Har Günther Grass-effekten krydset Atlanten? Lee Whitnum foreslår at amerikanske Jøder som tager til Israel for at blive bosættere på palæstinensisk jord, skal kunne strafforfølges i USA hvis de begår forbrydelser i Israel.


Lee Whitnum (født 23 juni, 1960) er en amerikansk forfatter og politiker. Hun er en udtalt kritiker af Israel og blev kendt for sine synspunkter angående denne sag i kapløbet om Senatet i 2010. Hun har også skrappe synspunkter mod illegal og legal indvandring. Hun nævner lovene H1-B og L1 som immigrations smuthuller der bidrager til arbejdsløshed blandt Amerikanere. Wikipedia

  Lady Lee Whitnum - Dressed to kill
Lee Whitnum's homepage

Én af de mindre kendte demokratiske kandidater til en post i det amerikanske Senat; Lee Whitnum kaldte sin modstander, kongresmedlemmet Chris Murphy 'en luder som sælger sin sjæl til AIPAC'. De hele blev sendt på live tv.

Under en live tv-debat gik Whitnum i kødet på sin modstander, og tog specielt sigte på hans pro-israelske holdninger.

'Jeg har her at gøre med en luder som sælger sin sjæl til AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee], én som er parat til at sige hvad som helst for jobbet, sagde hun.

Whitnum kaldte også modstanderen William Tong, en repræsentant fra Connecticut en 'ignorant' under hendes tirade, som var del af debattens afsluttende bemærkninger.

Murphy svarede og sagde, 'Jeg har været fortaler for at kandidaterne kan tage del i disse debatter. Jeg vil måske tænke mig om en anden gang med det frygtelige sprog der bruges i æteren.'

Here er hvordan Associated Press beskrev hændelsen der ufoldede sig under den demokratiske debat.

Murphy, den tidligere 'Secretary of the State' Susan Bysiewicz, state Reprentative William Tong og Matthew Oakes udtrykte afsky over kommentarerne fra Lee Whitnam, en kendt kritiker af amerikanske støtte til Israel.

De nævnte fem strides om støtte fra partiet og i sidste ende om den post der bliver ledig, når den tidligere demokrat og Israel-firster Joe Lieberman forlader sin post. Lieberman er nu 'uafhængig' kandidat, han forlod partiet efter han støttede sine republikanske 'modstandere' i en afstemning der berørte zionistiske interesser.

Oakes, en anden mindre kendt kandidat, sagde at han mener at Whitnum ikke skulle have lov til at deltage i fremtidige debatter. Den næste debat er planlagt at skulle finde sted på mandag i Connecticuts universitet.

Hør Whitnums bramfrie udtalelser her:

Lee Whitnum calls opponent 'a whore who sells his soul to AIPAC' during live TV debate | Vimeo


The Blaze 4 april 2012 - Dem Sen. Candidate Calls Opponent a ‘Whore’ Who ‘Sells His Soul to AIPAC’ During Live TV Debate

Lee Whitnums homepage - hjemmeside

Lee Whitnam's response to the so called incident:

  Lee Whitnum - Dem. Senate candidate
  Lee Whitnum is planning to publish a book titled Anti-AIPAC - Not Anti-Semitic. Listen to Lee being interviewed by Robert Stark from The Stark Truth Radio Channel: The Stark Truth: Interview with Lee Whitnum | Mp3 direct download

Lee Whitnum Candidate for the US Senate

April 6, 2012

In response to criticism of Whitnum’s performance at the April 5 NBC debate Whitnum blames her disconnect and hostility at the end of the debate on being “flabbergasted” at the other candidates apparent ignorance of well-documented fact.

“I was struck speechless. The entire reason why I run for public office is because of the Neoconservatives’ role in the taking down of Iraq. A handful of people played my great country into unnecessary war. This must never happen again. It mobilized me into action and it is why I run for public office. I can’t believe the other Senate candidates were not aware. My realization of their ignorance shocked me so much it caused a momentary disconnect. I think for the first time in my life I was rendered speechless.”

Whitnum said she finds it hard to believe Congressman Murphy doesn’t know about the facts. “I can’t fathom that a Congressman doesn’t know about what happened. The first question any American should ask after it was proven by the bi-partisan 9-11 Commission that there were no WMD is why did we take down Iraq? It was not an accident. We were played by a handful of Neocons with an agenda for Mr. Netanyahu.”

Whitnum cites the Washington think tank that spawned the Neoconservative, The Project for the New American Century and Mr. Netanyahu’s highly published manifesto that came out of that think tank.
“The Neoconservative manifesto is called: Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”, said Whitnum. “It was written by Richard Perle and other neoconservatives for Mr. Netanyahu. Penned by Richard Perle in 2000 and signed by (Colbert, Fairbanks, Feith, Loewenberg, Torop, Wurmser) it states plainly, “focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq – an important Israeli objective in its own right – as a means of foiling Syria’s regional ambitions.”

“I still can’t believe that a handful of Neoconservatives, the aforementioned plus Joe Lieberman, Judith Miller, and Steven Hadley played my country into unnecessary war.” said Whitnum. “at the same time AIPAC bragged that ‘quietly lobbying congress for war in Iraq’ was an accomplishment. Our worst strategic decision as a nation was AIPAC’s accomplishment. Scary.”

Regarding the other candidates, Whitnum believes Tong is very bright but doesn’t know anything about the Neoconservatives. Susan knows but will never publicly admit, and Murphy, to whom she directs most of her anger, is “a feel-good candidate.”

“It just proves Murphy is a feel-good candidate who will say anything to get himself elected,” said Whitnum. “I would never do that. I can’t tell people what they want to hear – I’m going to tell them the truth. I’ve never been afraid to face truth.”

Whitnum says that in 2003 after reading Bob Woodward’s “Plan of Attack” and then the first 60 pages of Pat Buchanan’s bookWhere the Right Went Wrong” that changed her life and spurned her into political action. She has since done extensive research on the topic. She has posted relevant points on her website citing 40+ references all pointing to the same chain of events and the same people. All responsible for the lead-up to Iraq.

“Those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. We are on the brink of another war, Netanyahu has the nerve to come here and to demand that we take down Iran all part of the same agenda. Meanwhile he hasn’t lifted a finger to solve his domestic problem which is something five US presidents have demanded – a resolution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. A conflict that makes us all unsafe. Demand truth and knowledge from your candidates.”

Whitnum is a candidate for US Senate in Connecticut.


Lee Whitnum's homepage MsWord document: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 6, 2012 - Whitnum struck speechless by fellow candidates' ignorance of well-documented fact...


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