Update: Video featuring Syrian expats in Denmark; Danish-Syrian Association, [Dansk-Syrisk Forening], Mohammad Mahfoud, Vigdis Jakupsdotir Mahfoud support president Bashir al-Assad, and accuse Western Media of biased reporting. Video at bottom of this post.

Also featuring - Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Controlled media conspiracy theories ok when it serves their own purposes.

  Systematic Torture.. (enlarge image)
  Steen Noerskov [Nørskov] DR (enlarge)
  Alleged Syrian Sniper - 'Documentation'
  Steen Noerskov & Nadim Houry (HRW)
  Alleged Syrian 'electricity building'
  More Danish media manipulation below
  Above: Screenshot from tabloid B.T. March 18, 2011: 'War against Gaddafi - Small girls slaughtered in spite of cease fire'. No further explanation! Click for large image.
  Chief Editor Thomas Falbe - DR News

Images aired by Danmark's Radio allegedly documenting tortured Syrian demonstrators were false.

Shocking images of torture

The images are from Iraq, and are several years old. Danmark's Radio's news program, the 9 o'clock evening news May 16, aired 'shocking images' of Syrian demonstrators, who were being tortured by Syrian government militias.

Live footage of torture of Syrian demonstrators

Allegedly 'live footage' of torture of Syrian demonstrators was presented with great pathos while warning of 'extremely graphic images', and a rare critical question from the studio residing host to the 'reporter in the field'; Steen Noerskov [Nørskov] about the authenticity of these images was woven away. The caption under the at times very unclear pictures was 'Syria -SYSTEMATIC TORTURE'.

Denmark's Radio (DR) stressed that the footage was authentic, that the source who had delivered them was trustworthy, and that the Arabic dialect that was heard in the video was a Syrian dialect.

Steen Noerskov pointed out that 'if the rumors are right, schools are being used as prisons and torture centers'.

Transcript video Danish news (parts):


'Denmark's Radios News has documented last week, that these snipers who according to activists operate from rooftops actually exist.

The station showed some silhouettes of soldiers on rooftops, without informing the viewers if this was the 'documentation', or what this documentation consists of apart from these images.

Then without a break;

'in the Office of Human Rights Watch' in Syria's neighboring country Lebanon, we have also documented grave mistreatment and torture, in a city close to the Jordanian border.'

An activist from the, according to some sources including it's founder Bernstein, not so impartial 'Human Rights Watch', director Nadim Houry is then filmed commenting the 'sensational footage', and saying that practices like this are widespread, and that there is a clear pattern.

Sten Noerskov:

'The new footage, which the Syrian refugees have given us, not only shows the marks after mistreatment and torture, they show the mistreatment and torture while it's going on. We don't know from when or where these images originate, we only know they come from Syria; the people who gave them to us, did so last week.

'In Beirut the people from Human Rights Watch try to find out from where or when these pictures are.'

Then, as an attempt to make the viewers believe in the authenticity of the footage, 'the electricity building' and 'this is the main road' were shown, cutting back immediately to a man who is being beaten severely with a wooden plank with nails.

Lillian Gjerulf-Kretz :

'Good evening Sten Noerskov. These are very unpleasant images but how certain can be be, that these images originate from Syria?'

Sten Noerskov:

We are very sure they come from Syria. One can hear a man who is lying down being beaten shout 'awass ni', awass ni', shoot me, shoot me.. An Iraqi wouldn't do that, an Egyptian wouldn't do that, a Libyan wouldn't do that; it's a Syrian-Arabic dialect.

We talked for a long time, spent a lot of time together with a woman who presented this footage from the border area between Syria and Lebanon. We know her story, and she told us in a very convincing way, how she got hold of this material.'

End transcript

Ekstra Bladet: Now, so it shows, the pictures are a hoax. They are not from Syria at all, but from Iraq and are several years old, according to Politiken.dk.

Chief Editor Thomas Falbe, who is responsible for the section for international news of Denmark's Radio's TV-Avisen [the 18:30 and 21:00 news]:

'Regrettably the images were wrong. They are not from Syria, they are from Iraq. This is a regrettable mistake, says Thomas Falbe. The mistake will be rectified in the 21:00 hours news tonight.'

How DR could believe that these old pictures from Iraq were pictures from Syria?

Thomas Falbe: 'We did what we could to verify the footage and received them from a source we trust'.

According to Thomas Falbe the mistake will have no consequences for anybody.


Ekstra Bladet 17 maj 2011 - DR's torturbilleder fra Syrien var falske

Denmark's Radio's Tv-avisen 21:00 16 maj, Tv-avisen 21:00 17 maj (videos down here)

Video: Syrian expats in Denmark support Bashar al-Assad
Syrian expats in Denmark support Bashar al-Assad - Western media broadcast false reports
Danmarks Radio news June 10, 2011 - Studio host: Tine Goetzsche - Narrator: Hakan Jakob Kosar
In Danish: Danmarks's Radio News May 16, 2011 - False report retracted later (ca. 5 minutes)
Host: Lillian Gjerulf Kretz - Reporter in the field Steen Noerskov [Nørskov]
Retraction of program alledgedly documenting 'systematic torture of protestors in Syria'.
Danmarks Radio - Tv-avisen 21:00 17 maj (30 seconds)
Here ABC News with a similar story - ABC News Sunday, May 8, 2011 9:44 AEST Click Enlarge
Click here for the actual screenshot proving it's not from Syria

Syd Walker: To summarize, the ABC website – website of the publicly-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation which fondly cultivates a reputation for objectivity and accuracy in news reporting – has been running a video as a news item for several days purporting to depict recent brutality by Syrian government forces, when in fact it’s old footage from a different country!

  Jess Hill ABC Australia
  Jess Hill ABC Austr.

I tweeted Jess Hill [ABC journalist] in some anger about this – as well as the Managing Director of the ABC. Jess at least had the decency to reply. Here’s what she said in reply:

“I’d say it’s not dishonesty as much as carelessness. Reminds everyone the importance of verifying”

Well, I’m sorry Jess, but I cannot see that. The story in question was a targeted hit-piece on Syria. It deceptively portrayed video images of Syrian “security”, using material that had nothing to do with Syria.

That’s no accident. It’s deliberate deception. ‘Accidents’ like that simply do not happen through ‘carelessness’. Please don’t insult the intelligence of ABC viewers.

More here:

Syd Walker May 12 2011 - ABC uses bogus video to attack image of Syrian government


Dansk-Syrisk forening - Syrien i DK på Facebook (forkvinde: Vigdis Jakupsdotir Mahfoud)

Euro-med 24 maj 2011 - World Conquest by “International Community”: Syria - and Iran Being Targeted According to Plan. And Then Russia and China?

Euro-med 24 maj 2011 - “Det Internationale Samfunds” Verdenserobring: “Syrien - 0g Iran I Visiret efter Plan. Og Så Rusland og Kina?

Euro-med 24 maj 2011 - Welteroberung Der “Internationalen Gemeinschaft”: Syrien - Und Iran Werden Plangemäss Ins Visier genommen. Danach Russland Und China?

Kybeline 21 maj 2011 - Syrien ließ seine Truppen auf “Demokraten” schießen

Politiken 18 maj 2011 - DR's vagthund: TV-Avisen skylder en forklaring på tortur-indslag

Politiken 17 maj 2011 - DR's torturbilleder fra Syrien var et falsum

REUTERS did the same just a week ago:

Silver Lining 12 maj 2011 - Reuters apologizes to French channel for providing false images on Syria

Zionist influenced Danish TV-station?
Many more details and cases of censorship activity in Denmark on behalf of Jewish or Zionist interests
Balder Blog 8 januar 2011 - Denmark: Zionist Media Boss; Arne Notkin, refuses to show Yoav Shamir's film Defamation

Balder Comments:

Balder: It is not so much that a mistake could happen, but the fact that Mr. Steen Nørskov and many of his colleagues have been paving the road for a flood of non confirmed propaganda and rumors, ever since the invasion of Libya and probably from the outset of the Tunesia affair. We have seen these reporters night after night trying to find evidence of evil acts e.g. by Gaddafi and his troops, desperate to even find one piece of graphic evidence to back up their former claims, and to justify the attack on behalf of the Danish government & the Obama regime. It was so hard to come up with anything else but rumors, and wild allegations from random local peasants with guns and motorbikes, that they completely lost sight of reality, and have committed themselves to a cause. Or are they under pressure to deliver?

About Denmarks's Radio:

Officially Denmarks most important Public Service Station.

Unofficially the channel, together with its nearest competitor TV2 (half and half public service) have become mouthpieces for American, Nato and New World Order propaganda, spewing out one questionable uncritical broadcast after another containing mostly rumors and allegations, relating to the Mideast and the Muslim world in general.

Always saving the maximum amount of venom for Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, and of course Iran. In the case of the attack on Libya, in which the Danish puppet regime voluntarily and enthusiastically took part, it seems as if the Danish media were almost part of the alleged democratic 'rebel forces', often demanding 'more action' from the government, in order to 'prevent a genocide' or support 'the democratic movement'.

  Nadim Houry - Human Rights Watch
  HRW Founders: Robert L. Bernstein, Aryeh Neier, Jeri Laber. Neier has also been president of George Soros'Open Society Institute. Eric Goldstein is deputy Middle East director of HRW - Human Rights Watch promoted the NATO aggression against Serbia, and cooperated with the Israeli government. It is clearly a Jewish outfit.

The man from Human Rights Watch in Beirut noted 'a pattern of abuse'. And I am sure he was right, since we know this to be true to a varying degree in many Mideastern and African states.

But apart from the question of who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, in all these recently erupted conflicts, there certainly is a pattern in the reporting of Danmark's Radio, and most other Danish media outlets as well.

I have many hours of footage from Danish news shows, where again and again, the media and the politicians served up completely unopposed, the supposed massacres against unarmed civilians, and similar allegations which were never substantiated. It seems as if there is a climate in which differing opinions too far away from the globalist party line are considered off limits. Comparable to denying the holocaust.

One not yet completely anaesthetized journalist from the left wing newspaper 'Information', Lotte Folke Kaarsholm was a notable exception; in a TV debate she dared to address this very matter, but generally the whole question of the legitimacy of these adventures was dealt with rather generous lack of interest. Video and Danish transcript here.

Desperate for emotional images

Now we see how sometimes almost obviously faked material is immediately embraced as a shocking revelation about the Syrian regime. But we see it all the time. The 'International Community', the US and what do I know, must be obeyed, and so in Denmark we hear journalists turning suspect information into propaganda for one of there causes on a daily basis.

Attack on Libya a breakthrough

  See whole image - click

Especially the attack on Libya seems to have brought a change, where the support for military action is effectively facilitated by the press, most of which is usually considered as left wing, or 'liberal'. Perhaps they are going into the 'New Labour Phase'? Neocon politics served up in humanitarian soup, more humanitarian war criminals and traitors such as Tony Blair? See how that worked for Britain.

I don't particularly favor the Syrian regime, nor the Iranian, but when countries and personalities, real or imaginary 'organizations' ('Al Qaeda'; 'Bin Laden', etc.) become targets for the controlled media's obvious propaganda, to the extent that journalists effectively are acting as war mongerers, I tend to sympathize just a little bit with the victims of this deliberate colored information, not least those many poor people who are going to pay the price, are being maimed and murdered, their country destroyed and torn to pieces, on behalf of the West.

Since Barack Hussein Obama came to power, it seems as if the media embrace most of the policies they used to criticize in the past under George Bush. America über alles. We stuff democracy down every throat in every not yet mercury infested low energy light bulb illuminated straw hut in Africa.

Now and back in Gaza


Saving the emotional pictures for the holocaust.....

'It is quit funny the TV journalists suddenly start to talk about 'cutting out emotional content', precisely in the case of a thousand dead, and four thousand maimed Palestinians, mowed down by a super modern and effective high tech killing machine.' Danish media back in January 2009

It is also interesting to note the difference in journalistic attitudes now and back in the days of the war on Gaza. At that time, journalists and experts were discussing if they should show shocking footage of victims, 'emotional pictures', as they called it, in this case mainly Palestinian victims of Israeli savagery, such as victims of chemical warfare through the use of white phosphorus. I wrote more about this strange media discussion in my article The Palestinian Israeli conflict in the Danish media as seen by a nationalist

But today it seems clear, that the media go to great length to obtain 'shocking emotional pictures', and even will use class B material, as long as it is served up by a friendly female with a convincing story, of a nature the journalist obviously wants to hear. Besides they plainly acted as a mouthpiece for the 'rebels' delivering their demands for more military assictance to the public and the politicians in the West; the media handed the elite the alibi it needed on a silver platter. And the bombing and killing in the name of democracy goes on and on. Only we don't hear so much about it anymore...

And the audience is not at all hard to herd into the demanded direction

And the audience is not at all hard to herd into the demanded direction. The number of Danes who agree on bloody and costly military actions against sovereign foreign countries based on these silly and unproven 'humanitarian' arguments, is so large that it makes me sick to the stomach to think of it. And the same idiots keep repeating that we should prevent 'a new Hitler' coming to power, making people believe that dictatorships must necessary outwardly resemble Nazi Germany.

But the new world order propaganda probably far surpasses the techniques of those times.

Not long ago Gaddafi was supposedly using Viagra and rape to pacify his opponents. During the war in Iraq the Simon Wiesenthal Centre announced that Saddam Hussein had German made gaschambers for all Jews, with picures, and heart breaking stories were served about babies being thrown out of incubators at hospitals. When Bin Laden was killed he was a coward who hid behind a woman and went for his gun. The battle lasted for fourty minutes of heavy fire forth and back. Bin Laden downed Building 7 on 9/11. Come on, more of them...

Conspiration theories now politically correct

-- IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn was set up by evil Americans.

  Zionist stooge - Bernard Heni Lévi
  Strauss-Kahn Mugshot Prisoner Slip
  Zionist stooge - Bernard Heni Lévi
Zionist NWO Revolutionary
Bernard Henri Lévi

Suddenly even the most outrageous conspiracy theories are debated seriously in the main stream media, who with regular intervals, try to make diverting opinions on certain political matters look silly, with programs warning agaisnt 'conspiracy theories' and 'the internet'.

But now a socialist globalist new world order Jew with a known history of sexual depravity is caught in the act, it is suddenly politically correct to present such stories as plausible possibilities, while people who question the imploding of Building 7 on 9/11, or numbers of Jews allegedly killed during the holocaust, or who doubt the truthfulness of Barack Obama, are painted as absolute idiots, or worse; dangerous terrorists.

Some of them are even worthy of legal persecution and burning in hell, for haunting the souls of the innocent dead by questioning the validity of testimonies of the likes of known liars such as Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiestenthal, or the validity of confessions from Nazis extracted by ball busting torture.

A number of those who defend Dominique Strauss-Kahn, even use racist remarks about the apparently black victim of the easily sexually aroused New World Order representative, as means to undermine her credibility. There are no limits when the well being of certain individials must be secured.

Jewish Affair?

The French/Jewish intellectual Zionist supporter of censorship, Bernard Henri Lévi already has come to his rescue, as have a number of other prominent Jews. This could become a continuation of the Polanski affair.

Most of the subjects directly involved seem to be Jews. The suspect, his wife, his lawyers, the victims lawyers, the enemy of Mr. Strauss-Kahn in France; President Sarkozy, as well as his replacement as presidential candidate for the socialists Francois Hollande, probably his proposed replacement at the IMF; Lipsky, and last but not least many of the most important journalists and commentators inside and outside the USA and France, who will get to have their say. Locally last night or the night before, it was Danmark's Radio's Adam Holm who made room for doubts and conspiracy theories around the case in the program Deadline.

James Paul Warburg before the US Senate on 17 February 1950:

We shall have World Government, whether we like it or not.

The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.


De Telegraaf 19 maj 2011 - Obama: situatie in Midden-Oosten onhoudbaar

Lévy says that his friend Strauss-Kahn 'bears no resemblance to this monster being described'
The Guardian 18 may 2011 - Bernard-Henri Lévy defends Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Balder Blog 7 juli 2010 - Bravest spokesman for freedom of speech? French-Jewish philospher Bernard-Henri Lévy - NOT!

Balder Blog 14 januar 2009 - The Palestinian Israeli conflict in the Danish media as seen by a nationalist

Balder Blog 6 maj 2011 - Live Tv-dækning af Bin Laden-drab var også løgn afslører CIA direktør Panella

Balder Blog 28 marts 2011 - Lotte Folke Kaarsholm i Deadline: Intet folkedrab og ingen massakrer på civile i Gaddafis Libyen (Med video)

Balder Blog 26 marts 2011 - Danske F16 jagere til Afrika? Liberianere myrder og voldtager i Elfenbenskysten 

Balder Blog 24 marts 2011 - Serbien markerer tolvårsdagen for NATOs bombeterror

Balder Blog 20 marts 2011 - Interessant vinkel på Obama, Gaddafi og Libyen fra den sorte ekstremist Louis Farrakhan

Balder Blog 7 februar 2011 - EU: Catherine Ashton belærer Egypten om demokrati. Hvad kender hun til dét?

Balder Blog 19 juni 2009 - BBC lavede en Jeppe: Billeder fra pro-Ahmadinejad manifestation med løgnagtige billedtekster (BBC pictures falske propaganda against Ahmadinejad - BBC Caught In Mass Public Deception With Iran Propaganda)

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