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Nu med video: Ekko redaktør Claus Christensen og DR2-chef Mette Hoffmann Meyer om DR censur

Film so far held back for two years, even thought the main Danish public service channel 'Danmark's Radio' financed part of it.

The responsible Chief Editor Arne Notkin, is a former president of the Danish Zionist Association.

According to the Danish film magazine Ekko, the Danish public service broadcaster Danmark's Radio still hasn't decided if they want to show the award winning documentary 'Defamation', by the Israeli film maker Yoav Shamir, a film which Danmark's Radio helped finance.

Arne Notkin, Chief Editor of the TV channel DR2 / DR-Deadline:

I think 'Defamation' is problematic,...

(But he won't tell us why.... )

Difficult. In spite of an annual budget of 70 million US dollars, the powerful Jewish organization Anti-Defamation League is not able to come up with even one serious example of anti-Semitism in the documentary film by Yoav Shamir, here seen together with a Rabbi from the Chabad Lubavich sect.
  Arne Notkin - Danmark's Radio - Deadline Chief Editor -
Former president of the Danish Zionist Association. From his leading position in Danmark's Radio he promoted multicult and Muslim imigration for decades. To make things perfect, every night a new film referring to 'the holocaust' on DR2 in prime time. We have seen some of the holocaust docu-soaps / series mentioned by Ekko magazine I think about three times now, over the course of the last few years.

Balder: The Chief Editor of the Danish Public service broadcaster Danmarks Radio most important news program is a former President of the Danish Zionist Association Arne Notkin. The program always has one or more Zionist Jews as the most prominent anchors (Martin Krasnik, currently Adam Holm). Recently Charlotte Harder was appointed chief editor of Denmark's Radio's other prominent radio news show; Horisont. The former Chief Editor of what for many decades was Denmarks most read intellectual left wing newspaper; Politiken [founded by radical anti-Christian Jews; the Brandes brothers], the Israeli citizen Herbert Pundik was revealed to be a Mossad agent [nobody was surprised, and nobody seems to care]. There is an incredibly large number of current and former Jewish chief editors of major newspapers, and there are currently several Jewish talkshow hosts; Read more here:

  Adam Holm - DR - Deadline anchor
  The recently judged too overtly pro-Zionist Jewish journalist Adam Holm was reprimanded by his superiors (as far as I know not by Chief Notkin though!) from the public service TV station Danmarks Radio for having published a news paper article expressing his strong support for Israel in relation with the Israeli attack on Gaza. More here: Norman Finkelstein to Jewish DR2 TV-host: Listen to yourself spouting Israeli propaganda!
  Martin Krasnik - Another Ex DR2 Deadline anchor preceding Holm.
Confessing Zionist, studied at an Israeli university, here pictured on the cover of a Jewish magazine. Wrote aggressive piece in defense of religiously motivated sexual mutilation [circumcision], although he calls himself an atheist. Now has his own talkshow on TV2, called Lykketoft & Ellemann. Does not hide his strong affiliations and opinions. Knyt sylten = Shut up!
  Se filmen lørdag den 29. januar

Filmen Defamation (Hashmatsa) vil blive vist i Filmhuset i Gothersgade, lørdag 29.01.11, Kl. 16:45,

Billetbestilling her - Efter filmen er der interview og debat med den jødiske P1- og Politiken-journalist Hanne Foighel.


En rammende kommentar til DRs historie manipulation:

Det er uacceptabelt, at DR 2 har udviklet sig til en zionistisk propagandastation. Ikke alene er der de 45 timer om Israel og dets generaler med videre. Men der eksisterer vel efterhånden heller ikke den obskure dokumentar om 2. verdenkrig som ikke både er sendt og genudsendt på kanalen. Den massive dækning af netop 2. verdenkrig og Holocaust giver konstant næring til den zionistiske offermyte og til den europæiske skyldfølelse. Og set i det lys kan det ikke undre at Notkin prøver at forhindre at sende en film, som lige præcis punkterer de myter, som kanalen så flittigt bestræber sig på at holde i live.

This in spite of the fact that DR2 can show the film for free, because it partly financed the movie, chief editor Arne Notkin, who happens to be of Jewish extraction and is a former president of the Danish Zionist Association [Dansk Zionistforbund], will still not guarantee that it will happen at all.

"On some points I think that Defamation is problematic, therefore we have to show the film 'in a context' that we can agree with. And besides that it is not unusual that films and series are kept for month or years, before we broadcast them', Notkin told Ekko Magazine.

Is there any anti-Semitism left at all?

'Defamation' is about the question if there still is real anti-Semitism in the west, or if it rather is the Israeli right, which keeps the holocaust horror alive for propaganda reasons.

It was this difficult question the Israeli instructor Yoav Shamir set out to explore in his documentary film.

Danmark's Radio's film reviewer Per Juul Carlsen called the film 'A delightful, frank, challenging and thought provoking documentary about Israel and the holocaust', but in spite of that assessment Danmark's Radio is still in doubt about whether it belongs on the channel.

Danish Film Institute: We can't force Danmark's Radio

Arne Notkin refuses to explain why he finds Defamation problematic, since it is quite a while ago since he watched it, but the public service station has spent 150,000 Dkr. (20,000 Euro - $26,000) on the film, and the Danish Film Institute has supported the film with 450,000 Dkr (80,000 Euro - $60,000), so the latter is surprised about Danmark's Radio hesitation.

'I can't really understand why they won't show the film', said Claus Ladegaard local director of the Production and Development department of the Danish Film Institute.

He stresses however, that Danmark's Radio decides entirely on it's own if it doesn't want to show this particular film, which has won awards and so on, so purely to satisfy our curiosity, we will ask them why.

Solid award winner world wide

Defamation had its premiere at the Berlin film festival in the beginning of 2009, and has since been shown on 33 festivals all over the world.

It has received 14 awards, nominations and special mentions, and on the film review site rottentomatoes.com, 81% of the critics gave the film positive evaluations, while it also scores high at imdb.com, writes the magazine Ekko.

Eleven TV.-stations have already bought the film, which has been shown on Channel 4 in Britain, and in Israel on the commercial broadcaster Channel 2.

Danmark's Radio normally has no problems with programs about Israel

During the last two years DR has broadcast series such as 'Israel's Birth', 'Israel's first 50 years', 'Israel's Generals' and 'History of the Jews', altogether 45 hours worth of film.

But Arne Notkin denies that the channel is one sided:

Danmarks's Radio has a duty to be diverse and all round, not in the same program or on the same day, but over time.

And the programs you mention, are not pro-Israel', Arne Notkin says to Ekko Magazine.

DOKUMENTATION Defamation official home page


There are a few more films from main stream media sources which were never broadcast by Denmarks's Radio: E.g. Channel 4 Dispatches 'Inside the British Israel Lobby', and The Israel Lobby – New Dutch documentary breaks the taboo April 2007

Please read my article The Palestinian Israeli conflict in the Danish media as seen by a nationalist for more on Zionist media influence in Denmark as well as Israel pays 1,000 Danes to spread Zionist propaganda.

Please note that the information about Arne Notkin being Jewish and former president of the Danish Zionist Association was not mentioned with one word in the Politiken article, which is my main source of the actuality. I haven't read the article in Ekko Magazine yet. But it is symptomatic, that often with news about Khodorkovsky and other Jewish Mafioso, or organ transplant cases with Israeli involvement, they will ommit as much information as possible linking criminals or war mongering Zionist politicians to Jewish ethnicity or Israeli / Zionist connections. If they wouldn't, the Jewish organizations would be sure to come with loud protests. I remember a Jewish organization complaining about media referring to Israel as 'the Jewish State'. Oy vey......

Update: Jyllands Posten has a 'Rizau' version of the article very similar to Politikens, with the following line added:

DR2's Editor, Arne Notkin, is a member of Mosaisk Trossamfund and Dansk Zionistforbund [Danish Zionist Association].

Supposedly there are about 7.000 Jews in Denmark, which is about 0.2% of the population of about 5,5 million. To me it seems that an extremely large proportion of them have found employment in the media, and not in the worst of positions either.


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The Danish media's obsession with the holocaust
(Remember: In Denmark there are no laws which enforce government endorsed historical views yet)

Another DR2 journalist; Nikolaj Sommer showed an unprofessional moralizing and condemning conduct on the same 'Deadline' show when interviewing an Irianian born woman, who had an un-kosher view of the situation in Iran, during the attempted 'orange revolution' and defended president Ahmadinejads freedom to doubt or contest historical theories. Later Samira Niknam Tavin turned out to be a student of journalism, currently employed by Danmarks Radio as part of her education. She was reprimanded and reminded of the fact that anything Jewish especially the holocaust defines the unwritten but strictly monitored limits of free speech. She'll probably not have a career in the tax payer financed institution outside of the sports department where she was or still is working. The system demands appeasers; not individualists strong personalities and people who still trust the workings of their own brain.
dansk Balder Blog 23 juni 2009 - En anden utilsløret Iransk stemme: Samira Niknam Tavin stemte på Ahmadinejad | Transskription af DR Deadline 22 juni 2009, hvor iranskfødte Samira Niknam Tavin og Jaleh Tavakoli debatterer valget i Iran

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In this remarkable case a Muslim fundamentalist politician was allowed her fundamentalist views, but was expelled after a rather innocent link to an article by David Irving on her website:
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