Tim Laumeier hernede)

Balder Blog 1 marts 2010 - Denmark: AFA-Antifa extremists arrested charged with violence and support of terrorism

Balder Blog 13 februar 2010 - Holland: Efterretningstjeneste advarer mod AFA venstreekstremister

Dutch Security Agency AIVD: Scarcely any threat from the extreme right, according to annual report on 2008. The AIVD is also concerned about extreme left activism.
Remarkable is the AIVD’s assessment of the Anti-Fascist and Capitalist Archive Collective (KAFKA). KAFKA is regularly cited by Dutch ‘quality media’ as a research institute into rightwing extremism, but its Antifascist Action (AFA) arm is in reality a movement that uses violence to achieve its goals. “The picture is often evoked of antifascists defending themselves against aggressive rightwing extremists, while the roles are generally reversed.”

Balder Blog 6 februar 2010 - Denmark: Antifa - AFA demonstration - Famous blogger Kim Moller, Uriasposten - assaulted by left wing extremists

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