The DDL-EDL demonstration will be held from 2 to 5 o'clock afternoon - The counter demonstration already begins at 1 o'clock.
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  Jacob Bundsgaard - Aarhus Mayor
Actively involved in the hate campaign
  EDL protesting Muslim attacks on gays
  Århus EDL-DDL Demo 31 marts
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Kommentar til Mødeterror mod European Defence League - Vester...
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Two demonstrations will be held today, Saturday March 31, in the Danish city of Aarhus, the country's second largest city after not-so-wonderful-anymore Copenhagen.

The original demonstration, which was announced and planned more than a month ago by the Danish Defence League (DDL); an relatively new off-shoot of the successful British counter Jihad group, the English Defence League (EDL).

Shortly after the demonstration had been registered with the police and announced to the public, Danish left wing extremist groups such as Antifa / Anti Fascist Action, Anti Racist Network (ARN - ARA) and several similar groups announced a counter demonstration.

Anti-Muslim Danish People's Party siding with cultural Marxists

Before too long a united Aarhus City Council, including two members of the anti-immigration, anti-Muslim Danish People's Party (Dansk Folkeparti) started a campaign demonizing the upcoming DDL-EDL demonstration, and the people and intentions behind it. The alliance in which the ultra left wing party Enhedslisten , the DDP's self confessed sworn mortal enemy, also takes part, already managed to hold a demonstration 'Aarhus for tolerance' on March 21, luring people with rock music, celebrities, beer, snacks and entertainment at the centre city square in front of the Town Hall.

During the last couple of days the nation wide Danish media, and especially the local variety, have continued their hateful campaign of demonization, trying to paint the English Defence League as a dangerous violent group of lunatic hooligans, neo-Nazis and racists, who are threatening peace and the alleged multicultural harmony in Aarhus, a city with huge problems with Muslim ghettos, and unadjusted Muslim immigrants that make up a good part of these crime ridden areas. (The former Danish PM Lars Loekke Rasmussen just a few days ago, announced his involvement in a 100 million Dkr. project by the current Socialist government 'to support unadjusted youngsters'; youngsters being a euphemism for young violent and criminal Muslim men. Just another waste of tax payer money, as were all the other recent multi-million failed initiatives designed to help 'immigrants with integration problems'.)

Police: Laurie S. Fulton's remarks out of proportion

The American Ambassador in Denmark Laurie S. Fulton spoke on TV, siding with the left wingers advocating 'tolerance' in a rather slimy video appearance. In another TV appeal Fulton added to two weeks of intense fear mongering by the Danish media, by warning American citizens in Denmark to stay away from the events.

Obviously Laurie S. Fulton, who claims Danish heritage, doesn't have very high thoughts about the ability of the Danish police to keep the situation under control. Police inspector Bent Preben Nielsen from the East Jutland Police called the Ambassador's warnings 'completely out of proportion'.

UAF to Denmark to support local Antifa

The notoriously violent British communist organization UAF, short for 'Unite Against Fascism', is reported on its way to Denmark to take part in the 'counter demonstration'.

A translation of an article from main stream media about Ambassador Laurie S. Fulton's unwarranted warnings and other articles related to the upcoming demonstration will appear at this blog shortly.

Balder Blog March 31, 2012 - Denmark - EDL demonstration: US embassey’s fear mongering could escalate situation says police


US Ambassador to Denmark Laurie S. Fulton celebrates Tolerance (Ca. March 6 2012) | YouTube

Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Aarhus (Denmark), English Defense League Demonstration

The U.S. Embassy alerts U.S. citizens in Denmark, and particularly in the Aarhus area, to demonstrations planned for Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Aarhus.

US Ambassador in Denmark Laurie S. Fulton visits Vollsmose immigrant ghetto | YouTube

As one of her first public appearances in Denmark, only two month after she came into office around June 35, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama's new Ambassador in Denmark; Laurie Susan Fulton, visited not 'the Danes', but female immigrants in the Vollsmose ghetto in Odense. She did decline an invitation for a dance from a scarf clad Muslim woman though.

An anti-Islamic group, the English Defense League (EDL), is organizing an inaugural gathering of nationalist, far right-wing organizations, collectively called Euro-Leagues, which is scheduled to take place at Moelleparken in Aarhus. Copycat defense leagues from Denmark, Russia, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, and Sweden have reportedly pledged to join the rally.

Also in attendance will be other anti-Muslim groups including Stop Islamisation of Europe, Stop Islamisation of the World, and the far-right European Freedom Initiative.

The purpose of the rally is reportedly to gather various far-right groups into a “European Defense League.” According to the Danish police, up to 500 persons are expected to participate in the EDL demonstration. Read more here:

USA Embassy in Copenhagen March 31, 2012 - Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens: Aarhus (Denmark), English Defense League Demonstration


Uriasposten 1 april 2012 - Et par ord om gårsdagens demonstrationer

Balder Blog March 31, 2012 - Denmark: EDL demonstration Aarhus - Interview with EDL supporter Roland Holzapfel from Germany (EDL demo Aarhus -
TV2 March 31, 2012)

Balder Blog March 31, 2012 - Denmark - EDL demonstration: US embassey’s fear mongering could escalate situation says police

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YouTube February 25, 2012 - Yet another English Defence League demonstration passed off peacefully at Hyde in Manchester

English Defence League's Mission Statement

Dansk oversættelse af English Defence Leagues formålsparagraffer

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