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Anti-Semitism accusations no hindrance for record sales - Jewish media power on the wane?

According to the Danish tabloid B.T.; 'black and melancholic clouds' seemed to linger over Lars von Trier's head, during his performance at the film festival in Cannes two month ago.

The Danish film instructor's 'Nazi statements' went all around the world, and there were threats from each and every dark corner of the international film world.

I really wanted to be a Jew, and then I found out that I was really a Nazi, because, you know, my family was German, which also gave me some pleasure.


I thought I was a Jew for a long time and was very happy being a Jew... But it turned out I was not a Jew, but even if I’d been a Jew I would be kind of a second-rate Jew because there is kind of a hierarchy in the Jewish population.

These were some of what the Danish tabloid B.T. characterized as 'unfortunate statements' by Lars von Trier during the ceremony in Cannes, which caused many to threaten with a boycott of his latest film 'Melancholia'.

  'I always liked Albert Speer'
  I understand Hitler...

But nothing indicates that anybody has carried out these threats in real life.

There is absolute tranquility in the camp. It seems as if everybody has taken his apologies seriously. And we have not experienced other reactions from abroad, says Zentropa director Peter Aalbaek Jensen, who talked to many angry distributors during the festival in Cannes.

'The only concrete thing that happened was, that the Argentinean distributor backed out of our agreement. But we sold the film to someone else,' Aalbaek Jensen explains.

Earned twice as much as 'Anti Christ'

Down home in Denmark, the film is not yet a record breaking staggering success, with so far only 50,000 tickets sold (5.5 million population). But on the other hand, the world market distribution of 'Melancholia' has by far surpassed von Trier's latest success 'Anti Christ'.

According to the American website Box Office Mojo, which collects data of cinema ticket sales from all over the world, 'Melancholia' has so far earned almost two million dollars, in spite of the fact that the film so far has not been shown in many of the large territories such as the US and South America, nor has it yet been shown in important von Trier countries, such as France, Italy, Germany and England.

And even though two million dollars doesn't seem like very much, compared to the new Harry Potter film, which is about to have earned its makers 600 million dollars, it is still twice as much, compared to what von Trier's last two films have made world wide.

His much discussed film 'Anti Christ' has only made $ 791,867 dollars, while his film ’Manderlay’ only made $ 674,918.

No negative consequences for Melancholia

'I have just talked to our French distributor, who because of the immense interest had to expand with another 50 copies, when the film has its premiere in France next month. So there have definitely been no negative consequences for this film. Only time can tell if any consequences will appear the next time we need to finance a von Trier film, ' Peter Aalbaek said to the Danish tabloid B.T.'s reporter Susanne Johansson.


B.T. 21 juli 2011 - Nazi-skandalen: Ingen boykot af Triers film (Susanne Johansson)


Comment: (Heard somewhere in New Jersey)

Husband: No wonder there is a virulent surge in anti-Semitism world wide, when film makers such as Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone, and now Lars von Trier-Hartmann, are rewarded for their anti-Semitism with enormous financial gains and public support of celebrities and of course the masses, who are always eager to fan the flames of hate against the Jewish people.

Something must be done oy vey!

Wife: I suppose Lars von Trier got fed his anti-Semitism together with his mothers milk. Why else would she marry a Jew, and then prefer a talented Nazi such as Hartmann to father her child? Von Triers mother not only cheated on her Jewish husband, she cheated on the whole Jewish community.

Now can you tell me a more terrible way to show Jew hatred than cuckholding a Jew for the sake of a Nazi Aryans's creative genes for crying out loud! And he was probably not the only Nazi pig that shiksa shared her bed with. Why didn't her poor husband stick with a nice Jewish girl.

No wonder her son grew up to become what he is now, I hope she is turning around in her grave, and regrets ever having given birth to such an antischemite monster.


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