A wave of right wing violence has put its spell on Europe. After the example of Anders Behring Breivik, the Danish ORG group, the German Pink Panther Gang in Germany, and the steady rise of all kinds of Nationalist movements, the state of emergency is near. Immigrants who fear for their lives, keep away from the streets, and Turkish owners of kebab shops have shut their blinds and are hiding in their basements.

Down here a translation of an article from the popular Danish blog Uriasposten, which covers part of the subject pretty well with comments and quotes from several Danish media.

Danish Homeland Security (PET): Violence ready left wing extremists operate under cover of more peaceful activist circles.

  Jacob Scharf - PET - Homeland Security
  Jacob Scharf, director of PET: ' There is a threat which stems from both right- and left wing groups in Denmark. A threat we must take seriously...' Only the whole TV news report does not reflect this in any way, but only raves on about 'the far right', even though the PET report on the red fascists is about three times as long, and show them to be a greater danger (well organized, well funded, and able to hide inside less radical left wing groups). Two left wing radical groups stand trial these days on terrorism charges, including setting fire to policestation, police cars etc.
  Chris Holmsted Larsen
  The ususal procedure: An 'expert on political extremism', himself a left wing radical is invited into the studio, to assess 'the danger from the far right'.

The Danish Homeland Security Agency PET has just published a 28 pages report about PET's efforts pertaining to political extremism. It includes a short page about 'the extreme right wing environment in Denmark' (PET report page 3f), and an assessment of the threat level, which emphasizes that the right wing movement is fragmented, low on resources [not specified if meant is mental capacity or cash - probably both! - Balder] and only holds a few with violent intentions.

The above quit unlike the case of 'the left wing extremist environment in Denmark' (PET report page 8ff) where it took more than one and a half page to describe a milieu ready for violence and high on resources, which is incorporated as an integral part of movements with wider popular appeal, e.g. in connection with integration and asylum policies.

The above leads up to the following conclusion

'PET assesses, that the terror threat against Denmark has not changed after the terror attack in Norway of July 22, 2011, and that the capacity and the willingness to carry through a terror attack by relatively simple means exists in Denmark. The threat against Denmark is complex, and can come from groups or individuals who adhere to a militant Islamic ideology, as well as from politically extremist groups, networks and individuals.' (PET report page 12)

Thus the report in its entirety doesn't present anything new, but in spite of two ongoing terror cases against left wing radicals, the Ritzau press agency still found an angle which suited its purpose, which is present in all media, e.g. BT (tabloid); 'PET warns against race war from the right'.

DR Online (DR = main Danish TV Station) naturally also based its report on the Ritzau agency, and is even embellished with theater thunder from PET chief Jakob Scharf, and a trivial analysis by Danmarks Radio's editor Claus Buhr.

Jyllands-Posten reproduces Ritzau's 'race war', but also reacts soberly to the text of the report; 'PET Left wing radicals ready for attack'.

'There are left wing extremists, who are ready to attack political opponents, PET says in a new report on political extremism...

PET also touches upon one of the tendencies which were seen in the case about the right wing network 'ORG', about which the left wing research collective Redox gathered information in a report:

'A tendency has been observed that left wing extremist groups carry out private intelligence gathering, where personal information about political adversaries is systematically being collected and registered, including by means of illegal methods such as computer hacking.'


But PET also points out, that the milieu has started to connect [its] manifestations with political single issues, such as immigration and climate policies. That way the violent part of the left wing milieu 'operate anonymously, and under the cover of the more peaceful activist milieus, from where they try to exploit the political and ideological activities with the purpose of creating confrontations with the police.'

Translated from:

Uriasposten November 17, 2011 - PET: Voldsparate venstreekstremister opererer anonymt i ly af et mere fredeligt aktivistmiljø

Note: The inserted images and accompanying texts are not part of the Uriasposten article.


Balder can add to the excerpts from the different media above, that the presentation this evening on the Danish TV channels was even more alarming and sensational than the news paper coverage. I don't remember left wing extremists being discussed though.

Turks murdered - Jew represents victim

  Jerzy Montag - Bundestag - Green Party
  Michael Reiter
  Anders Behring Breivik - Not alone?
Fear strikes all over Europe which has a tradition for political assasinations by radicals. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was shot by a Bosnian Serb, which started WWI. A Polish Jew shot the German Envoy in in Paris, which led to the so called Night of the broken glass... In Holland a politician and an artist were shot by a left wing radical and a Muslim, which led to Geert Wilders Freedom Party. The next Breivik might go for Barroso, or the Pope...

While discussing the case of the alleged immigrant murdering right wing terrorists in Germany, the channel Danmarks Radio on the main news, managed to present a Jew from Germany who was to fill the role of potential victim, even though the alleged victims of the so called Pink Panther group where 8 Turks a Greek and a German - No Jews involved.

Very appropriate. After that clip a relatively new face was introduced, a Danish journalist covering Germany by the name of Michael Reiter... Hmmm. Are we really that stupid?

To Reiter's credit I should say that he actually reported some of the stuff which most of the time is left out in favor of sensationalalist scaremongering. But not for more than a few seconds.

The German Pink Panther case has also been covered intensely many times here in Denmark, most of the time leaving out the doubts, uncertainties and facts that are being reported in the German main stream media.

Last night or the night before I witnessed the TV news program Deadline, where an invited expert was asked about the alleged right wing terrorists in Germany.

The same moment he tried to talk about the fundamental differences between this episode, and the years of the communist terror from the RAF [Rote Armee Fraktion], he was cut off. While we at this same moment have a Minister for Business Affairs, Ole Sohn, a former Communist and personal friend of Erich Honecker, who is accused of having received illegal Soviet money in brown envelopes, and a bunch of other left wing radicals.

In the German press there are many critical voices, who amongst others point to the fact that the so called neo-Nazi 'Pink Panther' confession video (which in fact contains NO 'confessions'!) has been produced quite professionally, and has never had been published.

Many observers compare this 'lucky strike' for the German intelligence services as something which can be compared to extreme lucky circumstance when the passport of the 9/11 Muslim terrorist survived the crash and the fire, and came flattering down undamaged.

Or the Korans and Islamic prayer books which conveniently were found in a van in Spain after a terrorist attack.

Or the tape where Bin Laden confesses to the crimes and gives evidence which proves that he, and he alone planned the attack on the Twin Towers in New York.

Oh. I forgot. That last tape has not yet been released...

I am very satisfied with the fact that the media are concerned with the safety of Jews, Turks, Greeks and other immigrants.

But what I don't understand, is that these same media people ceaselessly and actively promoted and promote the bloody NATO terror attacks on Libya and the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq with a fervor, as if they were personally rewarded with a bonus for every murdered Arab....

Ps. If in doubt about the extent and scale of the right wing European terror network, read the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte's articles about the subject. He knows a lot more than I do, about the international right wing terror network across Europe! He has even been approached by the German intelligence agency for more information... Wonder why though. In his article about the alleged Danish 'right wing network' ORG, he mainly repeated what the left wing press reported here, before the case fell completly to the ground, and ended with the dismantling of the illegal left wing intelligence organization REDOX which had started the hype... -;)


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Dutch Security Agency AIVD: Scarcely any threat from the extreme right, according to annual report on 2008. The AIVD is also concerned about extreme left activism.
Remarkable is the AIVD’s assessment of the Anti-Fascist and Capitalist Archive Collective (KAFKA). KAFKA is regularly cited by Dutch ‘quality media’ as a research institute into rightwing extremism, but its Antifascist Action (AFA) arm is in reality a movement that uses violence to achieve its goals. “The picture is often evoked of antifascists defending themselves against aggressive rightwing extremists, while the roles are generally reversed.”

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