Update: Balder Blog 10 juni 2011 - Denmark: Zionist Chief Editor Arne Notkin threatened to whack opponent after TV-debate about anti-Semitism and Defamation film

Nu med video: Diskussion mellem Ekko redaktør Claus Christensen og DR2-chef Mette Hoffmann Meyer

Denmark: Film Magazine Ekko distributes Yoav Shamir's film Defamation for free

  Ekko Magazine nr. 52

Film magazine beats Danish Public Service Radio to it with Israel critical film


The film Defamation which the Channel DR2 left on the shelve for two years, and was reluctant to air without proper 'balance', comes for free with the latest edition of Ekko Magazine, which is available since Wednesday February 9.

Even if DR2 doesn't want to show it, the Danish people shall not be duped

That is the opinion of the Danish Film Magazine 'Ekko', which sends the controversial film Defamation out on the street on a DVD together with the latest edition of the magazine.

'Defamation' investigates according to instructor Yoav Shamir, if there really is anti-Semitism in the West, or if it is the Israeli right and Jews in the US, who keep alive a myth of victimhood, [DK] in order to use it for political ends.

Anti-Semitism = Holy Cow

'For Jews anti-Semitism is the ultimate holy cow, and I wanted to not kill the cow but shake it', Yoav Shamir himself said about the film.

Ekko: A matter of free speech

And it is the controversial content, which so far kept DR2 hesitating to push the Play button, in spite of the fact that the station had co-financed the production.

But now Ekko has got tired waiting. In its latest edition the magazine presents the film on DVD, in cooperation with SF Film Production.

Censorship attempt proves the film's point

'Ekko regards it as a matter concerning freedom of expression. In the name of free speech one can criticize all possible opinions, but if one criticizes Jewish/Israeli matters, the convenient anti-Semitism card is played.

Which, very ironically is exactly the point in 'Defamation', the magazines Chief Editor Claus Christensen wrote in a press release.

DR2 wants to keep reservations in place

  Arne Notkin - 'Media Jew'

From Ekko Magazine: When Ekko recently asked questions about the shelving of the film, Arne Notkin said that 'Ekko writes itself into an anti-Semitic myth about there sitting such a media Jew and decides, what people can and cannot see'.

Comment: Myth? What myth? Notkin is clearly delivering the evidence for the fact that there actually are 'media Jews', who sit there, and decide what people can and cannot see', all by himself.

In January the TV Channel's Chief Editor Arne Notkin said to the Copenhagen daily Politiken that DR2 is having a dialogue with the instructor about airing the film, but that the channel wishes to explain the films premises with some speak or a board accompanying the broadcast.

The channel used the same method earlier when it showed films such as the award winning films '69' and 'Burma VJ'.

But those precautions are not necessary, according to Ekko's Chief Editor.

'We publish the film in director's cut exactly as the instructor made it, without warning intro messages or other of the arrangements DR2 now demands in order to show the film. We want to give our readers the possibility to make up their own minds, Claus Christensen writes.

Popular all over the world

Defamation had its premiere in Berlin in the beginning of 2009, and it has since been shown on 34 festivals all over the world.

The film has receives 14 awards, nominations and 'special mentions', and on the film critics site rottentomatoes.com 81% of the critics have given the film a positive evaluation.

The film is co-produced by SF Film Production, and has several Danes on its production team. The Danish Film Institute and DR2 have contributed with 600,000 Dkr. in all (ca. 100,000 USD).

This in spite of the fact that DR2 can show the film for free, because it partly financed the movie, it still hasn't happened.

"On some points I think that Defamation is problematic, therefore we have to show the film 'in a context' that we can agree with. And besides that it is not unusual that films and series are kept for month or years, before we broadcast them', Notkin told Ekko Magazine about a month ago.

He has decided to delegate decisions about the film to DR2's documentary Editor in Chief Mette Hoffmann Meyer, to avoid accusations that his own Jewish background influences the channels choice to show the film or not.

The new edition of Ekko - now with DVD - was out on the street yesterday


Politiken 8 februar 2011 - Filmmagasin overhaler DR 2 med Israel-kritisk film (Charlotte Branner)

Balder: I have been preaching for many years now, that the number one group which works for censorship, hate speech laws and punishment for people with an unwanted perception of history, is organized Jewry. And that we must have a serious discussion about the overrepresentation of Jews in high positions in the media.

Of course we can't prove Notkin guilty. But how many believe that a current member and a former leader of a virulent Zionist organization would not translate his obvious bias into some kind of action. How many tricks could he possibly already have pulled off, during the many years he has been in charge, and how many more of his kind are there around in the media, in similar influential positions. A large percentage of our Middle-east; USA and Eastern Europe reporters are Jewish, some even live in Israel. The non Jew to Jew ratio in Denmark is about 700. Meaning that for every Jewish journalist, there should statistically be 700 non Jews in a similar position, if everything was normal that is. Also see:

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Balder Blog 10 juni 2011 - Denmark: Zionist Chief Editor Arne Notkin threatened to whack opponent after TV-debate about anti-Semitism and Defamation film


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Many more details and other cases of censorship activity in Denmark on behalf of Jewish or Zionist interests
Balder Blog 8 januar 2011 - Denmark: Zionist Media Boss; Arne Notkin, refuses to show Yoav Shamir's film Defamation

Comment: This show exactly what I've been preaching the last few years, concerning freedom of speech: It is not (yet) the flag burning Muslims in the streets who are the biggest threat to freedom of speech. It is people in high positions, embedded in the system and special interest organizations who control the flow of information.

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Ekko redaktør Claus Christensen og DR2-chef Mette Hoffmann Meyer om DR censur
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For Danish readers

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