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  Jesse Thorsen - Candy Crowley - CNN


Reporter: Somebody who actually just did go vote for Ron Paul, a first time Caucus voter, Corporal Jesse Thorsen, who is 28 years old, and you are active duty US army, and why did you vote for... Ron Paul?

Corporal Jesse Thorsen US Army: I am really excited about a lot of his ideas, especially when it comes to bringing the soldiers home.

I have been serving for 10 years now, and all 10 years of those have been during wartime, I'd like to see a little peace time army, and I think he has the right idea.

Reporter: Now you've done two chores in Afghanistan and you told me, you are going to go back for a third tour, let me see your neck right there, where you have in your tattoo 9/11, remember and a picture of the Twin Towers, you know some Republicans out there have been saying that Ron Paul would be very dangerous for this country, because he wants to bring back troops like you back from your post all over the world.

CNN Cuts Off Soldier Who Voted For Paul and Spoke Out Against More War! | YouTube

Corporal Jesse Thorsen US Army: Well I think it would be even more dangerous to start nit picking wars with other countries, someone like Iran, (missing video frames), Israel is more than capable (silence) and then a very quick reaction from Blitzer ...

Wolf Blitzer (Zionist Jew and former AIPAC employee):

Alright we just lost that tech connection unfortunately...standby if you can hear me. We're going to get back. Wanna go to Candy Crowley over at the... (Romney or Santorum headquarters)

YouTube User Skittles2050: This was the ONLY technical problem they have had whatsoever and I had been watching CNN for the last 3 hours!

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