The centre right Danish government made up of the two governing liberalistic parties Venstre and Konservative and their coalition partner, the nationalist Danish People's Party say that the Swedish elections ought to be monitored.

  Elections in Sweden - Pick up your favorite party's ballot in full public view!

The governing parties think freedom of speech is under pressure in the Swedish election campaign.

The nationalistic Swedish party 'Sweden Democrats' [Sverigedemokraterna] is a victim of harsh censorship in the Swedish election campaign, according to Denmark's two governing parties and their coalition partner; the Danish People's Party [DPP - Dansk Folkeparti].

The three Danish parties therefore suggest that the European Council should send election observers to neighboring Sweden.

Spokesman on foreign affairs for the largest party Venstre, Michael Aastrup Jensen, who also is the president of the Danish delegation in the European Council, will bring up the subject on the Council's next meeting in October.

'It will be suitable to send observers to the Swedish election. I will start a discussion with the European Council's member states, to put Sweden under some kind of surveillance, in order to secure democracy in the future, 'Aastrup says.

More problems

The governing coalition [VKO] sees more democratic problems in the Swedish election campaign.

A few days ago the Swedish TV-station TV4 refused to air a controversial advertisement for the Sweden Democrats.

The coalition government also criticizes the Swedish election system, where voters must choose which party's ballots they wish to bring into the ballot box.

Naser Khader [Conservative Party]: A third world country

Foreign Minister Lene Espersen [Conservative and member of Rockefellers Trilateral Commission] does not want to interfere in the Swedish election campaign, but Syrian born spokesman on foreign affairs, Naser Khader calls Sweden for 'a third world country, when it comes to free speech.'

'Somebody should tell the Swedes that this is censorship. This doesn't belong in a Scandinavian country anno 2010, ' Khader says.

The nationalist Danish People's Party thinks observers should be dispatched as soon as possible.

'The conditions are more grotesque in Sweden than in Eastern Europe, ' says the party's President Pia Kjaersgaard.

Radical Party: Criticism out of proportion

The pro immigration and multicult Radical Party finds the criticism out of proportion.

  Mona Sahlin - Social Democrat
Muslim appeaser - PM candidate...

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) visited Sweden in June, and decided not to monitor the September 19 elections, in which the Sweden Democrats are predicted to gain seats in Parliament for the very first time. This decision was backed up by the left wing Danish opposition.

The government's proposal is completely out of proportion. Sweden is a well functioning Nordic democracy, says the Radical Party's spokesman on foreign affairs, Niels Helveg Pedersen.

Neither Sweden's conservative Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt, nor the Social Democrat candidate for the post of Prime Minister, Mona Sahlin wanted to comment on the Danish criticism.


Jyllands-Posten 31 august 2010 - VKO: Svensk valg skal overvåges (Charlotte Beder and Carl Emil Arnfred)

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Sverigedemokraternas Jimmie Åkeson i dansk TV - Debatten 2 september 2010


Danish political commentator and collumnist Ralf Pittelkow published a very detailed description of Swedish election practices. It ought to be translated, but have a go at it with Google translations so far.

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Swedish TV channel TV4 announced on Friday that it has refused to broadcast a campaign advert by the far-right Sweden Democrats because it claims it contains racial hatred. The party wanted to pay the channel 1.5 million kronor ($201,240) to run the ad. The half-minute advert shows a race in which an elderly woman with a walker is chased by a group of burqa-clad women pushing prams with a slogan promising to safeguard pension funding at the expense of immigration.
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