(So far there is no evidence that Politiken is part of the Murdoch Empire, although it seems that besides routinely spreading undocumented allegations and slander about political opponents, the paper appears not be too picky about methods used to obtain information.)

Monstrous media campaign of hate against the Danish People's Party, bloggers, patriots and rightwingers

After the radical Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik murdered more around 70 people in Oslo and on the island Utøya, a virtual man hunt on members of anti-immigration groups and members of the Danish People's Party has started.

Suddenly left wing media see 'right wing extremists' everywhere, inspiring politicians to talk about measures against 'right wing extremists' and surveillance. One Social Democrat; the infamous Henrik Sass Larsen, even proposed means to censor private blogs presenting opinions which could disturb multicultural harmony.

  Screendump from Politiken - Links found at Civil Liberties Alliance website

Beside publishing names and photographs of members of extremely small patriotic fringe groups, the attempts to link Danish blogs such as Uriasposten, Snaphanen and Hodjaernes blog, (three major Danish blogs) Balder Blog, and a number of others, to 'international networks' allegedly involved in promoting 'the Vienna School of Thought' popularized by the Norwegian blogger Fjordman by by whom Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik was said to have been inspired, resulted only in a great number of ridiculous and shallow articles, which showed no insight whatsoever in what is going on in conservative, anti-immigration and anti-muslim activist circles.

Purely on the basis of some links which appeared on a page on some website called 'International Civil Liberties Alliance', (of which none of the involved bloggers had ever heard) this website; Balder Blog, was lumped together with a number of Danish and foreign pro-Zionist blogs, showing that the two 'journalists' John Hansen and Jakob Elkjaer also from Politiken, who wrote the 'sensational' article, had never even bothered to visit any of these blogs.

ORG files official complaint against Politiken and journalists

  Jakob Elkjær - Media Editor - Politiken
  Jakob Elkjær - Media Editor - Politiken
  John Hansen - Politiken
  John Hansen - Politiken
  Bo Lidegaard - Chief Editor - Politiken
  Bo Lidegaard - Chief Editor - Politiken
  Claus Blok Thomsen - Politiken
  Claus Blok Thomsen - Politiken
  Ole Sohn - Erich Honecker
  This could be Denmark's coming finance Minister; Ole Sohn, here seen in loving embrace with his close friend the communist murderer Erich Honecker. Today Ole Sohn is a leading member of the Socialist People's Party - (Socialistisk Folkeparti - SF)
  MSM's Expert on right wing extremism
  René Karpantschof
  Street fighter René Karpantschof arrested during Antifa demonstration in 1999.
  René Karpantschof
  René Karpantschof leading demonstration in 1990 outside courthouse Østre Landsret supporting the Blekingegade Gang
  René Karpantschof - Now expert on TV
  Today René Elly Karpantschof acts as Danmark's Radio's and other major left wing media's expert on right wing extremism. Backed up by other crackpots such as the former Chief of Homeland Security (PET) Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, a left winger, who became infamous for his unwavering support of leading fanatical Islamists such as Ahmed Akkari and Abu Laban during the so called Muhammed Cartoon Crisis.

The lawyer of the hitherto completely unknown "ORG" group; Peter Lind Nielsen has filed an official complaint with the police against the left wing newpaper Politiken, it's editor Bo Lidegaard and journalists Claus Blok Thomsen, John Hansen and Amalie Kønigsfeldt, for having published private details about members of the anti-immigration discussion club 'ORG', obtained from the secretive left wing extremist group REDOX, which according to ORG, was obtained by hacking the personal computers of one or more of its members, during a hacking episode last year.

Private discussion group

The ORG group which according to the leader of the patriotic group Vederfølner; Lars Grønbeck Larsen, who is not a member, but whose organization had been mentioned as one of the groups where ORG members supposedly had infiltrated, is nothing more than a private discussion group.

One of the leading members of one of Denmark's oldest patriotic organizations, founded by WWII resistance fighters; the Danish Association (Den Danske Forening - DDF), professor Ole Hasselbalch, who was painted by the left wing extremists as a leading figure of 'Org', said that he knew that four members of DDF also were members of 'ORG', and that he has known the leader of 'Org', Jesper Nielsen for twenty years, and that he knew they had a private coffee club, but that he had never heard the name 'ORG' before.

They just wanted to be in peace from violent left wing nutters, which is why it was 'secret', Hasselbalch remarked. The Danish Association has not been able to hold public meetings for decades, because of threats chicanery and violence from the extreme left.

The exposed material included pictures of the burning of a black plastic doll on a bonfire; pictures which according to ORG have never been on the internet, and have never been sent through e-mail or other electronic services.

Red fascist intelligence organization

Therefore, the material must have been obtained illegally by the red fascist spy organization 'REDOX', which can be compared to the British 'Searchlight', UAF and similar extremist groups, although this Danish version of red fascism, as far as it is known, contrary to Searchlight and UAF, has not been affiliated with Zionist sympathizers or financial backers.

The left wing organization and one of its members is already under investigation by the Danish Homeland Intelligence Service (PET) for allegedly having hacked private e-mail accounts belonging to members of patriotic organizations.

The REDOX group is the successor of a similar left wing organization; 'DEMOS', which for many years operated as the spy agency of the Danish branch of the international violent left wing extremist 'Antifa' network, also known as AFA or Antifascist Action.

In these circles people such as members of the left wing terrorist group known as 'The Blekinge Street Gang' which was uncovered in the 1980's, with a huge weapons cache, and who were convicted of several bank robberies, during one of which a young police officer by the name of Jesper Egtved Hansen, was shot in cold blood, are still seen as heroes.

The murderer was never identified, because all members kept silent about who pulled the trigger, and after they served their jail sentences, there was considerable commotion after it became known that one of the potential murderers; Thorkil Lauesen had been given a well paid job in the Copenhagen municipality, after being selected by Bo Asmus Keldgaard, from the Socialist Party (Socialistisk Folkeparti - SF) in good understanding with the dominating Social Democrat fraction and its Social Democrat Mayor.

The now deceased leader of DEMOS Erik Jensen, was often seen at demonstrations, where he often could be seen overseeing and directing the actions of the violent thugs during fights with the police.

Also REDOX, which presents itself as a 'research commune monitoring right wing extremism', is seen as closely related to the aforementioned left wing 'Antifa' extremists and other fanatics of the extreme and violent left.

The left wing extremist networks in Denmark have close relations to the left wing extremist Marxist party 'Enhedslisten', as well as to members of less extremist populist left wing parties such as the Socialist People's Party (SF) which has former leaders of the Danish Communist Party such as Ole Sohn amongst its leading politicians, who not too long ago embraced Soviet Communism and had tight relations with the former leader of the East German Communist DDR, Erich Honecker.

The left wing extremist network is much further reaching than these inner circles though.

Main part of the Danish media uncritically and routinely cite members of left wings extremist groups, such at the elusive REDOX spokesman 'Jonas Jensen', who so far is the only unknown identity presenting the groups 'information' in the main stream press.

The same media also use 'former' extremists and sympathizers of violent groups such as Antifa, such as René Karpantchof as 'experts' on right wing extremism, as well as a number of other questionable personnel with documented sympathies for the violent extreme left.



Balder Blog 18 august 2011 - Denmark: Five left wing extremists stand trial for arson and terror in Copenhagen Court

Balder Blog 2 december 2007 - Research into Danish terrorist gang uncovers prominent CEO’s involvement in illegal arms deal (with more information about left wing extremism in Denmark)

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At the end of the day, all of the above is small time business.

The real dangerous people are the mass murderers who occupy the Danish Parliament, which just decided to continue bombing Libya, which has cost countless Libyan lives, and has wrecked the whole infrastructure of the country, while supporting a new regime of bandits and islamists with taxpayer money. So far 250 million Dkr.

Only the small left wing extremist party Enhedslisten, which initially backed up the murderous operations on behalf of the magic negro, the bankers and the military industrial complex who own him, has now withdrawn from this unholy axis of evil.

How long will the Danish people continue to be accessory to organized mass murder on behalf of globalism and the US? That's the real important question.


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