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The special laws against 'holocaust denial' which were passed in the Netherlands only some years ago, were proposed by amongst others Tineke Huizinga Heringa (none Jewish State Secretary for Transport, Public Works and Water Management) and her Christian Union (CU - ChristenUnie) a small fundamentalist Christian party. As of december 2008 the Christian Union again agitates for more thought control with a new proposal to ban free speech in relation to 'denial of genocide'.

Depicting Jews as 'Poor Suckers' to become criminal act

The Hague: A member of the Dutch Parliament from the small fundamentalist Christian Party ChristenUnie (CU) Joël Voordewind, will today, Tuesday Sepetember 13, defend a proposal, which is meant to prevent insults to Jews and Israel.

Verbal violence on the rise

The Christian Zionist finds that 'verbal violence' and 'offending Jews' on the Internet has been on the rise the later years, and that 'denying the holocaust' should be classified as incitement of hatred.

He also emphasizes that EU rules should prompt Holland to make 'discriminating denials' a punishable offense.

'A few years ago the the Arabic-European League (AEL) published a cartoon in which two men are depicted in Auschwitz (Auschwitz: a wartime German work camp where Jews allegedly were gassed to death) next to two skeletons. The one says to the other: I don't think they are Jews'. And the other one says: 'We have to get to the 6,000,000 somehow ', Mr. Joël Voordewind said.

'In the end the AEL has been convicted, but they were acquitted first. With this law we want to create a norm on which basis the justice system can act'.

Poor suckers

According to Voordewind Jews are depicted 'on all kinds of websites' as 'poor suckers'. 'They are simply abused and what for them is a traumatic history.'

The Christian Zionist hopes that the the law and the fines, that would amount to several thousand Euros will send a signal.

He also expects that the Dutch Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI), and other special interest groups will be more aggressive and file more complaints with the judicial system when the law has been passed.


De Telegraaf 13 september 2011 - 'Verbod op haatzaaien' 12 september 2011 - 'Verbod op haatzaaien door ontkennen Holocaust'

Balder: The CIDI organization mentioned above, is a very extremist Zionist organization which is known to spread virulent hatred towards anybody critical of Israel or of other Jewish interests, such as the much hyped and abused story about 'the holocaust', where allegedly 'six million Jews were murdered, mostly in gas chambers'.

Today many researchers think this number is highly inflated, and many others think the alleged wide spread use of gas has not at all been proven to everybody's satisfaction, which is why more research is needed desperately.

But open discussion of the conflicting opinions in this area is prohibited in many places, and forensic investigations of burial sites, where the physical remains of tens or even hundreds of thousands of 'gassed Jews' are supposed to have been deposited, are denied, at least in part on grounds that Jewish organizations do not wish to disturb the 'peace of the dead' for religious reasons.

Non invasive research with a geological device known as 'ground radar' has been tried by independant researchers, but found only that the soil had been undisturbed, and no traces of human remains or digging were found.

Certain websites on the Internet maintain that many of these Jews and some of their supporters such as Christian Zionists take this position, because there is nothing to be found, and the Jewish organizations won't allow for impartial forensic investigations of burial grounds or other alleged crime sites. This of course is an incredible offense to many Jewish people, who generally seem easily offended by criticism.

Some years ago, a German scientist from the highly renowned Max Plank Institute, took samples of walls of alleged gas chambers, in order to test them for traces of the Zyklon B cyanide gas allegedly used to euthanize Jewish inmates, but the tests of mortar samples from the alleged extermination chambers, showed no traces of the gas significant enough to suggest they were ever used for repeated large scale gassing of people.

The researcher was rewarded by being kicked out of his job at the institute, and received a three year prison sentence for his efforts in search of the truth. His results have so far never been rebuked by other independent research that I know of though.

Think about all the victims

For the millions and millions of Germans, who have been brought up with all these stories about gas chambers and sadistic Nazis, it would be an enormous relief, if it was shown to be true, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that their grandfathers and great grandfathers were not guilty of at least some of the horrible things they have been collectively accused of.

  From Sheppard and Whittle's collection | II

That is a thing we should never forget, when listening to far reaching Jewish demands for special limitations to freedom of speech, brought forward in the 'name of the victims of the holocaust', thereby implementing methods the Nazi's are so terribly despised for having implemented.

It is also very worrying to see, that Christian Zionism is taking hold in Holland. There are certain signs of this in Denmark as well. When material claims based on religious beliefs, and international world politics go hand in hand, it is time to wake up.

There is no place for religious fanaticism, Jewish supremacism, or Protestant apocalyptic insanity on this planet, no place for those who want to deprive others of their right to free speech and expression. Note the word 'expression'. That means that not only the literal content of a message is meant to be free, but also the way it is delivered.

But in the end free speech is not a 'right' to be given by anyone, and certainly no right not to be offended.


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