I'll tell you where the men are.... They're sitting back home, watching TV, and they have given all their authority to the woman.

  Lydia - Teutonic Warrior Chick

The women wear the pants in the family, they control everything, and the men have allowed it. Feminism has ruined our men.

And that's the problem, men have become so soft, that woman run the show now, and that's why they're not going to do anything about it, and it has also produced another generation of very effeminate boys, 'cause daddy's don't raise them anymore, okay?

Daddy's are too busy watching TV, to be involved in junior baseball game if they even stuck around long enough to be with the mother of that child.

Actually, single mothers are on the rise, and 70% of all prison inmates belong to single mother families, okay?

This has become a very bad epidemic all the way around.

We need the men to take control again, and take authority again, and do something about the problems that we are now facing, because this is just the beginning, you guys got to do something about it, okay, grow a spine, and do something about it.

This version is a shortened version of a video dealing with the gigantic numbers of foreign invaders from Mexico.

But the message is so strong that it equally applies to a wide variaty of problems facing America and other European countries.

Watch video:

American girl calls upon men to defend their country against invaders

You can watch the original longer version here: AMERICAN COWARDS - By originalmetalchik

TeutonicWarriorChick (YouTube Account)


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