Israel wants to hire some 1,000 Danes as 'opinion agents'. They are to improve Israel's standing in Denmark.

[Breaking: Balder Blog 8 januar 2011 - Denmark: Zionist Media Boss; Arne Notkin, refuses to show Yoav Shamir’s film Defamation]

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  Avigdor Lieberman

Particularly 'Israel friendly Danes' will be recruited in the near future as opinion agents for the state of Israel.

Up to one thousand 'allies' are to be pro actively helping to serve Israel's political interests by means of 'positive media messages and supportive demonstrations', according to the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

The Israeli ambassador, Arthur Avnon, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, is to deliver a list with 1,000 names of Danes, when European ambassadors confer in the Israeli foreign ministry in Jerusalem on January 16, 2011.

It was the extremist Israeli foreign Minister, the former Moldovan night club bouncer Avigdor Lieberman, who called for a PR-campaign in selected European countries, in order to improve the public perception of Israel..

Apart from Denmark, Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Holland and Norway, received a fax last week, in which the guidelines for the new campaign are outlined.

PR-Budget doubled

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the Israeli foreign minister Liebermann has personally put great emphasis on the new campaign, and for the same reason the PR-budgets of the selected embassies will be doubled in 2011.

The agitators, who are going to help carrying out the Israeli campaign, will be chosen among journalists and politicians, among activists in the academic world, and among student organizations, as well as among members of 'the Jewish community' and among activists in Christian organizations.


The instructions from the Foreign Ministry to the embassies is that the firms not be "advertising firms but companies that will assist the embassy in its work vis-a-vis influential elements."

The professional lobbyists and PR agents will be provided with materials from the embassies, and which will be produced by a special team at the Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry team will produce three types of materials: political messages, in which Israel's positions on the peace process, the settlements, etc. will be encapsulated; "branding" messages which will position Israel in specific areas of activity, such as technology, economy, tourism, etc.; and messages about problematic developments in the Middle East which are not directly related to Israel, such as human rights in Iran or Syria, Hezbollah's take over in Lebanon, etc.

The ministry has also instructed the ambassadors in those nine capitals to focus their activities on organizing groups of influential persons from those countries to visit Israel.

The Guardian:

The foreign affairs ministry also suggested that embassies across Europe organise monthly high-profile public events to promote Israel and its government's policies, and visits to Israel for influential individuals. Lieberman is planning to meet ambassadors to European countries next month to push the new PR offensive.

Israel has previously launched drives to improve its image through hasbara – literally meaning explanation, although alternatively interpreted as public diplomacy, spin or propaganda. During its three-week war on Gaza, which began in December 2008, Israel launched a PR strategy through its national information directorate to co-ordinate key messages on a daily basis.


The Israeli government, military and various embassies are adept at using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to promote material. Organisations such as Bicom, the Britain Israel Communications Research Centre, in the UK and the Israel Project in the US, which describe themselves as independent, are dedicated to promoting Israeli policies. Both organisations offer regular briefings, contacts and tours to foreign correspondents based in Israel and Palestine, and all-expenses paid trips to Israel for journalists, including from the Guardian, based elsewhere.


Berlingske Tidende 3 december 2010 - Danskere skal reklamere for Israel

Tv2 Nyheder 3 december 2010 - Danskere skal reklamere for Israel

New advocacy campaign to begin early next year, will make extensive use of professional advocacy and public relations experts by Israeli embassies in Europe.
Haaretz 28 november 2010 - Lieberman urges Europe embassies to use 'allies' in PR efforts (Barak Ravid)

The Guardian 28 november 2010 - Israel recruits citizen advocates in Europe


It is really incredible. The Danish media are already completely inundated by Jews and Zionists. The Chief Editor of the Danish Public service broadcaster Danmarks Radio most important news program is a former President of the Danish Zionist Association Arne Notkin. The program always has one or more Zionist Jews as the most prominent anchors (Martin Krasnik, currently Adam Holm). Recently Charlotte Harder was appointed chief editor of Denmark's Radio's other prominent radio news show; Horisont. The former Chief Editor of what for many decades was Denmarks most read intellectual left wing newspaper; Politiken [founded by radical anti-Chistian Jews; the Brandes brothers], the Israeli citizen Herbert Pundik was revealed to be a Mossad agent [nobody was surprised, and nobody seems to care]. There is an incredibly large number of current and former Jewish chief editors of major newspapers, and there are currently several Jewish talkshow hosts; Michael Meyerheim, Niels Christian Meyer (listening the Jewish nick name 'Bubber'), Zionist activist Martin Krasnik now hosts his own political talkshow on the second Danish Public Service station TV2., and every morning and evening we are confronted with newly recruited Nikolaj Koppel (a pianist apparently without journalistic experience - for what reason? in the program The Evening Show [aftenshowet]). Dan Rachlin, son of Zionist orthodox Jewish journalist Samuel Rachlin has his own TV-Pop station and Radio 'The Voice'.

  David Miliband on Hasbara website

Jesus! This is only what comes to mind at the spur of the moment. Danes don't realize it, but more often than not we move from one Jewish face to another, when programs end and new ones begin, or for a change move to Jon Stewart's [Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz] Daily Show, or to the also almost entirely Jewish '60 minutes' crew. At least one channel is sending holocaust and WWII documentaries with a Jewish propaganda angle around prime time every evening. Right now it is 'Hitlers Woman', probably the third time they broadcast it.

When talking about the 'Ukrainian' Mafia Boss Semion-Mogilevich, the word Jewish was entirely absent in a recent media report, as it is in many other reports where Jews are involved in criminal or shady activities. Another example; the arrest of World Jewish Congress leader Alexander Mashkevitch on board a leased Turkish vessel full of under age prostitutes, where another Jew was arrested as well; no mention of the prominent Jewish official at all. dansk

The 'nationalist' Danish People's Party has a huge number of members who devide their time between fighting Muslim immigration and defending Israel, Zionism, and American wars. The party's main strategist Soren Espersen is married to a Jewish woman (Yvette born in the UK) and has family in Israel. The Conservative Vice Prime Minister and current foreign Minister Lene Espersen [Member of Rockefellers Trilateral Commission and incidentally married to a guy named Feltmann], has also shown her colors as a defender of Israel, going beyond the party line in the matter, according to criticism by other party members. A great number, if not the majority of correspondents for the TV-media stationed in the Mideast, USA, Russia, Israel are or have been of Jewish descent as well. Several reporters are Jews who live in Israel, such as Hans Henrik Fafner, Steffen Jensen, Hanne Foighel and Herbert Pundik.

  Natasja Crone - Steffen Jensen - Libyen

Several of the most prominent news anchors such as Adam Holm (DR), Allan Silberbrandt (TV2), Natasja Crone (TV2), are also Jewish. So more often than not, reports from the Middle East seem almost like a family affair when the Jewish reporter in the field is complemented by the Jewish news anchor back home in the studio. I have a whole collection of recorded TV-programs, where there are two, three or even more Jewish journalists and / or experts taking part in the same program. Amazing to see how much a minority making up 0.2% of the total population is taking up on the TV-screens.

But all of that is apparently not enough Jewish representation in Denmark. Now Avigdor Lieberman wants a thousand more Sayanim activated!

Disclaimer: I do in no way suggest that all the mentioned and unmentioned media people of Jewish descent are Zionist stooges, or are all supporting the same agenda. There are some I actually like. Dan Rachlin even seems to have converted to Christianity, and some others may only identify little with their Jewish roots, some may even be opposed to Zionism. But no matter their political views or activities, it is still amazing how many of Denmark's only 7,000 Jews (0.2%) are in top positions in the media.

For every Jewish person in the media, statistically there are about 700 non-Jewish Danish candidates!


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