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There have been public confrontations before in Denmark between Danish journalists / politicians, and Zionist organizations and individuals.

In 2004 the Social Democrat member of the European Parliament and former Minister of Public Health ; Torben Lund was accused of anti-Semitism by Danish Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior [president of B'nai B'rith Denmark], after Torben Lund wrote 'Ariel Sharon certainly is the person in the Palestine conflict who tops the list of terrorists', and said that organized Jewry clung together as 'pea straw'.

The virulently Zionist newspaper Jyllands-Posten, sometimes called 'The Israeli Embassy in Viby' then compared Torben Lund to the famous Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher, who published the magazine 'Der Stürmer'.

The conflict resulted in protests from the American department of the Anti-Defamation League by means of ADL operative Kenneth Jacobson, who took part in a discussion on Danish TV, in which a professor in rhetorics played the role of judge.

Just a few days ago, Torben Lund (no longer MEP) was attacked on June 3, 2011 by the right wing icon Morten Uhrskov Jensen who blogs for Jyllands-Posten, for using words such as 'Apartheid' and 'Lebensraum', in an article published in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende. The title of Uhrskov's article was 'The sickening Torben Lund'.

Muslim immigration and the islamization of Europe is the main focus point for Morten Uhrskov Jensen, who has a PhD. in history. But sadly justifiable and legitimate anti-immigration and anti-globalization sentiments, suffer from widespread abuse and are increasingly channeled to further Zionist causes, of which Morten Uhrskov Jensen's article was only a comparatively modest example. [Uhrskov has visited this post, and has immediately deleted the ping entry which normally appears on JP-blogs! - 'Free Speech & Western Values Advocate' Uhrskov Jensen has the honor of steering one of Denmarks most censorship ridden blogs, according to hundreds of complaints by users, friend and foe alike! Where there is Zionism, there is censorship in one of its many permutations and representatives - it just never misses! -;) Open and honest debate and information without preprescribed conditions, conventions and sanctions, is poison to Zionism and Jewish domination as well as to other advocates of enforced multiculturalism and mass immigration. Let there be light!

Read the transcript and other details surrounding the Torben Lund conflict and see the video here:

Mosaisk Upps - Torben Lund and World Jewry | Dansk version

Or watch the video here (intro in Danish):

  Torben Lund clashes with world Jewry - ADL

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Jewish Chief Editor Arne Notkin lost his temper after TV debate about Israeli instructor Yoav Shamir's film 'Defamation'.

Denmark's Radio Chief Editor of the Danish news program Deadline accused of making violent threats after live debate in TV-studio.

In the summer edition of the Danish film magazine Ekko, Chief Editor of the film magazine Claus Christensen wrote that the infamous Arne Notkin, Chief Editor of Denmark's Radio's TV channel DR2, threatened to beat him up after a debate in the program 'Deadline' in April this year.

Arne Notkin and Claus Christensen discussed DR2's shelving of Yoav Shamir's film 'Defamation', a film which among other things searches for an answer to the question if Jews too quickly draw the anti-Semitism card, when they are being met with criticism.

The production of the film was partly financed by the Danish 'public service' TV station DR [Danmarks Radio], but the Jewish editor in chief Arne Notkin, hesitated for more than two years before broadcasting the film, and when it was finally aired, it was accompanied by another film, which message is, that anti-Semitism actually is a growing problem in the world.


Ekko Magazine and its editor Claus Christensen have alleged that Arne Notkin was in doubt about 'Defamation', because he himself is Jewish, and doesn't like the films conclusion. Arne Notkin has been president of the Danish Zionist Association from 1980 to 1983.

During the TV debate Claus Christensen expressed his skepticism, which made Arne Notkin loose his wits, when he felt his 'integrity' and professional honor were being attacked.

You better be careful...

The 'media Jew', as Arne Notkin called himself on a previous occasion relating to the same discussion, was so angry, that when the live broadcast was finished, he went over to Claus Christensen, and (according to Ekko Magazine) pinched him in the breast him with his index finger, and said: 'You better be careful'.

The channel chief continued when he and Claus Christensen left the studio and walked down a corridor:

'I can trash you', Notkin threatened, according to the article in Ekko Magazine.

Shortly after, perhaps realizing he had gone to far, or fearing witnesses might have heard his threats, he said: 'but I won't do that'.

Not a joke

Today Claus Christensen calls his experience 'absurd'.

'I was invited to come to the DR2 studio for an interview, to have a debate on equal foot with Arne Notkin about 'Defamation', which is why I find it absurd, that the channel's Chief Editor subsequently threatens me when leaving the studio. He raised his clenched fist, and it was clearly not a joke', Claus Christensen says.

He hasn't heard from Arne Notkin since.

'I can understand that someone can loose his head during a heated debate, but it puzzles me, that Arne Notkin hasn't excused for his behavior'.

Smear campaign

Arne Notkin doesn't recognize the alleged course of events that night. Confronted with the accusations he declared:

Claus Christensen and Ekko represent a sick, lying and undocumented personal vendetta against me. I have no further comments.

Claus Christensen retorts:

'The fact that Arne Notkin calls me 'sick' is very much in line with his behavior.'

Gitte Raboel [Rabøl], who is the director of DR Media, and Arne Notkin's superior, also refused to comment on Claus Christensen's accusations, although he is a person DR found worthy enough to be invited into the studio.

Via her chief of communications; Louise Brincker Gitte Raboel only answered:

'I have confronted Arne Notkin with the accusation, which he vehemently denies'



Jyllands-Posten June 9, 2001 - DR-chef anklages for voldstrusler (Michael Enggaard)

From the tabloid B.T. - excerpts - more details

On April 11 Claus Christensen was guest in Deadline, where he was to debate DR2 channel Chief Arne Notkin.

According to the article in Ekko, Arne Notkin was excited already before the program had begun, and he pressed Deadline Host Adam Holm, to change his script for the discussion. Balder: Adam Holm referred to their confrontation in the beginning of the program. The delicate detail is, that Adam Holm who is Jewish as well, himself was criticized and reprimanded recently by Danmark Radio's (top?) director, for having written a pro-Zionist article during the Israeli attack on Gaza, which the director didn't find suitable for a supposedly objective journalist on a tax payer financed public service channel.

Few minutes into the debate, the two media chiefs crossed swords with each other so the sparks almost jumped from the screen:

-- It is a dirty, lying and undocumented personal vendetta Ekko has going, and apart from that I have no more comments, Arne Notkin said to [Notkin is a former Chief Editor of B.T.]

But Claus Christensen doesn't think of retracting his statements.

-- I stand 100% by my statement that he has threatened me with a thrashing.

I have no reason to make up such a story, Claus Christensen says.

Doesn't press charges

He does not want to make a police complaint about Notkin, but he would like to get an acknowledgement from Danmarks Radio [as it is spelled in Danish].

Danmarks Radio ought to send a signal clarifying that it is not acceptable to threaten guests in 'Deadline'.

Defamation is a critical document about the relationship of Jews with the holocaust. The film has a Danish co-producer, and was subsidized with 450.000 Dkr. from The Danish Film Institute, and 150.000 Dkr. from Danmarks Radio.


B.T. 9 juni 2011 - Chefredaktør hævder: DR2-chef truede mig med tæsk (Jesper Vestergaard Larsen)

Politiken 10 juni 2011 - Redaktør: DR-chef lovede mig bank efter 'Deadline'



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