Russia Today: Violence spreads beyond London as multi-kulti rage hits urban England

Video: Multi-Kulti Rage hits England: Police too politically correct - troops should step in London

Russia Today: Gerard Batten (UKIP) MEP - Get the troops home and clean up the streets


Balder Blog 10 august 2011 - England: Kendt skolelærer/forfatter: Urolighederne handlede om race. Hvorfor ignorere fakta?

Anders Gravers 0g Gerard Batten MEP UKIP

SIOE demonstrationen i Bryssel: Gerard Batten lover Anders Gravers at give underskrifter videre til Bryssels borgmester Freddy Thielemans.

But: Euro-sceptics, including those who support UKIP, will doubtless find these events a confirmation of all they fear about the EU Gestapo super state.

But Ukip supporters should also be aware that in January 2005, Ukip MEPs voted for these laws which are now being enforced for the first time on UK territory.




Balder Blog 13 oktober 2008 - Gerard Batten, britisk EU-parlamentsmedlem: Er vi i gang med at skabe en Euro-politistat

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