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A few days ago the Israeli journalist Avi Rath published a piece titled 'Europe, prepare for flood - Op-ed: Open letter to Europeans, who killed Jews and are now contending with radical Islam'

The author seems to be mixing his fantasies, or paranoid obsession, about Jew killing Europeans with a half way warning, half way seemingly malicious glee about our soon to come demise. But judge for yourself!

Better read Avi's article first.

Ynet 7 oktober 2010 - Europe, prepare for flood (Avi Rath)

Open Letter

Well, I have a written an open letter as well, in the form of a very short comment, I just posted on the Ynet website. Now it's going to be interesting if they publish it or censor it!

Here my comment posted around 12:04 10-10-2010 local time:

Who opened up the floodgates?

Please read this Avi Rath!

Reports showing that Jewish organizations are highly responsible for the Muslim and other immigrant flood. USA, Canada, Britain, France. Start here with the USA and follow links at bottom of page for the other countries. Link:

Do you know that three quarters of what Jewish groups routinely call 'anti-Semitism', is nothing but dissatisfaction about the role of Jewish organizations that promote immigration, multiculturalism, and censorship. That's the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And I don't like you implying that Europeans generally are to blame for killing Jews. That was a pretty anti-Gentile racist remark.

Comments censored

Well, I have tried before to get through to the Israeli public by commenting on Israeli newspaper articles, but as far as I remember they were always censored (just as most British papers did!), even though I only tried to explain politely to the Israeli public what havoc Jewish organizations are causing in the US and Europe.


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