Danish Crime Statistics 2007 by Country

Of 11,182 criminals incarcerated in Beligan jails at the end of last year, 4,957 (44%) are foreign nationals. It is a steady increase.

This was announced by Justice Minister Annemie Turtelboom on Wednesday.

The prisons in Brussels house the largest number of foreign inmates (63%), followed by Flanders (44%), and Wallonia (38%)

Individuals from more than 130 countries were incarcerated in Belgian jails in 2010.

Most of them came from Morrocco (10.7%) and Algeria (5.4%)



De Telegraaf 29 februar 2012 - Bijna helft gevangenen België is buitenlander

Comment: 44% of convicts are foreign nationals. This number excludes the enormous number of criminals of foreign origin who already have obtained Belgian citizenship. One can only guess how the numbers would look, if both foreign nationals, and nationals of foreign origin were to be added.

There can be no doubt about the fact, that the uncontrolled influx of foreigners has caused a wave of crime, never seen before in the history of the continent.


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