Something to do with the Israel Lobby's influence ...

Expert: Unwise to increase pressure on Iran

  Prof. Soeren Schmidt - Søren Schmidt

Sardonically smiling and under constant nervous mimicking, Danish 'Defense' Minister Nick Haekkerup: We went in to prevent a genocide, Gaddafi was about to get close to some cities, on his way to a genocide; we went in and prevented this...

Nick Haekkerup Danish 'Defense' Minister (NATO-NWO's Willing Executioner):

In the future Denmark wil involve itself in loads of conflicts, also military.

This sensational remark was made by the Danish war criminal, during the Danish News Show Deadline on January 23, while trying to minimize the importance of the great number of civilian casualties in Libya, caused by arial bombardments by the 'Danish' NWO F16 fighter bomber aircraft squad, that gained actuality after new 'revelations' in the New York Times. - So now the media believe it, 'cause the Liberal Jewish NYT says so. Thousands of bloggers and alternative experts did too, just as this blogger for what; a year ago... ? Before it started? This 'Defense Secretary' is a very bad actor too. He is clearly lying through his teeth, and just what my instincts told me when this character (one from several generations of political olichargy) first appeared on TV screens; a detestable opportunistic vacuum cleaner salesman with no inner compass or morals. A perfect and willing tool for the New World Order, NATO, UN, European Union, the whole lot. A cold blooded two tongued murderer, who gladly sheds blood, just to please his Masters, just as most of the rest of the Danish parlamentarians, who voted for joining this sick crime against humanity and reason.. May they be haunted in their graves. On January 27 the whole bunch of bloody criminal murderers will probably be giving speeches on the annual EU-festival called 'Auschwitz Day', about 'The Lessons of the Holocaust'.

A Danish Middle East expert says that the allegations made by the European Union and the United States' about Iran's plans to produce nuclear weapons are hypocritical.

The EU's sharpened sanctions against Iran are unwise and dangerous, and the justification for this step is false, says Associate Professor [Lektor] and Middle East expert Soeren Schmidt [Søren Schmidt] to the Ritzau news agency.

- The main problem is, that there is no probability at all that this will lead to the result, which as the alleged purpose of the sanctions; to get Iran to put the breaks on its nuclear program, Soeren Schmidt told Ritzau.

The allegations that Iran is producing nuclear weapons is undocumented according to Soeren Schmidt.

No evidence

Nobody has proven that this is the case. Espionage organizations from America as well as from Israel have pointed out several times, that there is no evidence that Iran has a program which aims at producing nuclear weapons.

All experts agree on the fact that it can not be proven that Iran is violating the 'Non Proliferation Treaty', so there is no basis for sanctions, Soeren Schmidt says.

EU's Foreign Ministers decided on Monday to forbid all import of oil from Iran to the European Union. According to Soeren Schmidt this happens mainly in order to support the United States and president Barack Hussein Obama, but the demands which the US are presenting to Iran, are unrealistic, according to Soeren Schmidt.

Something to do with the Israel Lobby's influence ...

They demand that the Iranian government dismantle itself, and of course that can not be expected. In my view this has something to do with the Israel Lobby's influence in the United States, and Obama's desire to be reelected, Soeren Schmidt says.

He also points out, that the increased pressure against Iran is not without risk.

Sadly this means that the whole level of conflict in the region will escalate. If anybody misunderstands each other during the next six month, it could result in something very uncomfortable and unwanted consequences. I think it is irresponsible and dangerous, he says.

Soeren Schmidt doubts that Iran will answer by trying to block the Strait of Hornuz.

I don't think the Iranians will be that stupid, but if the EU and the US succeed at closing off for all oil out of Iran, they will of course try to do something.

They will not commit suicide on their own accord, Soeren Schmidt says.



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