Danish Jeppe Nybroe new News Director for Libyan TV station 'Libya Alhurra'.

  Jeppe Nybroe, DR - now Libya Alhurra
  Systematic Torture.. (enlarge image)
  Last year's 'Jeppe' May 18, 2011
  Steen Noerskov [Nørskov] DR [enlarge]

Allegedly 'live footage' of torture of Syrian demonstrators was presented with great pathos while warning of 'extremely graphic images', and a rare critical question from the studio residing host to the 'reporter in the field'; Steen Noerskov [Nørskov] about the authenticity of these images was woven away. The caption under the at times very unclear pictures was 'Syria -SYSTEMATIC TORTURE'.

Denmark's Radio (DR) stressed that the footage was authentic, that the source who had delivered them was trustworthy, and that the Arabic dialect that was heard in the video was a Syrian dialect. More: Danish state TV - Danmark's Radio admits anti Syrian propaganda based on false images of torture

  More Danish media manipulation below
  Above: Screenshot from tabloid B.T. March 18, 2011: 'War against Gaddafi - Small girls slaughtered in spite of cease fire'. No further explanation! Click for large image.
  Rasmus Tantholdt glorifying NATO's WMD

Fired for manipulating news clips from Iraq - Added 'special effects'...

The Danish journalist Jeppe Nybroe, once a prominent reporter with a bright career prospects, TV host for the Danish state owned public service radio and TV station 'Denmark's Radio', was fired from his position in Denmark's Radio in 2007, after it was uncovered that he had manipulated news clips reporting on Danish troops withdrawal from Iraq. Amongst other things he had lied about what the video material really showed, and had even added extra explosions to the audio, to make the 'news report' sound 'more authentic' and exciting.

New Danish definition: 'A Jeppe'

The disgraced reporter's manipulations gave rise to a new word in Denmark; 'a Jeppe' now translates to 'manipulated news byte', and 'reporter caught red handed falsifying news'.

After his exit from Denmark's Radio Jeppe Nybroe has been employed by the tabloid B.T's net TV, and Denmark's second halfway government owned TV2's local department TV2 East [TV2 Øst]

According to the Danish newspaper Politiken, Jeppe Nybroe got his new job as Head of Libya's 'independent news station' through 'his network in the region'. The paper also writes that Nybroe is the only Dane in the Libyan organization.

Muhammed Nabbous, the 28 year old founder of Libya Alhurra was allegedly killed by a shot from a sniper while reporting on Gaddafi government forces alleged attack on civilians in Benghazi, the power center of the US/NATO backed insurgents.

Shortly after his death New World Order forces; US and NATO troops started bombing the country, allegedly in order to enforce an UN Resolution that spoke of 'protecting civilians at every price', during the skirmishes between NATO armed and backed Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists on one side, and the forces of the official Libyan government on the other.

Nabbous' TV station began as a series of shaky images that went unfiltered into cyberspace, but is now a satellite channel which can be seen everywhere in the region. According to the journalistic internet portal journalisten.dk the news department now employs 50 people.

There was no information in the article as to where the money to create a region wide satellite channel from scratch came from.

Three weeks ago the former studio host and journalist from Denmark's Radio's daily news; Tv-Avisen became the Libyan Tv-station's Head of News.

'This is the biggest challenge of my life and at the same time a dream job without comparison. It is wonderful to be allowed to contribute to building democracy and freedom of speech in a news country', Jeppe Nybroe said to Journalisten.dk. Jeppe says his contract is for half a year to begin with.

A long way to a free press

Nybroe says that there still is quite some way to go before Libya Alhurra TV comes close to what is perceived in the West as free journalism and independent media. He sees many examples of politicians being interviewed on TV talking for minutes on end, without being met with critical questions.

'Even though they show very much enthusiasm and are talented, they don't understand the culture of an independent press. No one of them has ever tried to work for or live with independent media. But it is also important that the standard is not measured by a Danish yard stick, just as the Libyan democracy cannot be compared to the situation in Denmark.'

Many people consequently arrive 2-3 hours late, and if we agree that a clip is going to take 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I may find out during the broadcast that what they submitted was 5 minutes and 30 seconds, Jeppe Nybro says.

Nybroe reports that Libya Alhurra competes with two other TV-channels, known for their friendly attitudes towards the ruling Libyan unity council, which since the murder of the country's beloved leader through 40 years, and former close friend of Tony Blair and Nicholas Sarkozy; Muammar Gaddafi, allegedly is in the process of enforcing democracy in Libya.

The first test for the Libya Alhurra will be the Libyan elections on June 19, says Libya Alhurra TV's Danish video and audio engineer eh, News Director.

Ps. At the end of the article the website Journalisten.dk notified readers that Jeppe Nybroe had read the entire article before publication. A few readers didn't think that was that was common practice, and opposed to the idea of a free press. The website's Editor Øjvind Hesselager answered: 'Because Jeppe Nybroe has to work in Libya, which journalistically spoken is a very conservative country, Journalisten.dk complied with his demand to read the article before publication'.


Journalisten.dk 7 maj 2012 - Jeppe Nybroe er blevet nyhedsdirektør i Libyen (Emil Ellesøe Ditzel)

Politiken 7 maj 2012 - Eks-studievært har fået job som nyhedschef i Libyen (Steffen Boesen)


  The former Chief Editor of what for many decades was Denmarks most read intellectual left wing newspaper; Politiken, the Israeli citizen Herbert Pundik was revealed to be a Mossad agent [nobody was surprised, and nobody seems to care]. There is an incredibly large number of current and former Jewish chief editors of major newspapers, and there are currently several Jewish talkshow hosts; Read more here:
  TV2 Frontline reporter Rasmus Tanholdt & war mongering studio host Line Ernlund - right: reporter Steffen Jensen - living in Israel

In my opinion most Danish journalists are for all practical purposes agents of the New World Order, CIA, Mossad, NATO, EU, UN, etc., and I don't understand any free Arab or Muslim country or any other country which is under threat from US-NATO lets these people operate on their soil.

Now they're exporting the so called democracy and 'free press' we supposedly have in our country to the Mideast - after helping US-NATO and their diverse armies of terrorists removing a few obstacles and spread some disinfecting anti-dictatorial depleted uranium.

And that goes down much better than napalm or white phosphorus as most of its effects first show up after a few years and is much more profound.

More and more journalists are being hyped in special romanticizing programs, pose as 'front line reporters' and have their pictures taken with insurgents and terrorists, to whom they seem to have a special relationship.

Journalists back home in Denmark routinely act as advocates of war when interviewing politicians with reservations about sacrificing Danish lives as US cannon fodder or reservations about the whims of the ever war mongering US Israel Lobby and its European counterparts.

Many Danish Mideast reporters are Jews of whom some even live in Israel, and many senior journalists in Denmark, left and right, are known Zionists. Also programs which I see as propaganda for the military and promoting Danish involvolvement in US wars ('the international community') are shown more and more often.

The formerly so anti-war leftwing journalists, not least young woman, are suddenly hell bent on changing the world by brute force, since it has been whisked to them that it is for the benefit of mankind, democracy and woman's rights.

Well, I guess in Libya a few explosions more or less in a news reel won't spoil the fun.


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