Five left wing extremists who were part of a so called left wing 'home grown' terror network, were apprehended last year, accused of several cases of arson, are standing trial in Copenhagen these days.

The group's most noticeable acts of terror so far, were setting fire to a Police Academy building in Brondbyoster, the Police Data Central in Hvidovre, and the Saga Fur Company i Vedbaek, but they are alleged to be involved in several other cases of arson. They also had plans to set fire to the Danish Parliament Christiansborg, the Greek Embassey, the Nordea Bank, a building belonging to the multinational Nestlé, and some other locations, according to the prosecution.

Most left wing extremists in Denmark are part of the 'Antifa' (AFA) network or one of its many spin offs. These networks are closely connected with similar networks in Germany and other European countries.

  Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen - Enhedslisten
  Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen - Enhedslisten
a former member of the violent SUF

Update: It is now alleged that at least one of the red fascists is a member of SUF (Socialistisk Ungdoms-Front and II), a self admitted violent group closely connected to AFA, ARN (Anti-Racist Network), FAF (Fynske Anti-Fascister) and to the party Enhedslsten, which is represented in the Danish Parliament with 4 seats (Folketinget total = 179 seats).

In the city of Odense, SUF shares (or used to share) premises with Enhedslisten, which itself consists of a mish mash of members of many now disbanded Communist fractions.

I have been personally attacked several times by members of this, and closely related groups. This particular suspect's Facebook profile revealed, according to the tabloid B.T., that he had close relations to some of Enhedslisten's Parliamentary candidates. According to B.T., SUF has been the cradle for many high placed members of Enhedslisten, amongst others, party leader and Parliament member Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen.

(Some years ago, I wrote to a number of high placed party members, and asked them to condemn the attacks on my person, and the internet posts in which my name and address were revealed, together with the suggestion 'to pay the Nazi a visit' (which they did several times and boasted about it on the internet). I never received any answer from these senior members of Enhedslisten. By the way, I also went to the police with a lot of documentation, but the officer who, after I insisted that the attack and the internet threats be registered, refused to do anything about it. )

Hooded red fascists in Aarhus, Denmark on Saturday February 6, 2010

Looking at 30 years to life

  Police parking lot torched - left wing terror
  Police parking lot torched - left wing terror

The suspects have been charged with § 144, popularly called the 'terror paragraph', which means that they, if convicted, may be looking at 30 years to life imprisonment.

Their motivation seems to have been to provoke chaos in society, preparing for a communist revolution.

In the Danish parliament today there are former supporters of AFA, and close friends of the leaders of the former East German Communist regime. As a matter of fact; if the Social Democratic led opposition wins the upcoming elections, there is a great risk that this former leader of the Moscow friendly Danish Communist Party could become Denmark's new finance minister.


Politiken 18 august 2011 - Indictment

Jyllands Posten 18 august 2011 - Omfattende terrorsigtelser mod venstreekstremister (Carsten Ellegaard)

Terror stats Europol 2010
(Europol, EU Terrorism and Trend Report, 2011. P. 37)

Update - October 30, 2012

5 terrorists in court - Links to articles about each of them:

24 years old Frederik Pryds (Overlægesøn blev gadekrigeren) Son of Chief Medical Doctor
23 years old Peter Jensen (Politisøn blev anarkist) Son of policeman
21 years old Tobias Melsted Hansen (Teamleder-søn elskede ‘Ungeren’)
22 years old Daniel Holst Petersen (Miljø-aktivisten hadede politiet) Environmentalist hated police
24 years old Anders Cristtreu (Rigmandssøn fra Hellerup) Rich man's son from Hellerup well to do area

More at Uriasposten

Tabloid BT’s articles, and live blog of the court case– Day 1,


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Dutch Security Agency AIVD: Scarcely any threat from the extreme right, according to annual report on 2008. The AIVD is also concerned about extreme left activism.
Remarkable is the AIVD’s assessment of the Anti-Fascist and Capitalist Archive Collective (KAFKA). KAFKA is regularly cited by Dutch ‘quality media’ as a research institute into rightwing extremism, but its Antifascist Action (AFA) arm is in reality a movement that uses violence to achieve its goals. “The picture is often evoked of antifascists defending themselves against aggressive rightwing extremists, while the roles are generally reversed.”

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