Nu med video: Diskussion mellem Ekko redaktør Claus Christensen og DR2-chef Mette Hoffmann Meyer

  Arne Notkin DR2 - Zionist Editor / Censor
  Arne Notkin DR2 - Zionist Editor

"So far only Nazi web pages have shown interest for my Jewish background"

Now what does that mean Arne? Everybody is a Nazi anti-Semite now?

  Defamation Anti-Semitism the Movie
  Defamation - The Movie
  Arne Notkin DR2 - Zionist Editor / Censor
  Anti-Defamation - Abe Foxman
  Left wingers about Notkin:

"Now some may think that DR2-director Arne Notkin doesn't want to broadcast the film because he is Israel friendly.

But here your editor must remind of old Stauning's words about Scavenius' alleged German-friendlyness during WWII: Notkin is not Israel friendly - in fact he is not friendly at all..." Source

Notkin turns over responsibility to Editor Mette Hoffmann Meyer. New sounds from Danmark's Radio's Führer bunker in Copenhagen.

Danmark's Radio now expects to show the Israel-film Defamation, after the Chief Editor of the channel DR2, the self confessed Zionist Arne Notkin was criticized for having obstructed the broadcast of the film for years, a film which was co-financed by Danmark's Radio, and the Danish Film Institute.

After having refused to come with an explanation for his covert censorship, Mr. Notkin now declares that he 'is having a positive dialogue' with the instructor, Yoav Shamir.

Now the rumor has it, that Danmark's Radio will 'probably' broadcast the film 'Defamation', which tries to establish if there indeed is anti-Semitism in the West, or if it is the Israeli right wing and Jews in the US who are keeping alive a victimization myth for political gains.

This although the film Magazine Ekko wrote last Friday, that Danmark's Radio, which supported the film with 150,000 Dkr, was reluctant to broadcast it.

A positive dialogue

The DR2 Channel's Chief Editor Mr. Arne Notkin now states that, he 'is having a positive dialogue' with the instructor of the film, Yoav Shamir.

We will with great probability broadcast this film, Mr. Notkin says now.

Yoav Shamir researched his theory by contacting the Jewish-American organization 'Anti-Defamation League', which, according to the Rizau article in Jyllands-Posten and other newspapers, 'fights hostility towards minorities'.

The film lacks contact with the public. He asks an American organization for examples, which he then debunks. But he could have got a different result by asking others, according to Arne Notkin.

He says that Danmark's Radio also gave the viewers 'a premise' for the prize winning films '69' and 'Burma VJ', which is not given when it is shown in other places. 'Defamation' should also have such a 'premise'.

There has to be a sign or speak, pointing to 'the premise', Notkin says.

In the article published by Ekko, which has been quoted by Ritzau, it says that Arne Notkin is a member of Mosaisk Trossamfund (the main Jewish religious organization in DK), and a former president of the Danish Zionist Association (Dansk Zionistforbund). Notkin says he was surprised by that.

It is only relevant, if it has influenced a redactional decision. And it hasn't. It is not like all Jews agree on everything. It is a prejudice.

Nazi websites

So far only Nazi web pages have shown interest for my Jewish background, he says.

In spite of that, he has decided to delegate decisions about the film to DR2's documentary Editor in Chief Mette Hoffmann Meyer, he says.

As Chief Editor of the channel, I don't decide about the individual documentaries. But specially for this case, I have turned over the processing to Mette Hoffmann Meyer, he says.


Jyllands-Posten 8 januar 2011 - DR forventer at vise Israel-film

Børsen 8 januar 2011 - DR forventer at vise Israel-film

Ekko redaktør Claus Christensen og DR2-chef Mette Hoffmann Meyer om DR censur
DR Kulturnyt - Vært Claus Vittus - sendt 9 februar 2011


Arne Notkin: 'Before only Nazi websites were interested in my Jewish background'

Those were the days my friend. The times they are a changing, also for Zionist activists in high places, better get used to it. But please Mr. Notkin, would you be so kind as to reveal the names of these 'Nazi websites'?

Or would you have as much trouble actually naming them, as your friend Foxman had finding real anti-Semitic incidents, when Yoav Shamir asked for it?

Could it be that these websites which show so much interest for your Jewish background, not really are Nazi-websites at all, and actually more interested in your Zionist policies, and their influence on our country and our people, than in your 'Jewish background'?

I'll give you a hint Notkin, about how to recognize Nazi websites; they usually feature Swastikas in prominent places, portraits of Adolf Hitler (without funny remarks) and they usually call them selves National Socialists. Now give it a go Arne, good hunting, I can't wait.

I shall not hide the fact, that for me the public exposure of Mr. Notkin's Zionist agenda is a personal victory, for which I have been working for many years now. Mr. Notkin's censorship policies against a Zionist critical film, which exposes an alarming seemingly collective form of Jewish mental illness, confirm exactly what I've been saying for many years, and what this website is about, at least in part: warning against, and pointing out Jewish censorship, manipulation, paranoia, supremacy, infiltration, falsification of history and all that which comes of and with it.

If I had my way,.. if I had my way... If I had my way, I would tear that old building down!


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