All of Denmark is celebrating fifth Mohammed Cartoon Anniversary - New Book by Flemming Rose



Today all of Denmark is celebrating Mohammed Cartoon Day, honoring the Cartoons that shook Mohammed and his flag burning slaves of the koran.

The Danish secretive underground movement 'Freedom Movement Danish Holger' [Frihedsbevægelsen Danske Holger] has called on all patriotic Danes, and Christians, Odinists and Atheists all over the world, to display the Mohamed Cartoons. In the streets, on houses, in public squares, and on the Internet..

Today is a very special day. Flemming Rose, the man who had the great idea of producing the 'Jyllands-Posten Mohammed Cartoons', published his new book 'The Silence of Tyranny' [Tavshedens Tyranni], which also includes all twelve original Mohammed Cartoons.

Let's drink on Flemming Rose, let's drink on Kurt Westergaard, let's drink on Jyllands-Posten, let's drink on Denmark's Viking Spirit., and let's drink to Holger Danske, who kept the the Muslims out of Europe!






Danish foreign minister Lene Espersen meets with Islamic Ambassadors to discuss Flemming Rose's new book, trying to teach the Mohammedans the Eternal Value of Freedom of Speech, which according to our Wstern traditions is the most sacred principle in human life, and the ground pillar of any sane society...

















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