Nu med video: Ekko redaktør Claus Christensen og DR2-chef Mette Hoffmann Meyer om DR-censur

We all remember how the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published the Holocaust Cartoons to 'balance' the Mohammed Cartoons, don't we?

  Defamation Anti-Semitism the Movie
  Defamation - The Movie
  Mette Hoffmann Meyer
  Mette Hoffmann Meyer - DR Doc.
Board Member of Steps International (Why Democracy and Why Poverty projects)

Update: Ekk0 Magazine beats Zionist Public Service broadcaster to it: distributes Defamation on DVD (censorship free edition) See link at the bottom of the article.

The Danish newspaper Politiken reported yesterday that a 'controversial' film by Israeli instructor Yoav Shamir will be aired in April this year.

The film named 'Defamation' questions the allegations of Jewish organizations, particularly the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith best known as ADL, about the ever rising threat of 'anti-Semitism'.

Problematic film

The film which was co-sponsored by the Danish Public Service Channel Denmark's Radio, was kept on the shelve for two years, because the responsible Chief Editor, Arne Notkin found that Defamation was 'problematic', and wanted to show it only 'in a context that we can agree with'.

Film Magazine uncovered Zionist Editor

When the Danish online Film Magazine Ekko took note of the taxpayer funded film's sad fate, they brought the matter to the attention of the public, together with the public secret that Mr. Arne Notkin, who has held an influential position as a Chief Editor of major news programs in Danmark's Radio, and who held similar positions in other Danish media before, is of Jewish extraction, a current member, and a former president of the Danish Zionist Association as well as a member of the religious 'Mosaisk Trossamfund'.

The magazine questioned Notkin's decision, and criticism appeared in most major media, mainly the same Ritzau statement, but there was no follow up, no TV-coverage, no interviews with the Zionist censorship happy media boss, except for a statement that the authority would be taken over by a lady named Mette Hoffmann Meyer.

Notkin was pretty lucky because there was major breaking news at the time.


From Politiken:

According to a statement from Danmark's Radio, DR2 has never been hesitant about the question if the film was to be shown.

Quite the contrary, DR2 has been working to present the film 'in a context'.

'We have been wanting to show the film all the time says Documentary Chief Editor Mette Hoffmann Meyer.

'The challenge has been that the premises for the film are not very clear.'

'The viewer is left with a feeling that the film doesn't get all the way around its subject.'

'And that is a shame, for the theme actually is interesting. Therefore we have worked at clarifying the film's premises for the viewers, and put it a larger context', she says.

DR2 will broadcast the film in April together with other episodes about the modern anti-Semitism.

Amongst others an American Documentary about anti-Semitism in the 21. century.

This way we make sure that our viewers get a varied and many sided picture, ' says Mette Hoffmann Meyer.


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From Ekko Magazine: When Ekko recently asked questions about the shelving of the film, Arne Notkin said that 'Ekko writes itself into an anti-Semitic myth about there sitting such a media Jew and decides, what people can an cannot see'.


Myth? What myth? Notkin is clearly delivering the evidence for the fact that there actually are 'media Jews', who sit there, and decide what people can and cannot see', all by himself.

Notkin and his Zionist involvement not mentioned with a word

  Arne Notkin - Chief Editor DR2
  Arne Notkin - Chief Editor DR2
Emotional pics: reserved for Jewish victims

In the entire Politiken article, Arne Notkin, and his dubious role as an active Zionist at the head of important national news media, are not mentioned at all.

It seems clear everybody involved would like to flush the uncomfortable notion of a Zionist Jew controlling the media, caught red handed at practicing the very thing 'anti-Semites' regularly accuse some Jews of doing, down the memory hole.

Emotional images reserved for Jews

And in addition to that, they don't even have the gusts to show it on its own merits, but are obviously going to pack it in between Jewish or Zionist propaganda.

During the Gaza atrocities, Danish media reconsidered it's use of 'emotional pictures'.

Read my enlightening article about the Zionist grip on Danish media. Scroll down the long post to: Emotional images on Al Jazeera





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