Victory for Geert Wilders!

AMSTERDAM - The court in Amsterdam acquitted Wilders today Thursday, of incitement to hatred, discrimination, and 'group offense'.

  The Verdict
  Marcel van Oosten - Presiding Judge

According to the court, led by President Marcel van Oosten, the PVV-leader addressed his statements almost exclusively to the religion of Islam, and not against Muslims.

The court also took into account, that Wilders made his statements in the context of a societal debate.

Some utterances do however perhaps comply with the definition 'incitement to discrimination'.

Van Oosten red an example; 'The borders will be closed for all non western aliens the very same day.' All the same Wilders was also acquitted from that charge with referral to societal debate.

Another statement was deemed as 'harsh and degrading' by the Judges. [Who apparently felt it hard to confine them selves to strictly legal matters. Balder.]

The judges also found the statement: 'there is a conflict going on and we have to defend ourselves', to have an inciting character.

On the border of the permissable...

In this example Wilders words were not close to, but on top of the limit of the permissible. But because elsewhere in the same statement he says that he has nothing against Muslims, but only against Islam, he is not inciting to hatred or discrimination.

The images the politician used in his film Fitna in order to convey his message, are seen by the court as 'shocking' and disturbing',

He [apparently referring to the president of the court] also thinks that the message of the film must be allowed to be spread, in spite of the fact that some images could incite to 'feelings of hate against Muslims'.

The court used a Supreme Court pronouncement from 2009 as the basis for the verdict. In it, the highest court laid down the guideline, that statements about a religion are not punishable.

The reading of the verdict only took twenty minutes.

Read the complete verdict from the court here (Dutch) or here (Google Translate).

Members of the Freedom Party (PVV) applauded afterwards.


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Below Wilder's impressive speech: I spoke, I speak, and I must go on speaking...
Geert Wilders Final Remarks at The Amsterdam Trial June 1, 2011 - English Subtitles

Balder comments:


Although there is little doubt that this verdict will be hailed as 'a victory' by many good people, in my view it shows how little of this so called freedom of expression, we once were made to believe we had, only lasted so long until such freedoms collided with the interests of the managing elites in our societies.

A bunch of judges splitting hairs and passing judgements pertaining to their own preferences, taste and moralistic angles. The so called victory for freedom of speech, just painfully demonstrated by how many politically correct criteria, some of them even presented as self evident ever lasting truths, your freedom' is really beingmeasured and restricted. These line dancers who wouldn't convict Wilders because of the political and populist implications, go out of their way to make it clear, that if your name is not Geert Wilders, and you don't have support from half the country, you shouldn't count on their lenience.

The whole idea, that a bunch of paper pushing dressed up clerks called judges, should at all have anything to say about what you and I can, or cannot say, is ridiculous in itself.

This so called 'Freedom of expression' is a bit like the law stating 'the right to bear arms' in the US, which was created not only for self defense against criminals and animals, but explicitly for self defense against tyrannical governments to come. As was the Danish 'hjemmeværn' citizens soldiers with local knowledge, who can take care of business inside the country, organize resistance against invaders, etc. Of course it is now also starved, and the remains more and more deployed abroad where it can do no harm to upcoming dictatorships inside our own borders.

All these 'rights' are very nice ideas; but the fact is, that as was the case during the Katrina chaos, the tyrannical government ordered everybody to give up his legal arms, in a situation where they were most needed. In case of a threatening insurrection, the Obama regime will simple declare all private fire arms illegal.

The same with 'Freedom of Speech'; as soon as this freedom threatened the ones in power, they began eroding freedom of expression, with the well known present results, thousands of court cases long jail sentences, cripling fines, general persecution of intellectual dissidents, and Gulags on Western soil. And that is only the beginning.


Wait til NATO has finished it's training course in Libya, and starts using its capabilities in Greece, Hungary, or any other EU-slave country which would try to resist orders from the criminal gang in Brussels.

Remember that when you are having a friendly chat with one of these EU top snakes, that he may order a murder squad to bomb your home six month after, as they did with their good friend Muammar Gaddafi.

Even Gaddaffi has more honor and dignity than the war mongering, blood thirsty, power hungry Brussels' ship of fools whose hollow humanitarian choirs failed attempts to conceil their real agenda, cannot hide the fact that they are killing men, woman, and children maiming even more, and destroying yet another country to satisfy the whims of puppet masters whose names they may not even know.

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