German weblog Politically Incorrect (PI) hits Holland's main stream media


Amsterdam: A large number of Germans have told the Dutch Newspaper De Telegraaf that they don't support the remarks from German PM Angela Merkel.


They are visitors of the German blog Politically Incorrect (PI), which is against 'the Islamization of Europe'.

Earlier this week, Merkel said she deplores the formation of a minority government based on Geert Wilders' Freedom Party.

Wilders reacted very sharply; 'Mrs. Merkel you are not right', and has now found support with the German blog, which published the addresses of the editors of De Telegraaf, and Christian Democrat leader Maxime Verhagen.

'I can assure you, that Mrs. Merkel is not speaking on behalf of all of the German people', writes Hans-Josef Rickal.

Axel Fritsch from Bad Nauheim lets us know that the Dutch have a very good reputation with their eastern neighbors.' If we don't play against each other, we even side with you in soccer matches. You have a very strong democracy, which has the right to forbid interference from the German Chancelor.'

A K. Hummel de Cabaleiro brings forward the fact that many Germans stand behind 'the courageous coalition building in the Netherlands. Stand firm.'

Most of the reactions are of an apologetic nature. 'We excuse for the improper interference into your affairs by Mrs. Merkel.'


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