Tripoli: Voldsomme kampe mange steder i byen. Flere end 10.000 NATO-soldater med FN mærker sikrer området for Clintons besøg.

Røde Kors bekræfter at oprørere myrder og torterer alle de civile de fanger. BBC bekræfter at 'oprørerne' plyndrer alle de huse de kommer i nærheden af.

Libya News Update Oct 17 6.00pm GMT
Kopp Nachrichten 19 oktober 2011
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Amnesty published its report - entitled Detention Abuses Staining the New Libya - after interviewing some 300 prisoners.


It visited 11 detention facilities in and around the capital Tripoli and in the cities of Zawiya and Misrata between 18 August, just before Tripoli fell, and 21 September. The group said it had found a pattern of torture and abuse of suspected Gaddafi loyalists, as well as soldiers and suspected mercenaries.

"In some cases there is clear evidence of torture in order to extract confessions or as a punishment," the report said. The NTC has to act urgently to translate their public commitments into action, before such abuses become entrenched and stain the new Libya's human rights record”

End Quote Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui Amnesty International

It said that researchers had found torture instruments in one detention facility, and also had heard whipping and screaming sounds in another prison. At least two guards from separate detention facilities had admitted to beating inmates to get confessions, Amnesty said.

In another case, a 17-year-old Chadian accused of rape and being a Gaddafi mercenary had said the beatings were so severe that he had decided to "confess". "I ended up telling them what they wanted to hear. I told them I raped women and killed Libyans," the Chadian inmate told Amnesty.


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