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  Århus EDL-DDL Demo 31 marts
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Kommentar til Mødeterror mod European Defence League - Vester...
Kommentar til Mødeterror mod European Defence League - Vester...
Kommentar til DDL/EDL demonstration i Mølleparken af Saulius...
Kommentar til Moddemonstration på Rådhuspladsen af Erik A.
  Bent Preben Nielsen - Chief inspector
  The DDL-EDL demonstration will be held from 2 to 5 o'clock afternoon - The counter demonstration already begins at 1 o'clock.

Livebloging from Arosia about the demonstrations in Aarhus on March 31st, and related news. If you are in town and have news or pictures (these are most welcome!), they can be sent to, from which we will use them for reporting. It is assumed that any picture sent to this address can be used on this blog.

Live - Blogging 31. marts

Arosia - Her bliver live-blogget fra demonstrationerne 31. marts. Tips og billeder kan sendes på, de vil blive brugt hurtigst muligt.

  Weyman-Bennett - UAF leader arrested at anti EDL demonstration in Bolton, UK

Denmark - Aarhus: The US embassey warns American citizens against two demonstrations planned to be held in the Danish city of Aarhus tomorrow [now today March 31]. This was reported by Danmark's main TV station, the state owned Denmarks Radio.

Americans should be extremely cautious and carefully consider their need to move into the areas where demonstrations will take place, and they must keep an eye on developments through the local media, it says in the statement from the American embassy.

The embassy particularly notes that one of the groups which participate in the right-wing demonstration is the English Defence League (EDL). The embassy writes that the group is known for violence and clashes with the police and counter-demonstrators.

Danish Police: Extremly exagerated

Police chief inspector Bent Preben Nielsen from the East Jutland Police called Ambassador Laurie S. Fulton's warnings 'completely out of proportion'.

- It is very annoying and extremely exagerated, he told Denmarks's Radio East Justland department [DR Østjylland]

The East Justland Police says it has no information indicating coming trouble, but despite that, the police is on high alert and prepared as never before.

The announcement from the embassy presents a different focus:

- This is getting an amount of world wide attention which it shouldn't have had, says chief inspector Bent Preben Nielsen.

They [the US embassy] almost make it sound like terrorism. This could add to the danger of escalating the conflict between the parties involved, which is very unfortunate, he says.

It is expected that the anti-Islamic demonstration will gather a few hundred supporters in Moelleparken [Mølleparken]. The Danish Defence League (DDL) expects supporters from the UK, Bulgaria, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Poland.

The police expects that the counter demonstration, which will start at the Town Hall Square will attract several thousand supporters.

According to reports in the Danish media the infamous violent thugs from the Marxist organization United Against Fascism (UAF) whose extremist leader Weyman-Bennett had to be dragged off in cuffs by the police under a recent anti-EDL demonstration, have also announced that they will come to Denmark to support their Danish counterparts; Antifa, AFA, ARN, etc. in their struggle against free expression for the EDL and similar indigenous rights groups.

From MSM:

Town Hall Square / Bispetorv

'Aarhus for Diversity' is arranging the counter demonstration and represents the local radical anti-racist movement.

Activists from Copenhagen, anti-fascists from Sweden and individuals from from the British organization Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are expected to take part in the demonstration.

Several thousand people are expected to take part in this demonstration.

Source: TV2 East Jutland March 30 , 2012 - Overblik: Hvem demonstrerer?

The clip featuring Laurie S. Fulton's warnings will be added as soon as I can find it.

Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Aarhus (Denmark), English Defense League Demonstration

The U.S. Embassy alerts U.S. citizens in Denmark, and particularly in the Aarhus area, to demonstrations planned for Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Aarhus.

US Ambassador in Denmark Laurie S. Fulton visits Vollsmose immigrant ghetto | YouTube

As one of her first public appearances in Denmark, only two month after she came into office around June 35, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama's new Ambassador in Denmark; Laurie Susan Fulton, visited not 'the Danes', but female immigrants in the Vollsmose ghetto in Odense. She did decline an invitation for a dance from a scarf clad Muslim woman though.

An anti-Islamic group, the English Defense League (EDL), is organizing an inaugural gathering of nationalist, far right-wing organizations, collectively called Euro-Leagues, which is scheduled to take place at Moelleparken in Aarhus. Copycat defense leagues from Denmark, Russia, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, and Sweden have reportedly pledged to join the rally.

Also in attendance will be other anti-Muslim groups including Stop Islamisation of Europe, Stop Islamisation of the World, and the far-right European Freedom Initiative.

The purpose of the rally is reportedly to gather various far-right groups into a “European Defense League.” According to the Danish police, up to 500 persons are expected to participate in the EDL demonstration. Read more here:

USA Embassy in Copenhagen March 31, 2012 - Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Aarhus (Denmark), English Defense League Demonstration


TV2 East Jutland March 30, 2012 - Advarer borgere mod demoer (TV2-Øst)

Jyllands-Posten March 30, 2012 - USA-advarsel mod ekstremister i Aarhus

Also read the first post in this series about the upcoming Saturday March 31 demonstrations in Aarhus:

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BBC March 31 2012: Far-right groups from across Europe are due to hold a rally in Denmark aimed at setting up what they term an anti-Islamic alliance across the continent.

The demonstration has been organised by the English Defence League (EDL) which says it wants to halt what it calls the "Islamification of Europe". The EDL said it hoped it would be the start of a Europe-wide movement. Campaigners against racism are worried that hardline Islamaphobic groups in Europe are now joining forces.

BBC March 31, 2012 - EDL stages far-right European rally in Denmark


Uriasposten 1 april 2012 - Et par ord om gårsdagens demonstrationer

Balder Blog 31 marts 2012 - UAF thugs to Denmark to demonstrate against EDL - US Ambassador in Denmark Laurie S. Fulton involved

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English Defence League's Mission Statement

Dansk oversættelse af English Defence Leagues formålsparagraffer


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