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Invitation to murder?

Abdallah Andersen (A.A.) is presently incarcerated in isolation for investigative purposes, he is suspected of being part of an Islamic plot to launch a terror attack, probably in Denmark.

I have cleaned up the original post a little, formatted it, and corrected a few of the many grammatical mistakes in for ease of reading. Abdallah Andersen is an ethnic Dane who converted to Islam a few years ago, and since became a fanatical zealot for the islamist cause. He was living in the infamous immigrant ghetto Vollsmose in Odense the capital of the island Funen (Fyn) , and was arrested together with six other terror suspects, all of foreign origin. He wanted Denmark to become part of the Islamic Caliphate, and wrote steaming letters to the local press and numerous posts on websites, especially those which he deemed hostile to islam. He made a [1] few postings on this blog as well.

Islamic death list found close to terror suspect Abdallah Andersen's quarters in Boegeparken

Abdallah Andersen has also been connected to the publication of an islamic "death list" that was hung on an elevator door in Bøgeparken - Odense (where Abdallah Andersen lived) in november 2005.
The handwritten note contained the names and street addresses of 10 people, mainly people who took part in the debate on the pages of the local newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende, and who had expressed anti islamic views, or "insults to the prophet mohammed". A contributer to this website was among the targets who were named, probably based on an [2] article written by him which was published in the local newspaper. Others targets whose names already have been made public were the well respected lecturer and writer on the subject of pedagogy Carsten Ringsmose Ph.D., (formerly teacher at the national educational institute for school teachers) and Alex Ahrendsen Vice Mayor of the City of Odense and representative for the Danish Peoples Party.

The post below here is now being interpreted as an invitation to murder, amongst others by the local newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende, which today presented [3] the story of the terror suspects Abdallah Andersens post at the Islamic website as "news", although it has been known for quite a while, and has been mentioned on this blog already the 9th of June 2006! By the way, all of the seven terror suspects are still being held in isolation. Materials that can be used to produce explosives, such as fertilizer have already been found in connection with the case, and the judges decision to grant the prosecution even more time before finalizing it's case, and thus keeping the suspects locked up in isolation even longer, suggests that the prosecution has a strong case.

Even though contributors to this blog, may actually have been among the prime targets for the alleged terrorists, I find it a bit overblown to conclude that Abdallah Andersens post at the Islamic World website is an invitation to murder. That being said, I don't doubt for a minute that such action would have been greatly approved of by the suspected terrorists, including Abdallah Andersen, and that it may have been a silent wish that some body would be inspired by the article. Still seen as it is, it is not much different from many other debates, and if we should begin regarding stuff like this as incitement to murder or the like, we all might as well stop debating and writing all together.

Part 1 of the post which is published below, is the part which probably has been written by Abdallah Andersen him self, judging by the very bad English it was written in, the lack of proper formatting, and other similarities to other known posts written by Abdallah Andersen I have corrected a few of the many mistakes and cleaned up the formatting for better readability.

Part 2 which can be read without difficulty on the [4] Islamic World forum, may have been copy / pasted from other sources, or Abdallah Andersen must have got help from others more proficient in the English language. It is a description of the political situation surrounding Islam, Islamism and immigration mainly from a Muslim apologetic or left wing viewpoint, but apart from the obvious bias and inserted comments and the obligatory comparisons of Danish politics to Nazism, not altogether that wrong.

From [4] Islamic World (part 1)

Assalaam o alikum wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakathu

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[4] Original post address

I have some news from where i am from Denmark all muslim as well non muslim would know about the cartoons the danish news paper Jyllands posten made of Prophet Muhammad Salla Allahu Alayhl wa sallam. Even a political party in denmark made T-shirt with some of the news paper cartoons showing Muhammad Salla Allahu Alayhl wa sallam with a bomb in his turban Astaghfiullah

I am a convert to islam Alhamdulillah and i would like to share with you all.. some of the things going on her in denmark and to give you some idear read the text below inshallah

Abdallah Andersen

Some Truth on the danish political party DPP Danish people party and a support team to prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark. Let me start by saying i am a muslim converted to islam (Alhamdulillah) trew out the years islam and the muslim have been victims of hate from the west and beyond!"

many anti muslim haters, aswell anti muslim writers like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji, & Salman Rushdie, as well so called islamic expert Like a man such as Daniel Pipes, and Theo Van Gogh, who all have gone out of there way to lie false on Islam and the muslim trew out the world.

Now danish Jyllands posten newspaper in the name of free press tell us we danish ppl and ppl outside of denmark have to get uses to funny pictures according to them of driffent religions.

But in this case, and only in this case, it have to do with the muslim..

Nore do we see cartoons hatefull pictures made of the christians ore the jews because of respect towords there feelings.

I now use my VOICE to let you know of some info about in this case The party in denmark called DPP..

Not every danish man/woman support the drawings on Rasul allah saws.

But the hate towords the muslim for the last 10 years have been out of order..and like i say Enough is Enough..

How come a muslim is fanatic according to others when they express themeself i am here letting you all know the TRUTH..

To all my muslim friends let the world know what you fell express yourself according to The Quran & the sunnah and act likewise

1. Mogens Camre form the party DPP.Who many times have express his anti-islamic rhetoric thougts like. Muslim only talk nice to people in order to make us trust them, for in the end the muslim will kill us. Mogens Camre E-mail at the Eu Parlamentet is

2. Kristian Thulsen Dahl from this party DPP. Says that islam is the biggest threat to the world and a threat to the western world.It eats us up from inside and the struktur of ours. Kristian Thulsen Dahl E-mail is

3. Kenneth Kristensen is mamber of the danish party DPP. He have express that in his eys danish convert to islam is a BIG threat. More then a born muslim.So he would much like to could kick born danish people out of denmark because of there choice to islam. Also one can read on his parivat hompage that he is against a muslim graveyard Kenneth Kristensen E-mail is

4. Louise Frevert who is a member of the danish party DPP and is a x-porno star her in denmark have said about muslim on her web-page.
Muslim is like cancer it has to be removed. And muslim have been brain wash for over a 1000 years now. Its is said in the danish press that it was not her own words but the words of her web-master.. all tho the same day danish news got hold of the story she had those strong feelings towords muslim in denmark and first not deny her hard feelings like islam and muslim was like cancer.

On her privat home page she had a link called artikel now one had the nerve to print. Her she write her thouhts on muslim. Also we read in the news her in denmark as well heard in the news Miss Louise Frevert send sms around to boycot muslim shops..because the islamic world have done the same with stuff from denmark Miss Louise frevert E-mail is

Jesper Langballe from the party DPP. Says on islam we have to fight islam and the Hijab like we fight against Hitler..
This man is a priest and a political man. He have express his hard feelings on muslim in denmark for many years now he also said once that peopels rights is somthing the devil have made up Jesper langballe E-mail is

Pia Kjærsgaard The founder of (DPP) have express daily har hate towords muslims in denmark.. the week news edition normily have some kind of anti-islamic thoughts.
She once said in denmark there is no room for Allah Ore Muhammad. She have also many times espress her hate towards the Hijab of the muslim women to ban it..

She have also express to ban the group Hizb utTahrir for some years now. Everything that have to do with islam Pia kjærsgaard calls absurd.
Alex Ahrendtsen from the party (DPP) Says about the Quran that every danish man/women should have it on the night table like the book (mein kampf) (My Fight) because Alex says it is his finest job as a tru christian to tell the truth on islam.

This man is very redikal anti-muslim fanatic like the rest of the party (Dpp) many lies have been writte about the Quran from Mr Alex himself. Some things said to diffent danisk news paper from Mr Alex (muslim have put out holy war on the west, and the get to many children) (the muhammadan quran says to be violent) (the quran teach to kill all jews & Christian) (one cant say a mosque is a house of peace like a church) (Only peopel born in denmark danes should get help, not the muslims) (if denmark gives the right to build a mosque in denmark its like a war on every christians) (the fight on islam is a christian fight as well as a political one) the list goes on and one E.mail to Mr Alex Ahrendtsen is &

Islamic World Net banner

Niels Erik Søndergård member of the party (DPP) he have written alot about the quran like his fellow friend Alex Ahrendtsen many lies on muslim..Even he writes in the news paper that it is really bad for denmark and the west muslim get more children then what defind normal. His E-mail is

Martin Henriksen form the party (DPP) say on muslims Martin Henriksen, however, has also been criticised for having a website that is equally anti-Muslim. 'From its beginning, Islam has been a terrorist movement, ' Henriksen stated on his website, warning against letting Muslims run for office in parliament and municipal councils.

'It's well known that Islam is lying low, well-knowing that no Islamic group or state has the military power it takes to conquer us.
The goal we know, the method is to quietly take over and infiltrate our democratic institutions, ' Henriksen said on his website. Danish converts to Islam get their share of the blame as 'moral criminals'. 'These young Danes, who turn their backs on their heritage and thereby all of us, are committing an indescribable moral crime, ' the website stated. The website was discussed in a DF parliamentary group meeting last Thursday, where Henriksen said he had received full backing from his fellow party members. 'It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that an MP from the Danish People's Party is critical of Islam. It's a part of the party's policy, so I'm not removing anything from my website, ' Henriksen told national broadcaster DR. His E-mail is

The new [5] Children book written in danish by Kåre Bluitgen [Link inserted by blog] about The Nobel Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah saws is selling good at the moment in denmark. In the book there are pictures of rasul allah saws not good once but very bad, and they try and make muhammad saws look like a evil man..

Some danish imams says about the book that this writter Kåre Bluitgen made on muhammad saws is like the devil would describe himself... In denmark there are book shops with good books on Rasul Allah saws and even last year a new good book on muhammad saws came out written by a danish muslim.. But peopel overlook that.
But now in the holy name of free press when a book comes out in order to provoke muslim and islam its a bestseller. Some Danish politcian like the Party called Free Denmark who is a team that only have a agenda to spred lies about islam to every dane!

Here are some words of this party called (free Denmark) [[6] Frit Danmark - comment blog]

Words of the head master of the party Michael Ellegaard (Boycot every shop in denmark like some islamic contrys boycot us. Don't by the pizza muslims make nore shop in there shops everywhere in denmark.Boycot oil from islamiccontrys and don't travel to muhammadan contrys boycot air planes to islamiccontrys. Go in the street and tell what islam is really about. Give islamsprophet the finger as well as the muslim her..)

In a respond to me..i had a dialog with this man here is what he wrote to me.

(where the smells of pig there must be a muslim & islam)

To Abdallah Andersen i don't whant to her from your stupid mother father sister ore brother because you all smell like shit. So you and your family can go elswere and get the hell out of denmark i hate you muslim so much. You all smell like shit.

This man dondt know i converted to islam years back.. so denmark is my home as well contry.. This is not the first time muslim her get these letters telling us to get the hell out of denmark.. some imams at the moment get threat letteres send to them and the local news papers in denmark write all kind of stuff about them

This party called free denmark i call almost a nazi org also have statementon ther web-site where on member says about the Holy Quran its like toiletpaper

This past sunday the 12/2 this man Michael Ellegaard march forth with a man called Moses Hansen who have his own aganda against muslim called (muhammadis dead, jesus lives) he calls the prophet muhammad the worst thing like the most evil man ever........a pædofile.. a woman beater....a killer...islamis the religion of satan..and so forth

The web-site is written in danish.....

This man Michael Ellegaard have used himself violent mesure once, as he cut a young mans face with a knife in a public garden her in denmark..
He lies almost everyday about islam muslim & muhammad saws.

This past week we saw in denmark a muslim grave yeard was destroy, stones and wood was broken..who left some muslim heart broken..of cause

This have happen befor also for jews & Christian and its wrong.. Let the dead in peace.. But in this past week once again muslim had to face the fackt

Now the danish news papers write that the danes her in a pool they made..says that they dondt really enymore have respect for the tone is hard everyday in the media...

Muslims a threat to Danish Religion


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