Nazi flag at Nøbbøllevej, Holeby, Denmark
April 20 2012; Adolf Hitlers 123th birthday

Lawless enforcement in Denmark, where the officially registered Danish National Socialist Party (DNSB) which took part in local elections several times, lives a quiet, but legal life, and there are no bans whatsoever against National Socialist symbols being displayed publicly.

On Friday april 20, the birthday of Adolf Hitler, the police received several complaints from neighbours living on Nøbbøllevej near Holeby on the peninsuala called Lolland Falster; Denmark's 'out back' , south of the capital Copenhagen.

They were enraged about one of their neighbors on that road had chosen to fly the symbol for his political beliefs, a 'Nazi flag' to mark the 123th birthday of the former German leader Adolf Hitler.

According to the local Danish internet portal of the local newspaper, a police patrol drove out to the premises and confiscated the flag, after complaints from neighbors.

The 41 years old man declared he had hoisted the flag in order to celebrate Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Last year flag was left unmolested

It was not the first time officers from the South Zealand and Lolland Falster visited Nobbolle Road. Last year in the month of June the police also had time to spare to send a patrol car in order to watch the same flag blowing in the wind.

Illegal to fly Nazi flag?

Also at that time the 41 year old had flown a Nazi flag from his flag pole, but at that time the police had not interfered, because they were in doubt if it was at all illegal.

The 'episode' caused the police take contact to the Justice Department, asking if it is illegal to fly a 'nazi flag'.

Not illegal unless people 'are offended'

  I felt quite offended by the hundreds of Communist flags during a recent anti-EDL-demo

According to Vice-Inspector Soren Vaegter's statement to, the local police was informed that it was not illegal in itself, but if the neighbors felt offended, it is an infringement of the local Public Order Act (not to be confused with the British-Jewish gagging law of that name). It is a law which usually is used in connection with disorderly behaviour caused by excessive alcohol consumption, bar fights, demonstrations indecent exposure etc..

Now since political correctness rusles in Denmark, just as in most other places in Europe where Cultural Marxists are in power, one might expect that the reactions of the public would support the unprecedented action of the police. But quite the opposite was the case, judging from the reactions so far from some readers of the local paper:

Kasper Kjaersgaard wrote: 'Isn't it what the Radical Party1) wishes for? In the name of diversity?'

Another reader by the name of Pelle Kjeldgaard says: 'Very impressive they can find time to do this, when they don't have time to investigate burglaries, theft, etc....'

Erik Larsen: We should just remember that we still have freedom of expression and freedom of religion en Denmark; well, at least for a little while longer. For if one is not allowed to express one's beliefs, just like many others do, there are actually some who are allowed to burn the Danish National Flag, while at the same time demanding an apology from us.. 2) But it is too much that one cannot even express ones beliefs, and that even on his own property... And finally it can't be true that the police is not informed about the rules concerning flagging in Denmark, in stead of wasting its time.

Finally Frank Malmqvist asks: Yes but where is the limit????? Mosques and other 'meeting places' for people with different religions and beliefs (nothing mentioned, nothing forgotten), it's okay, let us just 'show off' our beliefs/religion, just look at Jonni Hansen3) and his crowd, they publicly parade with armbands and other Nazi symbols, and nothing comes from that..

And No, I am not a Nazi, or racist or anything else, I just sit back, and think, so let them, what's it to me???? I am not so delicate that I feel offended over that sh*** flag !!! Yes it may be a little improper in today's Denmark, but then again, there is so much which is !!!

But then again another commentator by the name of Donnie, suggests that it would have been better if some active neighbor had both crushed and burned the flag pole in stead of disturbing the police, so he and like minded people would be spared seeing the flag again next year.

I suppose that last comment would have earned him a visit from the anti terror squad and subsequent impounding of mobile phones and computers, had it been proposed by a British subject on Facebook.. ( if it had been directed against anything else but a Nazi of course).

1) The Radical Party (Det Radikale Venstre) is a liberalist non Socialist party, and the most fanatical supporter of multiculturalism, the EU and globalization in Denmark but is part of the current Socialist regime headed by Helle Thorning Schmidt - You know that Bilderberger who is married to a heir from one of the most outstanding political families in Britain; the elusive Stephen Kinnock who pays his taxes in Switzerland, in spite of being married to the Danish PM, and being registered as living in Denmark.

2) Referring to the Muhammed Cartoon Crises, when Muslim mobs here and abroad set fire to Danish flags.

3) Jonni Hansen, former leader of the current Danish National Socialist Party.

4) I suppose Frank forgot the violent attacks from the other fascist fraction in Denmark; the Antifa which at this moment in time has five of it's members standing trial for terrorism in an ongoing court case; several cases of arson against police and National Security (PET) headquarters and other actions and plans meant to disrupt society as a whole. But perhaps Frank doesn't know about it, since the media hardly mention the political affiliations of the terrorist group, but prefers the description 'activists'.

Nøbbøllevej, Holeby, Lolland Falster Denmark - As can be seen from this map, a sparsely populated area!


Only Danish flag can be burned legally!

I suppose a little explanation about Danish flag policies is needed here.

In Denmark it is illegal to burn flags from other nations and international organizations like the EU, but legal to burn the Danish flag.

On the other hand it is not permitted to fly the flags of other nations from flagpoles, unless permission is obtained from the police, and then on certain conditions, such as a Danish flag also being flown next to it on a higher pole, there are some other rules about the size etc. as well. There is an exception for the EU flag, and flags from other Scandinavian countries, such as Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. These rules apply only to flags being displayed from flag poles, and only to country flags; not to other symbols, such as pirate flags, flags from political parties, Communist and National Socialist symbols and whatever people wish to display. It is legal to display flags from other nations in other ways.

Recently the anti-Muslim Danish People's Party proposed that burning of the Danish flag, which is increasingly being done by Muslims during demonstrations, should also be a punishable offence, just like the burning of flags of other nations.

The aforementioned Radical Party, in this case supported by Denmark's new ultra-liberalist Party; Liberal Alliance (actually the leading members are defectors from the Radical Party) then proposed that flags from all countries should be able to be displayed legally.

Esben Kristensen - Leader of the Danish National Socialist movement (DNSB) recently took part in a demonstration for diversity and against the English Defence League, together with two members of the Danish People's Party; Jette Skive and Lars Skov, and the rest of the members from all parties from the entire Aarhus City Council including a great number of other Socialists. He didn't bring any flags though. More here: Denmark: Zionist Danish People’s Party & Antifa protest against Zionist EDL and UAF thugs to Denmark to demonstrate against EDL - US Ambassador in Denmark Laurie S. Fulton involved


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