Overzealous Shabbos Goy slammed for expecting Zionist Minister to be even more Israel friendly than he already is

  Raymond de Roon - Freedom Party PVV
  Raymond de Roon - Turkish Newspaper
  Uri Rosenthal - Foreign Minister (VVD)
  European Jewish Press: Uri Rosenthal is one of Israel's best friends among 27 EU Foreign Ministers - Dutch FM: No EU country on the verge of Palestinian State recognition | Those names... Hannah Rosenthal to serve as the State Department's Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism - Not Zionist enough | Balder Blog
  Uri Rosenthal - Zionist & Multiculturalist

Holland: Politically correct tiptoeing on a tight rope - Jewish identity - Israel - What's in a Jew? But can anyone still find his way around in this jungle where new variations on Jew related taboos are springing up like mushrooms after a good rain in fall?

And if Jews aren't 'sensitive' enough by themselves, rest assured that some zealous shabbos Goy will do their bidding.

The foreign Minister of Holland; Uriel (Uri) Rosenthal is a very Zionist Jew, which is no secret to anybody even slightly familiar with the political landscape in the Netherlands. But apparently this Jewish activist isn't Zionist enough to the taste of MP Raymond de Roon from the anti-Islamic Freedom Party (PVV), the party of Geert Wilders.

During a debate about the budget of the Foreign Ministry, De Roon mentioned that he expected that Minister Rosenthal supports Israel because he is Jewish.

Minister Uri Rosenthal on behalf of the Dutch government had condemned the Israeli plan to build eleven hundred houses in occupied East Jerusalem. In the beginning of October this year, Rosenthal had urged Israel to drop the new Jewish settlements, because it is counterproductive with regards to the 'peace process'.

'To much for words; Jewish Minister Rosenthal condemns the fact that Israel is building in the heart of its capital', De Roon wrote on his Twitter account. 'Rosenthal is the Minister from whom I expect that he has a positive attitude towards the Jewish state, taking into account his Jewish background, the PVV MP said last Wednesday.

Alexander Pechtold from the D66 Party reacted shocked. 'Apparently De Roon thinks he can use somebody's background in order to condemn the actions of that person', he said.

'Race or orientation are things one is born with.' That the PVV uses somebody background as a measure for his actions is 'impossible'.

Later De Roon declared that he shouldn't have implicated Rosenthal's background in his reactions to the point of view of the Minister. De Roon said in a statement on Wednesday, 'that the impression has been created that I assess the actions of Minister Rosenthal using irrelevant criteria'.


Nu.nl 23 november 2011 - De Roon (PVV) betreurt uitspraken komaf Rosenthal

More info about Uriël Rosenthal:

  The Multicultural 'Crisis Management' organization COT (Crisis Onderzoek Team) led by Uriel Rosenthal, promotes the Engagement School which uses Jewish symbols as it's logo. The organization teaches multiculturalism. This is an extremely large organization, active in Austria as
well. Above: Screenshot from 2005 Dutch webpage. Article 14 June 2008: Village kids get multicultural lessons

The Zionist Jew Uriel (Uri) Rosenthal is an academic with many different positions in various organizations, one of them the 'COT' a so called Crisis Management (advisory) Organization as well as a politician MP Conservative Party (VVD). COT appears as some kind of 'task force' wherever the organization deems it neccesary, like riots, multicultural clashes and it also acted during the mysterious EL-AL (Israeli Airlines) plane crash in Amsterdam. (the mysterious nature of the cargo was never disclosed)

Although a private organization, the organization enjoys preferential treatment from various government institutions, and acts as an official authority. Rosenthal supposedly gained this priviliged position for this task force with the help of Ed van Thijn, a former Mayor of Amsterdan (Jewish and Zionist).

Uri Rosenthal was criticized for mixing the private supposedly advisory organization COT with direct action and official functions (resembling the Velleman case) and by the (financial) auditor's office for obscure dealings with government funds and property. Just like many of the Jewish organizations mentioned in the beginng of this article, this organization which is active in a many areas and manages to act with an authority as it were an 'official government institution'. (This info is some years old)

Excerpt from:

Balder Blog 10 juni 2008 - Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - Holland


Another Jew, Howard Gutman, Israeli Ambassador in Belgium was also attacked by fellow Zionists.
Ambassador Howard Gutman said failure to resolve the Middle East conflict was breeding a new type of bigotry. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused the envoy of downplaying anti-Semitism.

BBC 5 december 2011 - White House defends US envoy Gutman over Israel remarks

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Uriël Rosenthal: Ingen hollandsk deltagelse i bombning af Iran - Men Frihedspartiets parlamentsmedlem Wim Kortenoeven vil i krig mod! ( Rosenthal: No to war with Iran - But member of Freedom Party wants to fight for him!)
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