Three generations of the infamous Levakovic Gypsy family behind hundreds of crimes - Authorities powerless

One family. Hundreds of crimes. During four decades, members of a Gypsy family ravaged their surroundings with all forms of crime. Sources acknowledge that it is Denmark's most criminal and resources craving family.

Front page news in Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet
Caption: Meet Denmark's most criminal family

(pictured Dusi Petrovic (died 2005) Rubina Levakovic) See full images in Ekstra Bladet


Armed robbery, violence, blackmail and rape

Most of the time it is about enrichment crimes such as trick theft and street robberies, but the repertoire of the family also includes armed robberies, serious violence, fencing [handling stolen goods], blackmail and rape.

I have not heard about other families that can match the Levakovic family's criminal behaviour. It is the family's lifestyle, police inspector for the Copenhagen Police, Ove Randrup, concludes.

203 times during last year, which means more than every other day - the family has had some kind of contact with the Levakovic family, including 60 direct confrontations with the police.

Five members of the family have been to court during the last five weeks. Three are now in jail, and one is wanted.


The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet will uncover during the next few days, how the system has failed to handle generation on generation of the Levakovic family, whose criminality is so constant and embedded in the family's way of life, that scores of jail sentences and political plans for action, an army of social workers and detention in institutions costing millions of tax payer money, have failed so far.

The paper edition of the paper displays a family tree of the criminal Gypsy Levakovic family

Some names and nationalities: Diana (51), Giovanni (50), Stefana (48), Jura (Dead), Claudio (43), Gimi (41), Monica (39), Django (37), Silvia (32), Middle row: Leonardo (27, Angelo (57), ? Cinoni (19), Jimmi (23), Jura (23), Dollar (21), Geamalo (15), Juliano (26), Pepelka (21), Sofia (19), Alpacino (20), Santino (17), Romano (19, Victoria (12), Gabiel (6), Valentino (16), Venezia (10) , Lucretia (9), Belmondo (6), Angelina (10), Manolo (7), Ronaldo (3)
Bottom row: Valentina (3), Jessica (2), Gino (1), Isabel (2), Giulio (2) , Miklo (1).

13 and 14 year olds raped 30 year old woman


22 year old Gypsy immigrant Srdjan Dimic Murdered 17 year old Danish girl Katja Fromberg Larsen 17 years old arrested 2007-06-26.

2007-06-26 (Denmark) Katja Fromberg Larsen 17 years old murdered by 22 year old Gypsy immigrant loverboy Srdjan Dimic from the former Yugoslavia. The Gypsy family, father, mother, two sisters and two brothers had terrorized the whole neighborhood for years. They lived at Tornevangsvej i Birkerød. The father, mother and sister of Srdjan Dimic have been charged with accesory to murder. Universalgeni | Ekstra Bladet | Immigrant murders

The Levakovic family has caused news paper headlines many times, not least in 2000, when two cousins aged 13 and 14 took part in the group rape of a 30 year old woman. Several family members around the same age have committed street robberies and bank robberies.

Born into crime

- I won't say that the subjects in question have been the direct cause of the lowering of the age of criminal responsibility (recently lowered from 15 to 14 years on demand of the anti-immigration Danish People's Party), but there were a number of examples that they were conducting crimes around the age of 13 to 14, armed robberies for example, which made it very hard to handle them, says Flemming Drejer from the North Zealand Police.

- It is depressing to see that such an entire family, where generation after generations is born into crime, Flemming Drejer continues.

The Levakovic family which has its origins in Croatia, and numbers about 40 people, which are now living in Denmark. At least 20 of them have been involved in crime.


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