Friend Maran El Mohammed: 'And yes she has been simulating mental illness, but there are really many immigrants who do so, in order to get a pension'

Muslim woman demonstrating against forcible removal

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A Danish newspaper, Aarhus Stiftstidende first published an account of a hoard of head scarf wearing immigrant woman demonstrating at the office of the local social services against the forcible removal of the infant, at the same time confessing to wide spread social fraud. But the truth is not politically correct, so the paper, known amongst other things for its extremely biased reporting on anti-islamic demonstrators and habitually covering up the serious left wing extremist violence which is rampant in Denmark's second largest city, pulled the article from the internet shortly after.

Here a translation of the article (formatting emphasis inserted comments etc. by Balder):

Aarhus Stiftstidende on April 13, 2012

Anger about enforced removals of children

It hurts one's ears when about 50 woman's voices are screaming at the same time - especially when it happens in a staircase where the echo amplifies the sound.

And that certainly also was the objective when a group of woman gathered in the staircase leading up to the office of the 'Familiekontor Vest'; the social services office in the city of Gellerup [infamous immigrant ghetto near Aarhus], and for almost two hours shouted amongst other things: 'Mona should go home to her mother!'

Mona is a newly born girl, who according to the woman, was taken away from her mother - few minutes after she was born.

'First they took my other four children, and now they took my little baby, says 35 year old Lina Jamal from Lebanon.' ['From Lebanon' usually means Palestinian]

'I didn't even get to know the baby's gender, but now I know it was a girl.'

Mental illness?

Lina Jamal thinks that the forcible removal of the baby was caused by the fact that she had simulated mental illness in order to get a pension.

'But I'm not, and I am not an alcoholic or something like that either, so I don't understand it', she says.

[Reporter] But if you have simulated mental illness, then I guess it is what they believe?

'Yes but at least they could examine that first. In court I recently got a medical certificate stating that I was not mentally ill, but they keep my kids anyway.

But couldn't there be another reason for the forcible removal. Don't you think they just want what's best for the children?

'No they just steal them', Lina Jamal cries.

General problem

Lina Jamal's friend Maran El Mohammed adds:

'It happens all the time out here - there are too many forcible removals here. But forcibly removing a child after a few minutes is not right.

And yes she has been simulating mental illness, but there are really many immigrants who do so, in order to get a pension; I don't mind to say that openly.'

The leader of Social Center West, Gitte Krogh, doesn't want to comment on the particular case, but denies that there are too many forcible removals in Gellerup.

End of translation

Originally published on the website of the local newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende on April 13, 2012, but removed again quickly after.

The original article published on Friday April 13, 2012 can still be found here in the Google cache

Original title: Vrede over tvangsfjernelse [Anger about enforced removals of children] and was written by Jacob Vestervig

Original Url: - Photo url

Before the article was taken off line, there were at least 72 facebook entries related to the article.

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