Update May 1, 2014 - Berlingske Business - (Danish lawyer Eli Heckscher receives 5 year prison sentence) Dansk advokat får 5 års fængsel i amerikansk bedragerisag [Sonny Wichmann] -

Update March 4, 2013: Jyllands-Posten - Dansk advokat risikerer fængsel for pyramidefusk | Google translate into English (Eli Heckscher to go to trial - looks at 4 years says article)

Eli Heckscher arrested charged with fraud and money laundering in John and Marian Morgan case

Before: Jewish fraudsters visited Denmark for 'reconciliatory meetings' with Danish Chief Rabbi

  Prominent finance world faces in Denmark
  Niels Bernstein - Director Danish National Bank - Jorgen A. Horwitz: Danish Financial Council [finansrådet] (left to right)
  Steen Bocian: Chief Economist Danske Bank - For 4 years Denmarks most quoted finance journalist. David Bentow: Financial Reporter at business.dk & Berlingske Business [my short business profiles may not be completely up to date, accurate or exhaustive] (left to right)
  Above: A few of the most important finance directors, experts and journalists in Denmark.
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On September 22 Balder Blog reported that he American Federal Police, FBI has asked the American investor Jackie Kreitzman and her Danish lawyer, Leslie Rabuchin, to deliver an affidavit on what went on during two 'reconciliatory meetings' with Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner, according to himself 'a lifelong friend and business partner of Eli Heckscher'.

Jyllands-Posten August 22 - An international case about a Ponzi scheme will have consequences for the Danish lawyer Eli Heckscher from Stenlose [Stenløse] on the main island of Sealand [Sjaelland], where also the Danish capital Copenhagen is situated.

According to the Danish newspaper Borsen [Børsen = Stock Market] the Danish police unit for financial crime Eli Heckscher has been arrested and his offices searched.

Heckscher is now charged with fraud and whitewashing of the fraud capital. According to a Ritzau article in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, this information has been confirmed by Public Prosecutor Jens Madsen.

The arrest comes more than a year after Borsen revealed that the Danish lawyer was suspected of having helped the American couple John and Marian Morgan from Florida with defrauding more than 150 American and Canadian investors in an investment program with a pyramid structure.

Danish shell company

Since then the case has grown, and lately it was uncovered that Eli Heckscher's American clients John and Marian Morgan have sent 147 million Danish Crowns (25,42 USD) in criminal gains to their Danish shell company Morgan European Holdings ApS, which has address at Heckscher in Stenlose.

According to information from the newspaper Borsen, Heckscher was arrested at August 5 and charged with assisting with fraud and whitewashing the proceeds.

The American financial supervisor Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, already won a civil law suit against Hechscher's two American clients, who had first run of to Switzerland, and later to Sri Lanka, and were later apprehended and extradited to the US.


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Jyllands-Posten 4 marts 2013 - Dansk advokat risikerer fængsel for pyramidefusk | Google translate into English (Eli Heckscher to go to trial - looks at 4 years says article)

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