Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen comments: Great Pind defends our shared values

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  Søren Pind - Assimilation Minister
  Deqo Hussein - Langkaer Gymnasium
  Hares El-Daoud Langkaer Gymn.
  No indigenous white Danes were asked for an opinion - Danish ZOM

TV Host Jesper Larsen: Integration Minister Soren Pind wants to replace the word 'integration' with the word 'assimilation', which told in a simplified way means, that immigrants should adjust to Danish values, or identify with them, which immediately has given rise to heated discussions.

Speak Henning Olsen: Assimilation; a difficult word one should not get too hung up about, the new Minister says.

Soren Pind, Minister of Integration: And what I mean with it, is that when people come to Denmark, there is a natural expectation from the Danish side, that they of course come in order to become Danish, and not in order to change Denmark.

Speak: But the Minister's viewpoints are too harsh for the students here at Langkaer Gymnasium near Aarhus think...

Headscarve wearing Islamic girls - Deqo Hussein: We are really many immigrants here in Denmark, and I don't think it is very good that he makes such statements, I don't think that's very good.

Male Aliens - Hares El-Daoud: We come from different parts of the world and we also bring traditions along, and values we cannot combine with Danishness, but we should integrate in Denmark so we can take an education in Denmark.

Speak: And at Christiansborg (Parliament) criticism is voiced as well:

Mette Frederiksen (Social Democrat): There absolutely are challenges in the field of integration, but as the minister who is responsible, on should spend ones time to solve these problems in stead of beginning a war about words.

Soren Pind: For me this is a game about words; what is most important for me, is to send out the signal; 'if you come to Denmark, you come in order to become Danish, one doesn't come in order to become all kinds of other things

Speak: The newly inaugurated Minister can continue assimilating, because he has support from the highest authority:

Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen: I see Soren Pind, the new Minister of Integration, who in a very distinguished manner, in less than one day, has made clear the fact of how important it is for our society to guard our shared values.

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