No. The guy on the drivers licence is not a Jew wearing a kippa. It is a Pastafarian, wearing a pasta strainer.

A Jew had refused to pay a fine, on the grounds that his religion forbids him to carry an ID-card or anything else outside his house on Saturdays; the Jewish 'Sabbath'.

A judge presiding a district court had ruled that religious duty is more important than confirming to legal standards in Holland. The man was originally fined 150 Euro.

But the public prosecutor's office wanted a higher court to look at the question, if a Jew can refuse to pay a fine, because he says that his religion forbids him to carry an ID card on Saturdays. Therefore the public prosecutor has appealed the verdict of the district court in The Hague, a spokes woman said on Tuesday, when she was asked.

The article in the Dutch newspaper doesn't tell for which offense the fine was handed out.


De Telegraaf 21 februar 2012 - Beroep tegen joodse man 'zonder' ID-kaart

Comment: I must say I am glad that the prosecutor is going to try this case again. What if a Muslim denies responsibility for murdering a cartoonist or a film maker on grounds that the Koran prescribes killing those who mock his 'prophet'?

If I were the judge I'd sentence the Jew to walk the streets carrying his ID card the following 10 Saturdays in a row. Anyway, have you ever heard about this lettuce/spaggheti strainer religion? It is supposed to have been accepted in some country as a legal religion. I wonder on what days of the week they would like to avoid fines. My choice would be on Mondays. Or perhaps Mondays and Tuesdays.

An Austrian man has won a three-year battle with authorities and now has a drivers license in which he is wearing a spaghetti strainer as religious headgear, the BBC reports.

The only headgear allowed in Austrian ID Cards are ones worn for religious purposes. Niko Alm claimed the strainer was a requirement of his religion, The Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster, or pastafarianism.


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