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Dr. Morten Frisch: 'The subject is so touchy that there are forces that do not want research such as this to see the light of day. They actually tried to stop the publication of our paper'.

According to the Danish website '' it is harder for circumcised men to reach orgasm, and their spouses experience more pains in their vaginas and have a less satisfactory sex life. This was part of the result of new Danish scientific study which has attracted international attention.

About 5000 sexually active men and woman were asked about their sexual experiences and eventual problems with sex. When the researchers looked at circumcised man and their woman, the results were striking.

According to senior physician Dr. Morten Frisch from the highly esteemed 'Staten's Serum Institute', 'Men who have been circumcised have a three times higher risk of experiencing problems reaching orgasm.'

Ground breaking research into effect of male genital mutilation on their partners

The data behind the conclusions have been collected by the Danish State Institute for Public Health, at the University of Southern Denmark (formerly Odense University).

Dr. Morten Frisch quoted by

'The effects on men have been measured in other studies before this one. But the effect on the sex life of woman has never been investigated in this way before.'

'it shows that woman with circumcised men experience twice as much probability for not having their sexual needs fulfilled. They have a three times higher probability for having problems reaching orgasm, and eight times as much risk for pain during intercourse - so called dyspareunia.

Surgically amputated foreskin victims 'step on it' more often

The theory promoted by Dr. Frisch says that the amputated missing foreskin, results in the a thin layer of tough skin developing on the penis, which means that he has to 'work harder' in order to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

  Surgical circumcision
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Morten Frisch also noted that when a circumcised man's penis glides in and out of a woman's vagina without the so called 'gliding moment' caused by the flexible excess skin, it is in some cases harder on the lining of the woman's vagina, which he thinks, could explain pain and a tendency towards dryness, experienced by some woman with circumcised husbands.

Most of the circumcised men who participated in the study were circumcised on medical indications. There were not many Jews or Muslims in the study, and the numbers didn't change when they were filtered out.

Circumcision is not a frequent operation in Denmark. Only 5 % of all Danish males are circumcised. But in spite of that, we found that statistically speaking, there were problems of a sexual nature connected with the procedure.

The statistical analysis takes into account a wide range of factors which are known to have an influence on people's sex lives.

  Dr. Morten Frisch
  • Age
  • Cultural background
  • Membership of religious society
  • Marital status
  • Years of education
  • Household income
  • Age of first sexual intercourse
  • Number of sex partners since age 15 years (age of legal consent in Denmark)
  • Frequency of sexual activity with a partner within the latest year

According to Dr. Morten Frisch all these factors are taken into account to be as certain as possible, that the cause of the malicious effects actually is circumcision. We ensure that the correlation is not caused by other factors.

  Georgeanne Chapin - Intact America - Agains genital mutilation
  Georgeanne Chapin president of 'Intact America'.

Morten Frisch says he would want to have other researchers in other countries and cultures take up similar research, in order to establish whether this is just a Danish phenomenon, or if there could be similar results in other cultures as well. He also plans to do additional research to double check the results.

Tried to stop scientific publication om hot subject

Morten Frisch says he has been contacted by politicians from California, who are very happy with his results, because of the ongoing efforts to ban non medically indicated genital mutilation of under age infants in that state.

Others are not so enthusiastic about the good doctor's results. This kind of research is controversial.

'The subject is so hot that there are forces that do not want research such as thisis being published. They actually tried to stop the publication of our paper', commented Morten Frisch, sadly without disclosing further details about those 'forces' who are trying to suppress fundamental and highly relevant medical research.

Ethical challenge - the right to know

Dr. Morten Frisch: 'I think there is an important ethical challenge here. Men and parents of male children who contemplate circumcision have to know the possible medical and sexual consequences of circumcision.'

The results of the study have been published in the well renowned magazine International Journal of Epidemiology.

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Update December 28 2012 Video featuring Dr. Morten Frisch


If you read below this line, you must be at least 18 years of age, white, male, and chauvinist

While we are at it: In Marxist sexual theory, there was a lot of talk about 'problems' in males with 'premature' ejaculation. Die hard Marxist ideologists succeeded in undermining the ego of the white male, telling him it was 'unnatural' to have an orgasm, before his wife had at least three.


And both men and woman believed them, resulting in years and years of fruitless searching for the female orgasm. They found it here, they found it there, A spot B spot G spot, wet spot, ejaculating sex goddesses etc. Some searched for it in anal practices. Countless young men resorted to homosexuality, and some to bestiality, in order to relieve the enormous pressure Marxists, feminists and psychologists put upon their young loins. Not many man of my generation have ever experienced the liberating feeling of just letting go from the start, and no uptight holding back, no feeling guilty or worrying about his partner's orgasm. Just give her all you got, just like the Beatles' song, and lay back and enjoy it afterwards. They' tell ya if it wasn't right no?

And now the good doctor from Denmark helps putting things right. There's nothing unnatural about a good no nonsense quick squirt. The real problem is those poor suckers who are those deprived of any sensitivity, working so hard, that they are hurting their partners and damaging their vaginas and working their own knees to the bone. Sex was never intended to be a pain and strainful acrobatic marathon exercise; just something to be enjoyed.


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Denmark, a hotbed for 'controversial' science:

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