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Actively involved in the hate campaign
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On Saturday March 31, the Danish branch of the English Defence League (EDL) the Danish Defence League (DDL) is to hold a manifestation in the Danish city of Aarhus; according to the organizers an important international event, with participants from all over the world. The focus will be on the problems many societies in the world experience, as a result of the uncontrolled mass influx of Muslims into Christian European countries.

A United Aarhus for Tolerance

The intolerant the old guard of politicians and media however, doesn't think the EDL or any other opponents of their beloved Cultural Marxism, should have a fair chance for presenting their thoughts and opinions in a civilized atmosphere, and while shouting baseless accusations against the EDL/DDL, heavily assisted by the unscrupulous media, they have called for a demonstration under the motto 'A United Aarhus for Tolerance', under the patronage of the City of Aarhus' Social Democrat Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard.

Danish People's Party demonstrating with the extreme left

Now nothing new, many readers will say. But this time we seem to become witness to an extraordinary appalling turn of events; the Danish People's Party's fraction in the Aarhus City Council has decided to join the protest together with the other parties, among which is the left wing fringe party Enhedslisten, which has very close ties to the revolutionary violent Antifa Communists. The treacherous DPP members of the Aarhus City Councel were identified as Jette Skive and Lars Skov.

A few quotes from the main stream press:

From Berlingske Tidende February 23, 2012: A United Aarhus Hails Tolerance (In Danish)

'It doesn't happen every day that the Danish People's Party and the left wing radical party Enhedslisten take to the streets almost hand in hand fighting for the same view.

On Wednesday March 21 you can 'experience it'. The two parties will join when a united Aarhus meets at Bispetorv in order to hail tolerance.'

Largest demonstration since World War II

'It is hoped that the many associations, companies, organizations, and entirely normal Århusianians meet for an afternoon with speeches, music and entertainment.

According to the newspaper Aarhus Stiftstidende, the organizers have been preparing the largest demonstration since World War II.

The arrangement which is backed by the entire Aarhus City Council is to be seen as a reaction to a demonstration which has been legally applied for in Aarhus on Saturday March 31 2012. Here anti-islamists and rightwing nationalists from all over Europe will meet amongst other things, to hear the president of the English Defence League.'

Let's have a look at how the Danish People's Party compares to the EDL

  • Both maintain that the only noteworthy problem with mass immigration is Muslim
  • Both are 'anti-racist'
  • Both fight against 'homophobia'
  • Both fight against Islam world wide - not just Muslim immigration
  • Both think Osama Bin Laden and his 40 Robbers did 9/11
  • Both are Zionist to the exact same degree; hug rabbies in public places, wave the Israeli flag, spread Zionist lies about the world situation, not least the Middleeast and so on and so forth.

Both organizations have almost exactly the same agenda!

  Europol Terror Statistics 2010
  Figure 5: Number of convictions/acquittals for terrorism charges in 2009, per Member State and per affiliation. Europol

The EDL is NOT a violent organization by any means, and certainly not if compared to the multitude of left wing and Muslim organizations. If there is violence, it is almost always caused by left wingers or Muslims attacking them, with is the case in most of Western Europe, and supported by publicly available statistical data and expert opinions from several police forces; in Denmark (II), Holland (II) (III) and Germany (II) (III) (IV) (V) for sure. (Check out the Danish posts using the translation flags (English & German at the bottom of each post)

Danish People's Party - Why?

So why did the twats from the Zionist Danish People's Party join a protest together with the likes of the left wing fascist from 'Antifa' (AFA) and their myriads of sister organizations, together with the EU and Globalization lovers and upholders of suffocating international treaties and against some people who wish to express their views in public?

Sorry. I have no real answer, and it must have been the usual cowardness and stupidity on many levels and in many ways which has characterized the party for a very long time. It's almost as if they do whatever necessary in order not to attract more supporters.

Zionism trumphs everything - even political correctness

But lets say the answer is, that the Danish People's Party wants to distance itself from people who will get a bad press no matter how civilized they behave. Then it gets much worse. For when it is Israeli interests which are at stake, the party, and especially its Jewish wed Zionist spokesman on foreign affairs Soren Espersen, have no problems with going beyond the boundaries of established social convention and morals, and will excuse any Israeli atrocity against the Arabs without blinking an eye. These people openly defend a regime which is based and ruled under a racial and religious concept which is executed in a very hard handed way, while at the same time condemning peaceful and friendly racially aware whites.

The DDP is a bunch of sissies with no balls at all, not even when it comes to stand up for people who share their own somewhat warped ideas. But when Israel calls, they are all flame and fire and anger and have suddenly forgotten to behave just like the rest of the opportunistic and shameless scum that populates our government buildings and ministries.

After this announcement about the DDP's politics, the DDP is no longer just another couldn't care less about mainstream system party. They have become a direct enemy, and I hope that this disgrace will cost them many votes at the next elections. If I want communists to judge on morals and to help them rule the streets, I'd rather vote for the Communists directly.

Also preparing for the United Aarhus for Tolerance Demonstration are the left wing anarchists on the Danish Anarcho Forum.

Aarhus Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard has uploded a video to YouTube with propaganda for the coming demonstration against the EDL/DDL, and has personally written to organizations and commercial enterprises appealing for support for the event.

Rightwing extremist is the nigger of the world...

Nowhere can we be safe from political interference, indoctrination, indoctrination and legitimizing the traditionally ensuing violence from the left wing extremists, or as so many times, the events being sabotaged by the police, participants kept away from the events, and the masked and hooded Antifa terrorists prowling around in the shades with their arsenal of sirens and horns, firecrackers, stones and bottles.

The violence and hate directed toward peaceful right wing extremists is incredible. Diversity, yes?!

But some room for peaceful democratic right wing extremists and frank and fair and humane sensible moderate racialists is that just too much to ask?


Uriasposten 24 februar 2012 - Borgmester vil i tolerancens navn demonstrere imod højreekstremisters modbydelige menneskesyn

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TV2 Øst 23 februar 2012 - Borgmester-appel på YouTube - Jacob Bundsgaard vil samle byen mod ekstremisme

SIAD 24 januar 2012 - International demonstration i Århus d. 31. marts - SIAD facebook

More English loveaffairs

From England we hear more rumours about Nationalist/Zionist loveaffairs. Both the British National Party (BNP) , and the new British Freedom Party (BFP) are concerned. The BNP recently introduced their new candidate for Mayor of London: Carlos Cortilgiais was born in Uruguay to parents of Italian and Spanish ancestry, and is a regular writer for the Zionist Magazine Jewish Chronicle, where he use of the words 'us' and 'them' could point to an unhealthy identification with the Zionist agenda. Example: Jewish Chronicle 12 september 2011 - Anti-Semite Rage

Toronto Police officers will be on hand as Paul Weston is expected to draw a large crowd at the Toronto Zionist Centre, on Marlee Ave. The BFP was formed in Oct. 2010 and features a 20-point platform with a priority to “stop immigration to Britain from countries that promote the Muslim brotherhood.”.
Toronto Sun 17 februar 2012 - British Freedom Party leader to speak in Toronto Zionist Centre


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